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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Adams Jefferson NY 315 EST
Adams Center Jefferson NY 315 EST
Alder Creek Oneida NY 315 EST
Alexandria Bay Jefferson NY 315 EST
Altmar Oswego NY 315 EST
Alton Wayne NY 315 EST
Antwerp Jefferson NY 315 EST
Apulia Station Onondaga NY 315 EST
Auburn Cayuga NY 315 EST
Aurora Cayuga NY 315 EST
Ava Oneida NY 315 EST
Baldwinsville Onondaga NY 315 EST
Barneveld Oneida NY 315 EST
Beaver Falls Lewis NY 315 EST
Belleville Jefferson NY 315 EST
Bernhards Bay Oswego NY 315 EST
Black River Jefferson NY 315 EST
Blossvale Oneida NY 315 EST
Boonville Oneida NY 315 EST
Bouckville Madison NY 315 EST
Branchport Yates NY 315 EST
Brantingham Lewis NY 315 EST
Brasher Falls Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Brewerton Onondaga NY 315 EST
Bridgeport Madison NY 315 EST
Bridgewater Oneida NY 315 EST
Brier Hill Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Brookfield Madison NY 315 EST
Brownville Jefferson NY 315 EST
Calcium Jefferson NY 315 EST
Camden Oneida NY 315 EST
Camillus Onondaga NY 315 EST
Canastota Madison NY 315 EST
Canton Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Cape Vincent Jefferson NY 315 EST
Carthage Jefferson NY 315 EST
Cassville Oneida NY 315 EST
Castorland Lewis NY 315 EST
Cato Cayuga NY 315 EST
Cayuga Cayuga NY 315 EST
Cazenovia Madison NY 315 EST
Central Square Oswego NY 315 EST
Chadwicks Oneida NY 315 EST
Chase Mills Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Chaumont Jefferson NY 315 EST
Chippewa Bay Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Chittenango Madison NY 315 EST
Cicero Onondaga NY 315 EST
Clark Mills Oneida NY 315 EST
Clay Onondaga NY 315 EST
Clayton Jefferson NY 315 EST
Clayville Herkimer NY 315 EST
Cleveland Oswego NY 315 EST
Clifton Springs Ontario NY 315 EST
Clinton Oneida NY 315 EST
Clockville Madison NY 315 EST
Clyde Wayne NY 315 EST
Cold Brook Herkimer NY 315 EST
Colton Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Constableville Lewis NY 315 EST
Constantia Oswego NY 315 EST
Copenhagen Lewis NY 315 EST
Cranberry Lake Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Croghan Lewis NY 315 EST
De Kalb Junction Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
De Peyster Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
De Ruyter Madison NY 315 EST
Deansboro Oneida NY 315 EST
Deer River Lewis NY 315 EST
Deferiet Jefferson NY 315 EST
Delphi Falls Onondaga NY 315 EST
Denmark Lewis NY 315 EST
Depauville Jefferson NY 315 EST
Dexter Jefferson NY 315 EST
Dolgeville Herkimer NY 315 EST
Dresden Yates NY 315 EST
Durhamville Oneida NY 315 EST
Eagle Bay Herkimer NY 315 EST
Earlville Chenango NY 315 EST
East Syracuse Onondaga NY 315 EST
East Williamson Wayne NY 315 EST
Eaton Madison NY 315 EST
Edwards Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Elbridge Onondaga NY 315 EST
Ellisburg Jefferson NY 315 EST
Erieville Madison NY 315 EST
Evans Mills Jefferson NY 315 EST
Fabius Onondaga NY 315 EST
Fair Haven Oswego NY 315 EST
Fayette Seneca NY 315 EST
Fayetteville Onondaga NY 315 EST
Felts Mills Jefferson NY 315 EST
Fine Saint Lawrence NY 315 EST
Fishers Landing Jefferson NY 315 EST
Forestport Oneida NY 315 EST
Fort Drum Jefferson NY 315 EST
Frankfort Herkimer NY 315 EST
Franklin Springs Oneida NY 315 EST
Fulton Oswego NY 315 EST
Geneva Ontario NY 315 EST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3156712205
Keeps calling every 3 min even though I ignore all calls.
315-671-2205 was reported by Chelsea on Apr 26th 2017 - 11:25:32am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 3157240422
I do do not want any more call. The subject implied was about a fraud made in my BOA debit card.
315-724-0422 was reported by Ion Trif on Mar 25th 2017 - 11:52:25am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | | Caller Number: 3152073506
Ive been called twice telling me I have federal charges against me and telling me to call 315 207-3506 reports of this all over the internet looks like this is a scam
315-207-3506 was reported by Gw on Jun 17th 2016 - 9:00:12am Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 3152073506
obviously a scam call claiming to need to call this number to speak to a federal agent regarding a pending legal action
315-207-3506 was reported by Mike Palmer on Jun 14th 2016 - 4:35:04pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 3154309868
Caller wont stop sending unwanted pictures after I refused their offer for something I had for sale on craigslist.
315-430-9868 was reported by KJS on May 25th 2016 - 5:52:20pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 3157272583
Called and said his name is Frank Edwards from Credit Services. He wanted to help me reduce any outstanding debt that I may have. When I told him to take me off their list he hung up before I can finish.
315-727-2583 was reported by Mike on May 16th 2016 - 11:37:35am Report Spam
Caller Name: Dan Kampnich Roofing | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 3159483093
Dan Kampnich Roofing Watertown, NY, 13601 (315) 948-3093 As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to providing you with great service every time. If you need a new roof covering installed on your home, call the fully insured roofing experts at Dan Kampnich Roofing today. We have been providing you with quality roofing since 1995. FREE estimate on any roofing services we provide! Roofing Contractor, Roofing Service, Roofer, Roof Repair, Roofing Installation Metal Roofing, Rubber Roofing, Roof Shingles, Residential Roofing, Commercial Roofing, Roofing Company, Roofing Repair Service, EPDM Rubber Roofing System, Modified Roofing Systems, Roofing Specialist
315-948-3093 was reported by Tom Cooper on Apr 27th 2016 - 6:11:48am Report Spam
Caller Name: Claimed To Be US Dept Of Treasur | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 3152940106
I received a voice mail after this number called me. (I never answer phone numbers outside of my area code, if its important you can leave a message and call me back) I listened to the voice mail, he never gave a name or said anything in relation to this being a message for Kristina Blank, or why he was calling. He only said This is a message from the Department of U.S. Treasury and that if I attempted to ignore this call I would be brought in front of a judge and grand jury. Never left his name only a number. Heavy middle eastern accent that made it almost impossible to understand. Scared the hell out of me at first but I always research these numbers before I call them back. Definitely appears to be a scammer.
315-294-0106 was reported by Kristina on Apr 14th 2016 - 1:42:32pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3154545689
This number is being shown on my called ID numerous times and would like them to stop calling our number
315-454-5689 was reported by Dominick on Mar 30th 2016 - 2:43:32pm Report Spam
Caller Name: 3155326171 | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 3155326171
The Internal Revenue Service does not call your Google Voice phone number and leave a computerized voice mail in broken English. You would receive Certified Mail before anything else happened. Remember, you send them your address every year so they know where to find you. This is total BS and feel free to ignore it.
315-532-6171 was reported by Pissed Off on Feb 23rd 2016 - 6:33:36am Report Spam

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