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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Abie Butler NE 402 CST
Adams Gage NE 402 CST
Ainsworth Brown NE 402 CST
Albion Boone NE 402 CST
Alexandria Thayer NE 402 CST
Allen Dixon NE 402 CST
Alvo Cass NE 402 CST
Amelia Holt NE 402 CST
Ames Dodge NE 402 CST
Arlington Washington NE 402 CST
Ashland Saunders NE 402 CST
Atkinson Holt NE 402 CST
Auburn Nemaha NE 402 CST
Aurora Hamilton NE 402 CST
Avoca Cass NE 402 CST
Ayr Adams NE 402 CST
Bancroft Cuming NE 402 CST
Barneston Gage NE 402 CST
Bassett Holt NE 402 CST
Battle Creek Madison NE 402 CST
Beatrice Gage NE 402 CST
Beaver Crossing Seward NE 402 CST
Bee Seward NE 402 CST
Beemer Cuming NE 402 CST
Belden Cedar NE 402 CST
Bellevue Sarpy NE 402 CST
Bellwood Butler NE 402 CST
Belvidere Thayer NE 402 CST
Benedict York NE 402 CST
Bennet Lancaster NE 402 CST
Bennington Douglas NE 402 CST
Bladen Webster NE 402 CST
Blair Washington NE 402 CST
Bloomfield Knox NE 402 CST
Blue Hill Webster NE 402 CST
Blue Springs Gage NE 402 CST
Boys Town Douglas NE 402 CST
Bradshaw York NE 402 CST
Brainard Butler NE 402 CST
Bristow Boyd NE 402 CST
Brock Nemaha NE 402 CST
Brownville Nemaha NE 402 CST
Bruning Thayer NE 402 CST
Bruno Butler NE 402 CST
Brunswick Antelope NE 402 CST
Burchard Pawnee NE 402 CST
Burr Otoe NE 402 CST
Butte Boyd NE 402 CST
Byron Thayer NE 402 CST
Campbell Franklin NE 402 CST
Carleton Thayer NE 402 CST
Carroll Wayne NE 402 CST
Cedar Bluffs Saunders NE 402 CST
Cedar Creek Cass NE 402 CST
Center Knox NE 402 CST
Ceresco Saunders NE 402 CST
Chambers Holt NE 402 CST
Chester Thayer NE 402 CST
Clarkson Colfax NE 402 CST
Clatonia Gage NE 402 CST
Clay Center Clay NE 402 CST
Clearwater Antelope NE 402 CST
Cody Cherry NE 402 MST
Coleridge Cedar NE 402 CST
Colon Saunders NE 402 CST
Columbus Platte NE 402 CST
Concord Dixon NE 402 CST
Cook Johnson NE 402 CST
Cordova Seward NE 402 CST
Cortland Gage NE 402 CST
Crab Orchard Johnson NE 402 CST
Craig Burt NE 402 CST
Creighton Knox NE 402 CST
Creston Platte NE 402 CST
Crete Saline NE 402 CST
Crofton Knox NE 402 CST
Crookston Cherry NE 402 MST
Dakota City Dakota NE 402 CST
Davenport Fillmore NE 402 CST
Davey Lancaster NE 402 CST
David City Butler NE 402 CST
Dawson Richardson NE 402 CST
Daykin Jefferson NE 402 CST
De Witt Saline NE 402 CST
Decatur Burt NE 402 CST
Denton Lancaster NE 402 CST
Deshler Thayer NE 402 CST
Deweese Clay NE 402 CST
Diller Jefferson NE 402 CST
Dixon Dixon NE 402 CST
Dodge Dodge NE 402 CST
Doniphan Hall NE 402 CST
Dorchester Saline NE 402 CST
Douglas Otoe NE 402 CST
Du Bois Pawnee NE 402 CST
Dunbar Otoe NE 402 CST
Duncan Platte NE 402 CST
Dwight Butler NE 402 CST
Eagle Cass NE 402 CST
Edgar Clay NE 402 CST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 4029820440
Keep calling the house and talking obscene
402-982-0440 was reported by Katrina LynnJirik Snider on Jun 19th 2017 - 12:54:08pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4028981425
Called and hung up
402-898-1425 was reported by W Judy on Jun 11th 2017 - 3:01:25pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Todd Buetler | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4028848525
He calls. I answer but no one is there. A few minutes later he calls again...still no one there. But then, just as I write this a third call comes from the same number, and this time Todd Buetler speaks...hes selling Passport dining cards. I dont mind when he answers, but when they make me rush to the phone and then no one is there it gets irritating.
402-884-8525 was reported by J Keith Cook on Mar 7th 2017 - 8:25:05am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4029357733
charged my Discover CC for $35.00
402-935-7733 was reported by Bob C on Nov 29th 2016 - 8:11:11am Report Spam
Caller Type: Fax | Caller Number: 4029165250
I am receiving multiple (6) calls within an hour from 402-916-5250. Very disruptive while working from home. The caller NameCompany field was repopulated with Alegent Health. I do not know if this is correct or just a default. Any help in getting this stopped would be appreciated.
402-916-5250 was reported by Lois on Jun 9th 2016 - 1:39:19pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4025048125
Ricardo Sr Roofing La Vista, NE, 68128 Ralston NE, Papillion NE, Bellevue NE, Richfield NE, St Columbans NE (402) 504-8125 If you are looking for a reliable company with experience that offers professional service at competitive price stop looking and call Ricardo Sr Roofing today. We understand your needs and can provide you with quality siding, roofing and gutter repair services. You can call us also for any concrete work or even window installations. Siding Contractor, Siding Services, Residential Siding, Roofing Service, Gutter Installation Siding, Roofer, Roof Repair, Concrete Services, Gutter Replacement, Windows Replacement, Gutter Repair, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Company, Roofing
402-504-8125 was reported by Ronny on May 5th 2016 - 12:04:34am Report Spam
| Caller Number: 4028299185
402-829-9185 was reported by Peggy on Apr 7th 2016 - 5:23:43pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Luscious Lash Extension | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 4025601124
Luscious Lash Extension Lincoln, NE, 68504 Hartley Lincoln, NE (402) 560-1124 Focus on Your Lashes! Luscious Lash Extension is Lincolns newest exclusive spa with a focus in skincare services offering waxing, facials, eyelash extensions and mini massages. Facial, Eyelash Extension, Face Waxing, Lash Extension, Professional Eyelash Extension,Skin Care Services, Real Hair Eyelash Extensions, Mink Eyelash Extensions, Lash Extension Studio, Lash Extension Salon
402-560-1124 was reported by Roger Douglas on Apr 4th 2016 - 12:59:27am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4022053626
Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service LLC Crete, NE, 68333 Milford, Wilber, Seward, Geneva, Fairbury (402) 205-3626 Entrust your property cleaning needs to the professional cleaners of Sparkle Queen Cleaning Service. Our cleaning company provides a wide array of cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in Crete, NE. Cleaning Service, House Cleaner, Janitorial Service, Maid Service, Cleaning Company Office cleaning, Event Clean Up, Move in Move out Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, vacancy cleaning, new build cleaning, Residential Cleaning Service, Commercial cleaning, cleaning contractor, home cleaning
402-205-3626 was reported by Victoria Gregori on Mar 23rd 2016 - 6:05:22am Report Spam
Caller Name: Qwest Corporation | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 4029357733
Fraudulent credit card charge of $31.99 marked from Paypal with this phone number. THIS IS A SCAM! Cancel your credit card, it has been compromised. Also retract the charges!
402-935-7733 was reported by Suzanne Shelton on Jan 28th 2016 - 7:58:31am Report Spam

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