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City, State Houston, TX
County Galveston
Provider New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC
Line Type Cellular
Time Zone CST
Latitude/Longitude 29.30055765077556/-94.79653944015982
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  1. 4095393449 Emma reported 409-539-3449 as an Unknown Caller

    Yes I keep getting calls from the same number and I call back and its a busy signal. When I answer i cant hear anything.

  2. 4095397464 Dawn Martinez reported Federal Trade Commission from 409-539-7464 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Caller (Mike Black) says he is from the Federal Trade Commission and that if I dont pay this debt I will be arrested and furthur charges will be brought against me the State police would be notified and come to my home. He would not give me any information about him other than that. I found it a little strange that he isnt calling from a government number. What a suprise!!!!

  3. 4095397464 Brown reported 409-539-7464 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Received a telephone call today from 409 539-7357 stating I owe money and there will be charges drawed against me, I ask the person to hold on while I call the police department so that the phone call can be recorded and the police would have a record of the telephone call, they immediately hung up the telephone, I called back and told them to please hold the phone so I could get the police and my lawyer on the party line to have the phone call recorded, they hung up again, I will keep calling them and asking them to hold the line for my lawyer and the police department. Also had the last four digits of my Social Security #. So I kept calling and I am now getting a answering service to leave a message, I want to talk to these scammers, I guest you can tell I am upset and I have a right to be, how dare they call my job

  4. 4095393449 James reported Unknown from 409-539-3449 as an Unknown Caller

    keep getting calls from this number on my cell, no messages left, try to return call and get call failed with a fast beep. Have had 8 calls in the last 5 days

  5. 4095393449 B reported Unknown from 409-539-3449 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Called me tried calling back my phone just beeps and me and hangs up

  6. 4095393449 Pam reported Unknown from 409-539-3449 as an Unknown Caller

    This number has called me several times, when I call it back I get the busy signalR

  7. 4095393449 Hillary reported 409-539-3449 as an Unknown Caller

    This number keeps calling my cell phone but when i answer no one When I try calling it back I get a real fast busy signal. It is VERY annoying!!!!

  8. 4095393410 R H reported 409-539-3410 as an Unknown Caller

    call and hang up, call back goes to full voice box

  9. 4095397618 TP reported American Law Firm from 409-539-7618 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Said if I dont call back, all he could do is wish me good luck as the situation unfolds on me. That is a definition of harrassment. I bet a good attorney would LOVE to hear about this...

  10. 4095397464 Sherrie Darling reported 409-539-7464 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    They call me saying they are Law and Enforcement with a legal issue on me. However they are unable to give me what company or organization they are with, nor are they able to give me an address for their office. They are foreign speaking and difficult to understand and are impersonating law enforcement personnel.

  11. 4095397083 Repeat reported Sweepstake Phoney from 409-539-7083 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    another MAGIC JACK LINE PROMOTED BY RADIO SHACK. Sorry excuse for a business to be run like that to make money from fellow americans.traced to same location as listed below in the other complaint. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE TO ALLOW THIS TO GO ON IN OUR COUNTRY.

  12. 4095397083 DC reported Sweepstake Phoney from 409-539-7083 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Traced to Galveston,Tx.between Avenue M Rear,and Kempner St. south side of street in empty lot. # is a MAGIC JACK CUSTOMER. That company should be run out of the U.S. and not allowed to use our phone lines they do not require enough ID. from their customers before they give out service to them. They would allow a child molester to have a phone if they wanted ..This is not what we want in our country RADIO SHACK READ THIS STOP PROMOTING THEM MAGIC JACK IS BAD NEWS SCAMMERS,SEXUAL MOLESTERS,YOU ALLOW THEM PHONE SERVICE.

  13. 4095393273 L reported 409-539-3273 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I received plenty and voicemails stating I was being charge with fraud due to a loan I took out which I never did. They had my social security number. I told them I was going to contact my lawyer. They still keep harrassing me. They sound like they from India.

  14. 4095397618 Paula reported American Law Firm from 409-539-7618 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Called stating he was with a law firm by name of American Law working with American Cash Advance to collect debt owed. Stated they had sent 17 e-mails to try to collect. When I told him I was going to look up the e-mail, he said it would have been spam and would be deleted in 7 days. I said I would contact the payday loan company to find out why they would show a loan that wasnt made he hung up.

  15. 4095393456 BARBARA BROWN reported MCI WORLDWIDE COMMUNICATIONS from 409-539-3456 as an Unknown Caller


  16. 4095397618 Joan Juner reported Unknown from 409-539-7618 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    409-539-7618 called me, sounded like "Peggy" from the "Discover Card" commercial As soon as he started on telling me I was under investigation. I told him to scam someone else.

  17. 4095397618 Ajones reported 409-539-7618 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    they called about my social being under investigation, about me taken a payday loan out, they told me investigators was sending papers and the police was going to come arrest me.

  18. 4095397618 Rahila Bashir reported Unknown from 409-539-7618 as a Telemarketer

    He left a message, it was broken I call back and he said I have committed fraud and my social number was under investigation. He had a thick Indian accent and it seemed like the call was from India using a Texas number. He read me my social security number to prove to me that he was telling me the truth. He said he was calling from Galveston, Texas and the name of the company was American Legal Services. I looked them up and it was a scam and I reported them to FBI.

  19. 4095397618 Ms B reported Unknown from 409-539-7618 as a Collection Agency

    He said that I owed money that I never received and got very vulgar about it.I told I never received any money and to send the proof.

  20. 4095397618 Ally reported 409-539-7618 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This number I called back and keep calling says hes "David Johnson" when clearly they sound middle eastern. And then they say that this is a legal matter and that something bad is going to happen. So i called them back and they say that they need a certain amount of money or whatever.

  21. 4095393449 Eloisa reported 409-539-3449 as an Unknown Caller

    they call everyday no one answers and when i try to call back my phone says call can not be completed at dialed i dont know what the heck but want it to stop already

  22. 4095393410 Texas reported 409-539-3410 as an Unknown Caller

    everyday In have this number on my caller ID . I call it back and it just rings

  23. 4095396192 MMWmom reported Rex Transporters Delivery Servic from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I responded to an ad for two yorkies that needed a good home. All the "lady" wanted was for me to send the shipping company 230.00. This seller claimed to be from alaska and have a sick son in the hospital. They needed to get rid of the puppies fast so they offered to put the puppies on a flight that night and i would get them at 8am the next morning. The transporting company emailed me a fake email with a picture of their fake "team". So the next morning I get a call from this number and its the "shipping company" He tells me in broken english that I need to send more money! $600.00 to be exact! My red flag sure went up then! I told him no and that i would contact the shipper. So throughout all of this Im getting texts from what im assuming isfrom a computer(1110440601) CaterCruz is the name that shows up before the message. So all in all this number belongs to a scammer in Cameroon Africa. Thats Where the money Went. I had to do some digging but i eventually found it. Whoever owns this phone number is connected with internet fraud!!! I was so blindsides with excitement that i missed important signals that could have saved me $230.00. I hope this helps save someone from being scammed!!

  24. 4095396192 Natasha reported Pet On The Go from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Same thing... trying to sell a yorkie and wants all this info and started doing research and saw this website and same thing scammer... dont do it..

  25. 4095393410 Tony Dabney reported Debbie Brown from 409-539-3410 as an Unknown Caller

    409-539-3410 debbie brown (my local area code) for privacy reasonss she needed to verify my last four as xxxx - I said ok - yes. she has a long distance call on the line. I said, is this gonna cost me money? she said I dont have that info Im just an operator. I said, ok then - who is it from? she said, I dont know. I said I would not accept a call not knowing who it is or how much it cost. SO I HUNG UP.

  26. 4095396192 Tracy reported Pet On The Go from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Harris Brown tried to sell me two toy yorkie puppies...$200 for both just have to pay for transportation company...glad that I googled the number because we were just about to go to walmart to the money gram. I also received a computer trojan the day I contacted this Harris Brown

  27. 4095396192 Jenna Thach reported Pet On The Go from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    My sister somehow got ahold of a lady in alaska about some yorkies she wanted to get rid of so my sister asked for help and i decided to help her get the dog since it was her birthday. at first we sent 150 to him. his name was Mr. JUDE NCHAMUKONG. and next thing you know it he demands for more money. i was told that all the money sent to him was going to be refund back to me. but he demands more money for the vaccinations and liscense on it. and finally i got fed up and started asking for my money back. i dont know what else to do so i decided to look up this name, number, and found this. i should ve done this sooner before i spent the money. i lose about 700 dollars to this man. so dont let me him scam you or anyone else.

  28. 4095396192 Angry In Mass reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    A person by the name of harris brown claiming to be giving away yorkies is running a scam. She tells you that all you have to pay is $200 to the transport company for two puppies. I was suspicious So I googled her name and up came multiple ads like the one I saw with different stories as to why she Is giving these puppies away. I then asked her to give me the number of the transport company and when I googled that I found this site. Thankfully I did not send her any money. I hope others research her before as well.

  29. 4095396192 Erika reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Do not purchase anything from this company! They try to say that they want to sell their puppies and then want you to contact the transport agency for payment. When you pay they will say that the puppies are on their way but then you will get another call demanding more money for vaccinations and licenses etc. Do not fall for this scam it is Bull.

  30. 4095396192 Amanda reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    this b claimed to be getting rid of her puppy and needed her to go to a good home.and told me she could ship but to deal with the company so it was more secure.what a joke.luckily things didnt feel right and i googled the number

  31. 4095396192 Jenny reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    she said she was giving them for free and that she wanted them to go to a loving home...Yea Right. I even got airline shipping emails and i sent the money western union but luckily i found this page and i called western union to get my money back, the next day i got it back. I was lucky that they didnt get my money!This is the worst thing that has happened to me!

  32. 4095396192 Sasha reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Tried selling me a female bull dog, person sounded sincere about dog goin to a good home wanted $300 for flight... Thank god i was smart googled this number!!!

  33. 4095392229 Sarah reported 409-539-2229 as a Political Call

    sending nude photos

  34. 4095396192 Taylor reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    They tried selling me a puppy they even sent me fake airplane flight confirmation emails. I sat at the airport for two hours then googled the number and found this websight! They got $200 out of me

  35. 4095396192 Janelle Martinson reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster


  36. 4095396192 Angela Shepard reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This lady was trying to sell me 2 siberian huskies and she said it would cost 200 dollars to transport the two dogs she gave me this number my husband called and the guy acted weird. i looked up the number and this is where it took me. if it wasnt for finding this website i would be out of 200 dollars. Thank you.

  37. 4095396192 Maria DaSilva reported International Cargo Movers from 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This person is scamming people out of money claiming to be selling dogs. Report this asswhole. Police report need to be filed.

  38. 4095396192 Sucker reported 409-539-6192 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    this man took a lot of money from me...please dont let him or his team of helpers take your money.

  39. 4095399843 Angie reported Billy from 409-539-9843 as a Prank Caller

    This guy called me several times saying very sexually vulgar language. I am going to call the police department to report this. He also text me and told me to meet him at Lazy Lounge and even told me what to wear. I hope this guy gets caught and put in jail for this mess.

  40. 4095391606 Stefani Hoover reported 409-539-1606 as a Prank Caller

    called saying i was messing with her boy friend?? said her name was rachel, and attempted to get my address to "beat my ASS"

  41. 4095399843 Dennis reported Billy from 409-539-9843 as a Prank Caller

    Hes making sexually explicit calls to a minor. Additionally, hes sending instant messages detailing what hed like to sexually do to her. He also reportedly told her verbally last weekend that "he and his friends" were drunk and getting high." Allegedly hes a 22-year old male.

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