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Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4845506908
Please stop calling- never leaves a message.
484-550-6908 was reported by A L on Feb 4th 2017 - 9:03:22am Report Spam
| Caller Number: 4845242769
please place my # on your do not call list thank you!
484-524-2769 was reported by Terry Roeting on Jan 19th 2017 - 4:55:52am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4845964800
These calls have come late in the night, every twenty minutes. These calls have disturbed sleep. The electronic caller demands a mail box number. We have tried to block the calls and would like these disturbances to cease.
484-596-4800 was reported by S N on Jan 8th 2017 - 11:34:10am Report Spam
Caller Name: GC Services | | Caller Number: 4847274279
This call was from a collection agency looking for the guy who had my phone number, but Ive had the same number for at least 5 years. Also got calls for him from Probation Parole Dept. in my county looking for him.
484-727-4279 was reported by Cindy on Dec 19th 2016 - 4:09:36pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Collection Agency | Caller Number: 4847274279
Debt collector
484-727-4279 was reported by Mike C on Dec 3rd 2016 - 8:02:56am Report Spam
Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 4845505252
Keepps calling n hanging
484-550-5252 was reported by Heidi Craig on May 29th 2016 - 3:55:05pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4848543674
no message...repeated calls..
484-854-3674 was reported by George Nagel on Feb 11th 2016 - 4:03:40pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4848420406
Caller unknown, repeatedly calls, leaves no VMM, no messages, does not respond when call is answered, and calls back again from a FAX machine number, apparently attempting to transmit a fax. This is obviously annoying, also not knowing the caller, or the reason for the repeated calls. I would hope these repeated calls would stop. Thank you.
484-842-0406 was reported by Dr Isaac Jakubowicz on Feb 9th 2016 - 10:35:19am Report Spam
Caller Type: Prison/Jail Collect Call | Caller Number: 4846528756
484-652-8756 was reported by Amir on Jan 10th 2016 - 6:46:04am Report Spam
Caller Name: 4844160715 | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 4844160715
Says ARDMORE...calls every morning early.. several times.. no message!
484-416-0715 was reported by Sick Of It on Dec 22nd 2015 - 6:23:33am Report Spam

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