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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Acton ON 519 EST
Ailsa Craig ON 519 EST
Allenford ON 519 EST
Alma ON 519 EST
Alton ON 519 EST
Alvinston ON 519 EST
Amherstburg ON 519 EST
Annan ON 519 EST
Appin ON 519 EST
Ariss ON 519 EST
Arkell ON 519 EST
Arkona ON 519 EST
Arthur ON 519 EST
Arva ON 519 EST
Atwood ON 519 EST
Auburn ON 519 EST
Aylmer ON 519 EST
Ayr ON 519 EST
Ayton ON 519 EST
Baden ON 519 EST
Badjeros ON 519 EST
Ballinafad ON 519 EST
Bayfield ON 519 EST
Beachville ON 519 EST
Belgrave ON 519 EST
Belle River ON 519 EST
Belmont ON 519 EST
Belwood ON 519 EST
Berkeley ON 519 EST
Blenheim ON 519 EST
Bloomingdale ON 519 EST
Bluevale ON 519 EST
Blyth ON 519 EST
Bognor ON 519 EST
Bornholm ON 519 EST
Bothwell ON 519 EST
Branchton ON 519 EST
Brantford ON 519 EST
Breslau ON 519 EST
Brigden ON 519 EST
Bright ON 519 EST
Bright's Grove ON 519 EST
Brodhagen ON 519 EST
Brownsville ON 519 EST
Brucefield ON 519 EST
Brunner ON 519 EST
Brussels ON 519 EST
Burford ON 519 EST
Burgessville ON 519 EST
Caledon East ON 519 EST
Cambridge ON 519 EST
Camlachie ON 519 EST
Cargill ON 519 EST
Cathcart ON 519 EST
Cedar Springs ON 519 EST
Centralia ON 519 EST
Charing Cross ON 519 EST
Chatham ON 519 EST
Chatsworth ON 519 EST
Chepstow ON 519 EST
Chesley ON 519 EST
Clarksburg ON 519 EST
Clear Creek ON 519 EST
Clifford ON 519 EST
Clinton ON 519 EST
Coatsworth Station ON 519 EST
Comber ON 519 EST
Conestogo ON 519 EST
Conn ON 519 EST
Corunna ON 519 EST
Cottam ON 519 EST
Courtland ON 519 EST
Courtright ON 519 EST
Crediton ON 519 EST
Croton ON 519 EST
Dashwood ON 519 EST
Delaware ON 519 EST
Delhi ON 519 EST
Denfield ON 519 EST
Desboro ON 519 EST
Dobbinton ON 519 EST
Dorchester ON 519 EST
Dover Centre ON 519 EST
Drayton ON 519 EST
Dresden ON 519 EST
Drumbo ON 519 EST
Duart ON 519 EST
Dublin ON 519 EST
Dundalk ON 519 EST
Dungannon ON 519 EST
Durham ON 519 EST
Dutton ON 519 EST
Eden ON 519 EST
Eden Mills ON 519 EST
Egmondville ON 519 EST
Elmira ON 519 EST
Elmwood ON 519 EST
Elora ON 519 EST
Embro ON 519 EST
Emeryville ON 519 EST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 5193750201
I received a "suspicious package" from this person at my door, that I Didnt order, when I open the package, I found Red Cowboy Boots inside the box. they left THIS Exact Phone Number on the package...(very strange)...
519-375-0201 was reported by Steven on Jul 1st 2016 - 5:44:52pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 5197095917
I received a "suspicious package" from this person at my door, that I Didnt order, when I open the package, I found Name-Brand Designer Purses inside the box. they left THIS Exact Phone on the package...(very strange)...
519-709-5917 was reported by Steven on Jul 1st 2016 - 5:38:46pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 5197780184
Constantly calls, leaves no messages
519-778-0184 was reported by John Smith on Mar 10th 2016 - 5:10:55pm Report Spam
Caller Name: ActivKapital | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 5199631310
Same company called my cell with an unknown number (but could see PRA on the caller ID!) and ask for my former married name (1995!)in the USA when I was a teen back then I accumulated a few cc but paired them off. As of 1996 I was back to my middle name and had perfect credit since then. Now I move back to Canada and for some reasons they are asking for my former name. As I am curious but dont want to fall into their game I said that I was a friend of hers but she now lives abroad. They said that they where from Revenue Canada and that they tried to send her a check of $46 but it was returned and they needed the full address of the person they where asking for (my former married name from 1995!). I said well give me your phone number and I will have her call you back but as I said she lives abroad and we only Skype once in a while so that is all the info I have. She said that they only have call out numbers! As I was on the phone I googled Revenue Canada and told her I have the number and will call her back as my cell battery was dying. She said that her number was not associated with the revenue Canada phone number on the site!!?? WHAT??!! This viper argued with me, I played her game, I needed to know how far they would go, pretending to be a revenue Canada agent is fraud, isnt it??!! Before hanging up she again said, remember this is very important and I am from Revenue Canada, we have a check for her, I will call you back next week to give you time to get her info!! She gave me her name (cant remember) and I did call Revenue Canada, no one of that name, of course! I have told the RC of this situation, they toke the info down, I was told it is indeed very illegal to pretend to be a Gov agent in deceit to get money out of me no matter if we owe them money!! I usually dont post online much but I feel people needs to know, as she sounded very convincing and now with tax time around the corner it makes people believe it could be for real! Caller: PRA collection agency
519-963-1310 was reported by Pretended To Be Revenue Canada To Get My Info on Mar 8th 2016 - 9:47:12am Report Spam
Caller Name: A K Carpentry Painting Contract | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 5198562230
A K Carpentry Painting Contractors 105 MacLennan St, GuelphEramosa, ON N0B, Canada Acton, Eden Mills, Halton Hills, Everton, Eramosa, ON (519) 856-2230 At A K Carpentry Painting Contractors, our experience will ensure that your home renovation will be everything you imagined. We work with you from the moment you call to plan and execute a custom plan that will transform your home. Services Include painting, carpentry, additions, deck construction, home renovation, trimming, sunrooms, family rooms, patios, windows and doors Installation, fencing, basement finishing, flooring- hardwood or laminate, kitchen and bathroom remodeling residential commercial work. We serve Rockwood, Acton, Eden Mills, Halton Hills, Everton, Eramosa, ON and all surrounding areas. We offer 1 year warranty on labor, 1 month warranty on materials. We offer 10% Discount for Veterans Senior citizens. In business for 25 years with reasonable prices, 100% guaranteed! Call today! Carpenter, Carpentry Service, Deck Builder, Painting Service, Painting Contractor,Carpentry, House Painting, Residential Painter, Home Renovation, Window Installation, Home Remodeling, Home Renovation, Painting Company, Deck Construction, Fence Contractor
519-856-2230 was reported by Glen Davis on Feb 8th 2016 - 1:32:49pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 5197259747
They have called us nonstop for the last 12 hours
519-725-9747 was reported by Kevin on Jan 27th 2016 - 7:45:46am Report Spam
Caller Name: Akdiv Kapital | Caller Type: Collection Agency | Caller Number: 5199636666
Akdiv or Allsteam Corp. Same company. Many harassing phone calls. Told them stop numerous times. I have filed a complaint with Ministry of Consumer Services.
519-963-6666 was reported by DA on Nov 26th 2015 - 9:45:28am Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 5198675479
Automated call about a trip you can win
519-867-5479 was reported by Taz on May 11th 2015 - 9:51:40am Report Spam
Caller Name: Nancy Yang | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 5199972513
caller ID, showed a Nancy Yang. I dont know a Nancy Yang nor anyone that would call me at 11:49 pm eastern time.
519-997-2513 was reported by Eh on Apr 27th 2015 - 8:51:19pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 5199973389
For the past several months I have been receiving quick calls from this number on my work-provided cell phone. No idea who or what is behind it. The call disconnects immediately after answering.
519-997-3389 was reported by Bullwinkle on Apr 10th 2015 - 9:12:58am Report Spam

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