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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Addison Steuben NY 607 EST
Afton Chenango NY 607 EST
Alfred Allegany NY 607 EST
Alfred Station Allegany NY 607 EST
Almond Allegany NY 607 EST
Alpine Schuyler NY 607 EST
Andover Allegany NY 607 EST
Apalachin Tioga NY 607 EST
Arkport Steuben NY 607 EST
Avoca Steuben NY 607 EST
Bainbridge Chenango NY 607 EST
Barton Tioga NY 607 EST
Bath Steuben NY 607 EST
Beaver Dams Schuyler NY 607 EST
Berkshire Tioga NY 607 EST
Bible School Park Broome NY 607 EST
Big Flats Chemung NY 607 EST
Binghamton Broome NY 607 EST
Blodgett Mills Cortland NY 607 EST
Bloomville Delaware NY 607 EST
Bovina Center Delaware NY 607 EST
Bradford Schuyler NY 607 EST
Breesport Chemung NY 607 EST
Brooktondale Tompkins NY 607 EST
Burdett Schuyler NY 607 EST
Burlington Flats Otsego NY 607 EST
Cameron Steuben NY 607 EST
Cameron Mills Steuben NY 607 EST
Campbell Steuben NY 607 EST
Canaseraga Allegany NY 607 EST
Candor Tioga NY 607 EST
Canisteo Steuben NY 607 EST
Castle Creek Broome NY 607 EST
Cayuta Schuyler NY 607 EST
Charlotteville Schoharie NY 607 EST
Chemung Chemung NY 607 EST
Chenango Bridge Broome NY 607 EST
Chenango Forks Broome NY 607 EST
Cherry Valley Otsego NY 607 EST
Cincinnatus Cortland NY 607 EST
Colliersville Otsego NY 607 EST
Conklin Broome NY 607 EST
Coopers Plains Steuben NY 607 EST
Cooperstown Otsego NY 607 EST
Corbettsville Broome NY 607 EST
Corning Steuben NY 607 EST
Cortland Cortland NY 607 EST
Davenport Delaware NY 607 EST
Davenport Center Delaware NY 607 EST
Delancey Delaware NY 607 EST
Delhi Delaware NY 607 EST
Deposit Broome NY 607 EST
Downsville Delaware NY 607 EST
Dryden Tompkins NY 607 EST
Dundee Yates NY 607 EST
East Branch Delaware NY 607 EST
East Homer Cortland NY 607 EST
East Meredith Delaware NY 607 EST
East Pharsalia Chenango NY 607 EST
East Springfield Otsego NY 607 EST
East Worcester Otsego NY 607 EST
Edmeston Otsego NY 607 EST
Elmira Chemung NY 607 EST
Endicott Broome NY 607 EST
Endwell Broome NY 607 EST
Erin Chemung NY 607 EST
Etna Tompkins NY 607 EST
Fishs Eddy Delaware NY 607 EST
Fly Creek Otsego NY 607 EST
Franklin Delaware NY 607 EST
Freeville Tompkins NY 607 EST
Garrattsville Otsego NY 607 EST
Gilbertsville Otsego NY 607 EST
Gilboa Schoharie NY 607 EST
Glen Aubrey Broome NY 607 EST
Grand Gorge Delaware NY 607 EST
Greene Chenango NY 607 EST
Greenwood Steuben NY 607 EST
Groton Tompkins NY 607 EST
Guilford Chenango NY 607 EST
Hamden Delaware NY 607 EST
Hammondsport Steuben NY 607 EST
Hancock Delaware NY 607 EST
Harford Cortland NY 607 EST
Harpersfield Delaware NY 607 EST
Harpursville Broome NY 607 EST
Hartwick Otsego NY 607 EST
Hector Schuyler NY 607 EST
Himrod Yates NY 607 EST
Hobart Delaware NY 607 EST
Homer Cortland NY 607 EST
Hornell Steuben NY 607 EST
Horseheads Chemung NY 607 EST
Interlaken Seneca NY 607 EST
Ithaca Tompkins NY 607 EST
Jacksonville Tompkins NY 607 EST
Jasper Steuben NY 607 EST
Jefferson Schoharie NY 607 EST
Johnson City Broome NY 607 EST
Kanona Steuben NY 607 EST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Name: Binghamton New York | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6072405495
Why did someone call me with a number investigator number I didnt do anything wrong
607-240-5495 was reported by Kristen Vitale on Mar 31st 2017 - 9:02:41am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 6075906926
His name is supposedly raymond smalt he texted and then again messaged me on Facebook where the moron had his number listed on there
607-590-6926 was reported by Kc on Jun 19th 2016 - 10:21:17pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 6072145038
They claim to be an outfit looking for people for a class-action law suit concerning a blood thinner drug. Obviously they are getting desperate for people when they make obviously baseless calls to anyone.
607-214-5038 was reported by Gregg Levine on Jun 2nd 2016 - 7:26:39am Report Spam
Caller Name: 6072749282 | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6072749282
You cannot call this phone number back. They leave no messages. They say nothing when you answer. I believe the caller ID is being spoofed.
607-274-9282 was reported by Anonymous on May 27th 2016 - 2:41:58pm Report Spam
Caller Name: NY Vietnam Vest | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 6078214927
I get several calls a day everyday from NY Vietnam Vets. They start early in the morning until late in the evenings. Since I have already seen this number, I dont respond to it because I have tried to block it but it continues to call me. They should be stopped because they are beyond annoying and downright harrassing.
607-821-4927 was reported by Maria on Apr 19th 2016 - 2:38:04pm Report Spam
Caller Name: NY Vietnam Vest | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 6078214927
I have been receiving this call every day sometimes three times a day five days a week for about three months! i am very upset about these constant calls and want to have these calls stopped!! I do not accept any telemarketing calls...They are always asking for donation which i have given substantially in the past, and now it must stop!!
607-821-4927 was reported by Lucille Decastro on Mar 19th 2016 - 1:43:52pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Irs | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6077249716
Woman called at 10.59 a.m. EST claiming that she was from the IRS and the IRS was filing lawsuit against us unless we called a certain number. We did not write down the number but just hung up our phone.
607-724-9716 was reported by David on May 7th 2015 - 8:08:11am Report Spam
Caller Name: Taxi | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6077290318
Someone called my home at 1:39 a.m.....would have been nice if they offered an apology for waking someone up and worrying them instead of giving an attitude about "well, maybe someone gave the service a wrong number". People do not mistake their own phone number, recipients of the number make the mistakes and should appropriately apologize!!!!
607-729-0318 was reported by Theresa McCall on May 7th 2015 - 5:25:21am Report Spam
Caller Name: IRS Lawsuit | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6077954626
Irs id suing me!
607-795-4626 was reported by Lucy on May 4th 2015 - 1:19:53pm Report Spam
Caller Name: IRS | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6077231168
IRS scammer
607-723-1168 was reported by Anon on May 1st 2015 - 2:22:28pm Report Spam

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