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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Albany Gentry MO 660 CST
Alexandria Clark MO 660 CST
Allendale Worth MO 660 CST
Alma Lafayette MO 660 CST
Altamont Daviess MO 660 CST
Amoret Bates MO 660 CST
Amsterdam Bates MO 660 CST
Anabel Macon MO 660 CST
Appleton City Saint Clair MO 660 CST
Arbela Scotland MO 660 CST
Armstrong Howard MO 660 CST
Arrow Rock Saline MO 660 CST
Atlanta Macon MO 660 CST
Baring Knox MO 660 CST
Barnard Nodaway MO 660 CST
Bethany Harrison MO 660 CST
Bethel Shelby MO 660 CST
Bevier Macon MO 660 CST
Blackburn Saline MO 660 CST
Blackwater Cooper MO 660 CST
Blairstown Henry MO 660 CST
Blythedale Harrison MO 660 CST
Bogard Carroll MO 660 CST
Boonville Cooper MO 660 CST
Bosworth Carroll MO 660 CST
Brashear Adair MO 660 CST
Breckenridge Caldwell MO 660 CST
Brookfield Linn MO 660 CST
Browning Linn MO 660 CST
Brunswick Chariton MO 660 CST
Bucklin Linn MO 660 CST
Bunceton Cooper MO 660 CST
Burlington Junction Nodaway MO 660 CST
Butler Bates MO 660 CST
Cainsville Harrison MO 660 CST
Cairo Randolph MO 660 CST
Calhoun Henry MO 660 CST
Callao Macon MO 660 CST
Carrollton Carroll MO 660 CST
Centerview Johnson MO 660 CST
Chilhowee Johnson MO 660 CST
Chillicothe Livingston MO 660 CST
Chula Livingston MO 660 CST
Clarence Shelby MO 660 CST
Clearmont Nodaway MO 660 CST
Clifton Hill Randolph MO 660 CST
Clinton Henry MO 660 CST
Clyde Nodaway MO 660 CST
Coatsville Schuyler MO 660 CST
Coffey Daviess MO 660 CST
Cole Camp Benton MO 660 CST
Conception Nodaway MO 660 CST
Conception Junction Nodaway MO 660 CST
Concordia Lafayette MO 660 CST
Corder Lafayette MO 660 CST
Cowgill Caldwell MO 660 CST
Craig Holt MO 660 CST
Dalton Chariton MO 660 CST
Darlington Gentry MO 660 CST
Dawn Livingston MO 660 CST
De Witt Carroll MO 660 CST
Deepwater Henry MO 660 CST
Denver Worth MO 660 CST
Dover Lafayette MO 660 CST
Downing Schuyler MO 660 CST
Eagleville Harrison MO 660 CST
Edina Knox MO 660 CST
Edwards Benton MO 660 CST
Elmer Macon MO 660 CST
Elmo Nodaway MO 660 CST
Emma Lafayette MO 660 CST
Ethel Macon MO 660 CST
Excello Macon MO 660 CST
Fairfax Atchison MO 660 CST
Fayette Howard MO 660 CST
Florence Morgan MO 660 CST
Forest City Holt MO 660 CST
Fortuna Morgan MO 660 CST
Foster Bates MO 660 CST
Franklin Howard MO 660 CST
Gallatin Daviess MO 660 CST
Galt Grundy MO 660 CST
Gentry Gentry MO 660 CST
Gibbs Adair MO 660 CST
Gilliam Saline MO 660 CST
Gilman City Harrison MO 660 CST
Glasgow Howard MO 660 CST
Glenwood Schuyler MO 660 CST
Gorin Scotland MO 660 CST
Graham Nodaway MO 660 CST
Granger Scotland MO 660 CST
Grant City Worth MO 660 CST
Green Castle Sullivan MO 660 CST
Green City Sullivan MO 660 CST
Green Ridge Pettis MO 660 CST
Greentop Adair MO 660 CST
Guilford Nodaway MO 660 CST
Hale Carroll MO 660 CST
Hardin Ray MO 660 CST
Harris Sullivan MO 660 CST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Name: 6602685987 | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6602685987
Rob Dialer. Scammer
660-268-5987 was reported by 6602685987 on Mar 24th 2016 - 12:25:21pm Report Spam
| Caller Number: 6606249817
Pardoe Trucking 304 W 27th St, Higginsville, MO, 64037 Dover Township, MO (660) 624-9817 On the Trucking Industry for 28 years Transportation Service, Moving Service, Commercial trucking service, Residential trucking service, Truck Transportation Moving Company, Trucking Services, Residential Mover, Commercial Mover, Trucking Company
660-624-9817 was reported by Smith on Feb 25th 2016 - 4:48:26am Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 6606241136
A to Z Painting Remodeling Warrensburg, MO, 64093 (660) 624-1136
660-624-1136 was reported by Mimi on Feb 24th 2016 - 12:10:35am Report Spam
Caller Name: Truman State University | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6607852399
This number is one of the standard generic ones you get on you id if it is from the "state of Missouri" If you call it back, you will likely just get dead air or no answer. Sometimes scammers will use it in a spoof. http:tel-alumni.truman.edustudentcallers Once a year or so students man a bank of phones for donations from alumni for various scholarships
660-785-2399 was reported by La Plata Bob on Dec 3rd 2015 - 8:25:25pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6605961366
Central Missouri Fence Staining Sedalia, MO, 65301 660-596-1366 From fence staining to wood siding and deck building - we do it all. Fence, Fence Staining Service, Fence Services, Fencing, Fence Contractor
660-596-1366 was reported by Janice J Grizzle on Aug 5th 2015 - 4:53:20am Report Spam
Caller Name: Level 3 Communications | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6602624723
keeps calling
660-262-4723 was reported by Mick on Apr 23rd 2015 - 3:08:13am Report Spam
Caller Name: Level 3 Communications | Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 6602624723
constantly calling 5 times today and 5 times yesterday. They are tag-teaming with their office in Miami Fl 786-358-5132 which called 6 times on Tues and Wed.
660-262-4723 was reported by Frank Adams on Apr 17th 2015 - 12:56:25pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6607736719
Calls my company once a week, saying he has to get on my computer to see if I have any viruses.
660-773-6719 was reported by Isa Pelleti on Mar 20th 2015 - 11:37:31am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 6607736719
Same as RX Mentionned. Just received a call answered in french, no one spoke and hung up after 5 sec. Im also on a nomcall list.
660-773-6719 was reported by Patrick on Mar 13th 2015 - 8:59:38am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unkown | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 6607736719
This number called me. I am on the No-Call list. When I answered, no one spoke.
660-773-6719 was reported by RX on Feb 24th 2015 - 6:36:44am Report Spam

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