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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Aguathuna NL 709 NST
Anchor Point NL 709 NST
Aquaforte NL 709 NST
Arnolds Cove NL 709 NST
Aspen Cove NL 709 NST
Avondale NL 709 NST
Badger NL 709 NST
Badgers Quay NL 709 NST
Baie Verte NL 709 NST
Baine Harbour NL 709 NST
Barachois Brook NL 709 NST
Bartletts Harbour NL 709 NST
Bauline NL 709 NST
Bay Bulls NL 709 NST
Bay de Verde NL 709 NST
Bay l'Argent NL 709 NST
Bay Roberts NL 709 NST
Baytona NL 709 NST
Beaumont NL 709 NST
Bell Island NL 709 NST
Bell Island Front NL 709 NST
Bellburns NL 709 NST
Belleoram NL 709 NST
Bellevue NL 709 NST
Benoits Cove NL 709 NST
Benton NL 709 NST
Bide Arm NL 709 NST
Birchy Bay NL 709 NST
Birchy Head NL 709 NST
Bird Cove NL 709 NST
Bishops Falls NL 709 NST
Black Duck Cove NL 709 NST
Black Duck Siding NL 709 NST
Black Tickle NL 709 EST+1
Blaketown NL 709 NST
Bloomfield NL 709 NST
Boat Harbour West NL 709 NST
Bonavista NL 709 NST
Bonne Bay NL 709 NST
Bonne Bay Pond NL 709 EST+1
Botwood NL 709 NST
Boyds Cove NL 709 NST
Branch NL 709 NST
Brents Cove NL 709 NST
Bridgeport NL 709 NST
Brighton NL 709 NST
Brigus NL 709 NST
Brigus Junction NL 709 NST
Broad Cove Bdv NL 709 NST
Brookfield NL 709 NST
Brownsdale NL 709 NST
Buchans NL 709 NST
Buchans Junction NL 709 NST
Bunyans Cove NL 709 NST
Burgeo NL 709 NST
Burgoynes Cove NL 709 NST
Burin NL 709 NST
Burin Bay Arm NL 709 NST
Burlington NL 709 NST
Burnside NL 709 NST
Burnt Islands Blp NL 709 NST
Burnt Point Bdv NL 709 NST
Calvert NL 709 NST
Campbellton NL 709 NST
Cannings Cove NL 709 NST
Cape Broyle NL 709 NST
Cape Freels North NL 709 NST
Cape Ray NL 709 NST
Cape St George NL 709 NST
Caplin Cove Bdv NL 709 NST
Cappahayden NL 709 NST
Carbonear NL 709 NST
Carmanville NL 709 NST
Carters Cove NL 709 NST
Cartwright NL 709 EST+1
Cartyville NL 709 NST
Castors River NL 709 EST+1
Catalina NL 709 NST
Cavendish NL 709 NST
Chance Cove NL 709 NST
Change Islands NL 709 NST
Channel-Port-aux-Basques NL 709 NST
Chapel Arm NL 709 NST
Chapel Cove NL 709 NST
Charleston NL 709 NST
Charlottetown NL 709 NST
Charlottetown LAB NL 709 EST+1
Churchill Falls NL 709 EST+1
Clarenville NL 709 NST
Clarkes Beach NL 709 NST
Coachmans Cove NL 709 NST
Codroy NL 709 NST
Coleys Point South NL 709 NST
Colinet NL 709 NST
Colliers Riverhead NL 709 NST
Come by Chance NL 709 NST
Comfort Cove-Newstead NL 709 NST
Conception Bay South NL 709 NST
Conception Harbour NL 709 NST
Conche NL 709 NST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Political Call | Caller Number: 7097263844
This is how to make NfLb. synthetic Octane gasoline out of 1) NfLb. Hydro2 Chloric acid, 2) NfLb. electricity 3) NfLb. Limestone (CaCO3)! 1) NfLb Hydro2 Chloric acid is made from a) the X Chlorine from massive buried salt pillows and b) the 2X Hydrogen electrolysed from saltwater! It electrolyses X free Oxygen to make the 2X Hydrogen! 2) Extra electricity comes from the Churchill River and the wind blown waves crashing against our South Coast from Port aux Basques to St.Lawrence! I know how to convert the wave generated D.C. electricity into A.C. electricity! 3) The limestone (CaCO3) can be found buried along our West Coast. Drill wells to explore the West Coast of NfLb! Mine the Limestone by reacting 8 (CaCO3) with 8 Hydro2 Chloric acid, yielding 8 Oxygen and 8 Carbon diOxyde! The Carbon diOxyde is removed from the limestone formation by expelling it up the same wells that the Hydro2 Chloric acid is being pumped into the formation. The Carbon diOxyde then has its Carbon striped from it, to undergo electrolysis into Methane gas, then electrolyse it into Ethane gas, then electrolyse it into Butane gas, then electrolyse it into Octane gas and finally condence it into Octane gasoline! This outputs just 25% the Carbon diOxyde as Regular gasoline! They once said you cant get gasoline from Tarsands but today 80-90% of Canadian gasoline is from mined Bitumen, Tarsands! Well I have their success to copy in making 1 Octane gasoline molecule while I free 24 Oxygen from 8 limestone molecules! Its a local demand for Churchill River electricity! William Roy Whiteway Smallwood, 709-834-9700 91 Cherry Lane, Conception Bay South, NfLb, Canada, A1W-3B5
709-726-3844 was reported by William Roy Smallwood on Jun 3rd 2017 - 11:27:29am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7097263844
I can actually make 1 molecule of Jet Fuel (which can be combusted in modern combustion chambers) from 8 molecules of limestone, 16 molecules of Hydro-Chloric acid (made from salt from water) and electricity! Buy your 40% share of NovaOGas I will patent this procedure! You surely dont want to be left out in the cold like you almost were with Tar Sands! Suncor Petro-Canada, if you would make petroleum (C8) from 1) 8 Limestone (CaCO3), 2) 16 Hydro-Chloric acid 3) electricity, we would be in a second oil frontier and very prosperous and grateful for this prosperity! The waste biproduct is 16 Oxygen 8 H2O 8 Calcium Chlorite2 for every 1 C8, or synthetic Octane gasoline, or Jet Fuel we make! Its too bad that politicians cant understand this and are too spineless to say any drawback they might see! 8 Oxygen are already released into the atmosphere to make 16 Hydro-Chloric acid! That totals 24 Oxygen being released into the atmosphere from 1 Octane gasoline, C8, being made! This synthetic Octane gasoline is the least unenvironmental gasoline you can make! There are gasoline with less than 8 Carbons but they disintegrate prematurally due to not filling the Carbons energy slots! The 8 CO2 is less than the 32 CO2 advertised by oil companies as coming from their Regular gasoline! 8 CO2 weighs less than 32 CO2! Thats why its called Jet Fuel! Estimated patenting cost to be $20,000! But that estimate was given to me by a cautious draftman. It will be possible to do it for less but you have to consider the valuable time used to complete the patent! Were talking about millions of dollars lost just to save thousands of dollars! Your $20,000 investment buys you a 40% share of this venture! This fuel should be encouraged by a Carbon tax!
709-726-3844 was reported by William Roy Whiteway Smallwood on May 23rd 2017 - 10:53:48am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7097263844
Limestone (CaCO3), Potash Rock (KCO3), Hydro-Chloric acid (HCl) 8 (CaCO3) 16 (HCl) 8 (CaCl2) 8 (H2O) 8 (CO2) Electrically split 8(CO2) into 8C 16O Electrolyse those 8 Methane 8(C) into 4 Ethane 4(C2) Electrolyse those 4 Ethane 4(C2) into 2 Butane 2(C4) Electrolyse those 2 Butane 2(C4) into 1 Octane 1(C8) Condense that 1 Octane gas into 1 Octane gasoline... This is how we may convert Limestone or Potash Rock into gasoline! Choose Octane gasoline because it only creates 8 CO2! Thats better for the atmosphere then Regular that creates 32 CO2! 3.3 million people died from excessive CO2 around Delhi, India but including Pakistan, last year!
709-726-3844 was reported by William R W Smallwood on Mar 29th 2017 - 7:28:40am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Political Call | Caller Number: 7097263844
This is my proposed way of producing Octane gasoline (jet fuel) from 1) 8 Hydro-Chloric acid (8 HCl), 2) 8 Calcium Carbonate (8 CaCO3) 3) electricity! Heres how to chemically physically convert limestone, Hydro-Chloric acid electricity into synthetic Octane gasoline (jet fuel)... 1) Chemically react 8 Hydro-Chloric acid (8 HCl) with 8 Calcium CARBONate (8 CaCO3 or 8 limestone) yielding 8 Carbon (8 Methane gas) and 3x8 24 Oxygen! Electrolyse those 8 Methane into 4 Ethane gas! Electrolyse those 4 Ethane into 2 Butane gas! Electrolyse those 2 Butane into 1 Octane gas! Condence that 1 Octane gas into 1 Octane gasoline! Market that 1 Octane gasoline as the environmental since it liberates 3x8 24 fresh Oxygen 1 Octane gasoline! It also pollutes the atmosphere with the minimum (8) of Carbon! Modern jet fuel injectors inject jet fuel to combust like regular gasoline! Older engines cant combust jet fuel very well but thats history! Why does making gasoline from limestone cost less than OPEC gasoline? Cause OPEC isnt scientifically making gasoline like a cartel! The rich American GeoScientists wont have poor Americans money to grow fat off of! The North American politicians must be surely on OPECs take ($$$) seeing how they have ignored this inventive way of lowering gasoline prices! My actions are to change Americas gasoline industry, to become one more price competitive, to serve Americans! I prey that this will happen! What is your price structure to filing a patent? William Roy Whiteway Smallwood,, 709-834-9700, 91 Cherrylane, Conception Bay South, NfLb, A1W-3B5
709-726-3844 was reported by William Roy Whiteway Smallwood on Feb 22nd 2017 - 6:32:48am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7097263844
From 8 Potash rock (KCO3) molecules and from 8 Limestone (CaCO3) molecules you can make 1 Octane gasoline molecule and 3x8 24 Oxygen! From 8 flare gas molecules you can also make 1 regular gasoline molecule! All from common Limestone Potash Rock! 24 Oxygen, can OPEC match that? The 3 NfLb natural resources to make Octane gasoline 1) Surface mine the Calcium CARBONate from the Port au Port peninsula, or Buchans area, or west of St. Anthony, or underground the west coast of NfLb! That limestone is 8 times as much as the Octane gasoline readily made from it! 2) Build another Hydro-Electric dam to generate the vital hydro-electricity! Get more electricity from the South Coast ocean waves! Get D.C. electricity from the Ocean waves and convert that D.C. electricity into A.C. electricity! Use the A.C. electricity to electrolyse the Carbonate rock into Octane gasoline! 3) Drilling down below our oil production platforms, the seismic salt reflections 3.5 - 5.0 seconds depth - pure salt. The map of the salt area is 3-4 times the Avalon Peninsula in size and 1.5 seconds of seismic depth! We need this salt to create some Hydro-Chloric acid from! We use the Hydro-Chloric acid to liberate the Methane gas from the Limestone! We electrolyze the Methane gas into Octane gasoline! And then we electrolyse (double the density) 8 Methane into 4 Ethane! And then we electrolyse (double the density) 4 Ethane into 2 Butane! And then we electrolyse (double the density) 2 Butane into 1 Octane! And then we condence Octane gas into Octane gasoline! And then we market that gasoline to New York! William Roy Whiteway Smallwood, 709-834-9700 Reply email to secure I know of your interest! Remember that limestone (CaCO3) turns solid from the warm underground and turns liquid from the cooling waters of the ocean! I know the pain that comes from losing a relative, but isnt it better that you only have to take a trip to our West coast than having to visit Alberta? And there is some limestone around here to be chemically converted into Octane gasoline! For each Calcium CARBONate (limestone, CaCO3), you electrolyse free 3 Oxygen 1 Carbon! Yours truly William Roy Whiteway Smallwood 709-834-9700 Calcium Carbonate reacting with Hydro-Chloric acid (SLOW-MO)
709-726-3844 was reported by William Roy Whiteway Smallwood on Jan 7th 2017 - 8:38:25am Report Spam
| Caller Number: 7097263844
Electrolyzing the worlds Limestone or Albertas Potash Rock frees 3 Oxygen 1 Carbon electrolyzed free! The electricity line must go over the Port au Port peninsula on way to Nova Scotia! NfLbs Limestone reserves are principly found on the Port au Port peninsula! For more information on the most efficient way to make Octane gasoline from Limestone, Calcium biCARBONate or Potash Rock phone me at 709-834-9700! Ill expect an inventors patent for showing you just how to make JET FUEL, 100% Octane gasoline (via Methane gas, into Ethane gas, into Butane gas, into Octane gas, then condensed into 100% Octane gasoline) from Limestone, Hydro-Chloric acid and electricity! This patent should provide the maximun of coverage worldwide, even if it requires being registered in the United States of America first! Yours sincerely William Roy Whiteway Smallwood
709-726-3844 was reported by William Smallwood on Apr 12th 2016 - 12:47:29pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7097224483
709-722-4483 was reported by Curious on Nov 17th 2015 - 12:18:40pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 7093646086
this caller keeps calling my house when i say i am the owner they hang up when i say the owner is not home they get upset and say they will call back a different time. never will leave a message
709-364-6086 was reported by Debbie on Apr 28th 2015 - 4:08:22pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7095550155
Called this afternoon. We do not answer if the number is not known to us.
709-555-0155 was reported by Jean on Nov 29th 2014 - 2:50:42pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Janet | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7097535250
She refuses to let you go and gets edgy with you when you tell her that it is not a good time to take this call because you are in the middle of making your daughter breakfast! She got extremely mean at me and was demanding me to give her information after refusing to tell me what she is calling about. I would love to personaly call her in the middle of her making supper and ask her a ton of unrelated questions!
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709-753-5250 was reported by Kayla on Aug 1st 2013 - 9:01:04am Report Spam

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