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City, State Santa Ana, CA
County Orange
Provider XO California Inc
Line Type Land Line
Time Zone PST
Latitude/Longitude 33.88214884093196/-117.8046885166522
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  1. 7143861093 Fisher Residence reported Unknown from 714-386-1093 as a Telemarketer

    They have called again very late at 5:03 PM PDT. Left a message on my machine again. This is the 5th time. STOP CALLING ME.

  2. 7143861093 Fisher Residence reported Unknown from 714-386-1093 as a Telemarketer

    This guy has called my landline several times now and he has called again today at 3:17 PM PDT. I am going to call the police if he calls again.

  3. 7143861093 Fisher Residence reported Unknown from 714-386-1093 as an Unknown Caller

    They called again today at 12:04 PM PDT. I am calling the cops.

  4. 7143861068 Chris reported Unknown from 714-386-1068 as a Telemarketer

    They called again very early at 9:12 AM PST. I am going to bomb these bastards. They are begging for it.

  5. 7143862638 EB reported 714-386-2638 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Scammer using text message. The message says: Your entry last month has WON! Got to http:bit.lyNwqR0j and enter your WINNING code "1212" to claim your FREE $1000 Best Buy giftcard!

  6. 7143865742 Ellerman Construction reported Global Comm from 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This number calls daily and twice daily if I let it go to the answering machine. They want me to verify my business address for internet search purposes. Cant remember the exact verbiage. When the calls started awhile back, they wanted me to verify my billing address instead of business address. That alerted me to some kind of fraud. Our sister company located elsewhere fell for one of these type of scams previously. Basically I would say I wasnt comfortable verifying any info and after months of this, I asked them to quit calling and take me off their list and they would hang up. On 31411 I told them I was on a no call list and would be turning them over to the AG office. They hung up and havent called since. When you try to call them back, the number is no longer in can that be? Scammers like this should be tarred and feathered.

  7. 7143865742 Slim McNaught reported J2 Global Commu from 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    j2 Global Communications calls from 714-386-5742 several times every year. They pretend that we have an ad in their yellow pages and want to renew the ad. They bill us every year but we never pay. We have never advertised in their yellow pages, do not plan to ever advertise in their yellow pages, have told them to cancel our name from their list, but they keep calling. They are foreign speaking people, hard to understand, would be overbearing if you allowed it.

  8. 7143865742 Billy reported 714-386-5742 as an Unknown Caller

    Person or persons call from (714) 386-5742, several times per week, since September, 2010. Leaves no message. When this number is called back, a prerecorded message plays immediately, suggesting the number is not in service. I presume the message is an official phone companyservice provider message, but one never knows. Could be some creep. (note: if you are the caller, guess what? I think youre a creep. You seem to have a bit of a drawl, as if from the deep south). All others, please follow through with complaints to phone company andor police if you are being harrassed or threatened in any way.

  9. 7143865742 Valerie reported Unknown from 714-386-5742 as an Unknown Caller

    This number calls me almost every day. I answer and then no one is there. No one has ever said anything.

  10. 7143865742 C reported Global Comm from 714-386-5742 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls couple times a day. Wsih they would stop

  11. 7143865742 Hartland reported J2 Global Commu from 714-386-5742 as an Unknown Caller

    calls an hangs up 3-4 daily waste of time

  12. 7143865742 FAR reported 714-386-5742 as a Telemarketer

    This number calls several times a week. Usually disconnects shortly after I answer. Sometimes I can hear call center noise in the background. One time they attempted to verify yellow page listing. Mine is a business phone registered with the National Do Not Call registry. I work in customers home where they pay me by the hour. I dont have time to answer these unsolicited scam calls. Is anything done to put a stop to these scammers?

  13. 7143865742 Southeastern Recycling reported J2 Global Commu from 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    They called and said they were with and wanted to update our company information before the new listing comes out. Also, they said that we currently have a listing with them and they wanted to make sure it was correct before they send the invoice and when I told them I had never heard of, that they must have the wrong compnay, they hung up.

  14. 7143865742 Stephen reported Global Comm from 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    They call me every day 2-3 times a day, on September 29, 2010 they called me 6 times. Ive asked them to stop calling me, and they refuse. Im tired of this crap, I work nights and their calls start at 9am and continue till they go to sleep.

  15. 7143865742 Chad reported UJ2 Global Communications from 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    these people will not stop calling my business phone and not saying anything. freakin loosers should be shot

  16. 7143865742 Lee reported UJ2 Global Communications from 714-386-5742 as a Telemarketer

    A woman called last week, a man this week. Ditto to complaint #2 only we are a business. Both said the same thing about updating our online yellow pages ad information so they could invoice us. (I understand the invoice is roughly $457 !) I have made myself very aware of many abuses to our legitimate website and our real yellow pages listing through ATT, (which is free to us online), so I take great care in what I answer or say to these types of calls. First, I ask for a call back #, an email and fax number, business name and address. This business said they had none as they were just a call center with an outgoing line only. Then, I asked a question everytime they ask me a question,(to get them OFF THEIR CALL SHEET QUESTIONAIRE) and I debate their answer, and I keep doing it, then I tell them to send me information, they say they have no way to do that, and i say we never ever ever ever never authorize anything over the phone. We do not do business that way. They say so, mam, you dont want your ad in the yellowpages?.... and I quietly hungup. Best advise I have seen on these complaint sites - IF you have caller id and have the number is to ask them to call you back in 10 or 15 minutes you are with a client (have business or not)then google their whole number with and without dashes, and check them out online so you know who and what you are dealing with and how youre going to handle them when they call back. There are tons of informtion sites like this one with many helpful complaints to help inform you. Dont buy into these bilk you out of your hard earned money calls! Dont ignore the call, or say the owner isnt there or anything like that, they will call and call and call forever! My hopes are this info helps you, and .... helps them to get a real job...

  17. 7143862736 Melanie FreyEppard reported 877creditreliefcom from 714-386-2736 as a Telemarketer

    text msg received from this phone number on Wed., May 5 at 3:47 PMreads "Are you in debt with payday loans or do you need to take out a loan consolidate and eliminate our pay advance loans today. Text "DEBT" to be called today

  18. 7143862736 Doesnt Matter reported 877creditreliefcom from 714-386-2736 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Received text that I did not sign up for.

  19. 7143865742 John Buckley reported Unknown from 714-386-5742 as an Unknown Caller

    I have received 5 unsolicited calls from this number during the past 2 days.

  20. 7143865742 Dan reported 714-386-5742 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I have been called by this number many times over the past couple months. I finally started answering their calls to see who it was. They dont even say hello they just ramble on about needing confirmation to send an invoice for an ad I placed. I have no company! They definitely read from a script, I have a good memory and they have repeated the same monologue or whatever to me multiple times and by different callers. Im no dummy so I just ask who they work for or tell them that I dont own a business and they hang up. When I try and call them back to get my number removed I get the same message every time, "this number has been temporarily disabled". ?? Pretty annoying!! So until the calls stop I think I will just mimic the callers word for word. At least that way I wont get scammed by saying the wrong word like "yes" or something and I could potentially be just as annoying. :)

  21. 7143862736 Spammed reported 877creditreliefcom from 714-386-2736 as a Telemarketer

    Spammed text message to my mobile #. Credit Relief spiel.

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