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City, State Irvine, CA
County Orange
Provider MCI Worldcom Communications Inc
Line Type Land Line
Time Zone PST
Latitude/Longitude 33.91676148785798/-117.898884852624
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  1. 7149882146 Fisher Residence reported HeatingAndCooling from 714-988-2146 as a Telemarketer

    They have called again today on a Friday afternoon at 4:23 PM PDT. I am calling the police.

  2. 7149880088 Ed reported 714-988-0088 as a Telemarketer

    They call everyday

  3. 7149883861 Anon Ymous reported Platinum Partners from 714-988-3861 as a Collection Agency

    Jennifer claiming to represent Platinum Partners states that a very old debt will now be "1099d to the IRS" unless I called 714-988-3861 to negotiate this very old debt. The caller-id appeared as RESTRICTED. They called previously, yesterday (callerid RESTRICTED) and threatening to have a the sheriff serve court papers at my door step between 10am and 2pm today. I told them to go ahead. No show. Shortly after they hung up yesterday they called back (caller-id 682-xxx-8428 a DFW area cell number) and yelled at me for my refusal to talk with them about this very old debt. The statute of limitation for this debt expired many years ago.

  4. 7149883861 Rob reported Davis Davis from 714-988-3861 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    total scam

  5. 7149883861 Anonymous reported Davis Davis from 714-988-3861 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Abusive calls threatening legal action for debts unpaid . Wanting credit card or debit card info immediately . EXTREMELY abusive and de-humanizing people scaring you into thinking you are going to get sued. Scammers attempting to get $ from vulnerable individuals .

  6. 7149880004 DoNotCall Violated reported California from 714-988-0004 as a Telemarketer

    714-988-0004 CallerID: "California" Google reports: "Locksmith A 24 Hour" 2599 Sandpebble Ln Brea,CA 92821 Location: Brea, CA Switch: IRVECAEIDS0 Phone type: Landline Provider: VERIZON BUSINESS or Broadwing Communications, Llc - Ca or MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS INC - CA Robo-call message: "Hello, we are calling to talk to you today about your property that is upside down in equity. On June first two-thousand ten (06-01-2010) the United States Government has passed a legal system called HARP. HARP requested mortgage lenders to work with their customers to reduce interest rates as low as two percent, making the payments more affordable. To see if you qualify for this program, please press 1 now to speak with a representative. Press 1 and lower your mortgage rate under HARP government program, or press 2 to be removed from our list. Please call 1-213-236-4834 to speak with a representative." If you press 1, it rings another number "Am I speaking with first name on deed record?" If you press 2, they sell your listing to other spammers. If you hang up, they ring several times in a week, at all hours.

  7. 7149885331 MW reported 714-988-5331 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Via text: Dear Walmart shopper, Congratulations you have just won a $1000 Walmart Gift Card. Click here to claim your gift. (cancel: reply STOP)

  8. 7149885249 Bob reported 714-988-5249 as an Unknown Caller

    Im getting SPAM by text from this clown. Someone from the provider needs to look into this

  9. 7149885205 Sandra reported 714-988-5205 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This number left me the Walmart $1000 hurry card message thats going around.

  10. 7149884035 Sue Hicks reported Jim Smith from 714-988-4035 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Says I owe them 300 from a cash advance company in September of 2009. I checked with my bank and they said that this was a scam and to ignore.

  11. 7149888143 Nosey reported 714-988-8143 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Indian dialect calling to scam you out of money for a supposed debt to a cash advance company. Inform them that you want the documents mailed to you and that it is required by state and federal law that you receive the documents they will more than likely argue with you or hang up.

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