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City, State Cassadaga, NY
County Erie
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Line Type Land Line
Time Zone EST
Latitude/Longitude 42.88217865994/-78.869608728733
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  1. 7168446908 Vjjohn reported Unknown from 716-844-6908 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Calls 1-3 times a day every weekday in the mornings, but rarely on weekends. Its been going on for many MONTHS. Sometimes theyll stop for week, then start up again for weeks or months in a row. I dont recognize the number so never answer. They never leave a message either. Some mention that its T-mobile collections. But that dont make sense. I dont owe T-mobile anything, they text billing reminders, not call. I suspect this is faked ID, spoofing their number. The number displayed may not be the real source.

  2. 7168446142 Tina reported 716-844-6142 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Roboticall all the time

  3. 7168446891 Nathlee reported 716-844-6891 as a Collection Agency

    left messege with some case number on my voice mail but said nothing as to what this call pertained to

  4. 7168446908 Rocky reported 716-844-6908 as a Collection Agency

    Calls 3 Times a day at the exact time claming to be from T-Mobile saying I owe a huge amount of Money I called T-Mobile Customer Service they tell me I owe nothing And who ever is calling is not from T-Mobile These people try to get passwords which T-Mobile will never ask over the phone.

  5. 7168443364 Sheila Chase reported Mr. Turner/Mr.Becker from 716-844-3364 as a Collection Agency

    A man by the name of Mr. Turner called and suggested that I committed Internet fraud. I called back. Mr. Becker said that Mr. Turner was dismissed for a similar act. However, Mr. Turner said that their case with me had "underlying legal" issues. I told him that Id paid the debt. He wanted to know to whom. Oddly, he was willing to mark the debt "paid" upon my say so. How strange. He suggested that I may have been defrauded by another company and wanted the companys name that I paid. I told him that Id call back. I called back the next morning, and Mr. Becker still wanted the name of the other company. However, when I asked him for a copy of the debt he said that I owed, he said that he could not provide it for me. Too, I asked him several times for the amount that he said that I owed. He refused me again. How is it that a collection company can call up and claim that you owe money, ask you to pay them, and then refuse you information that you have a right to? In short, Mr. Becker told me that I had to contact the original company for the amount I owe. If this is true, wouldnt I pay the original company, too, if I did owe the bill?

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