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Caller Name: Janessa | | Caller Number: 8093966332
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809-396-6332 was reported by Janessa on May 8th 2016 - 11:46:49am Report Spam
Caller Name: Satchell | | Caller Number: 8098116377
sighs Taryn is right, unfortunately. I like Lucas but maybe Derek I force myself to say this is the best for Kylie. Every girl loves a sweet guy like him. But Lucas isn#8217t bad either #8211 I just had to add that since I#8217ve been a href""#y802lo8al#2221a to Lucas since the first book.Either way I#8217ll be happy with who she choses.
809-811-6377 was reported by Satchell on May 8th 2016 - 6:29:38am Report Spam
Caller Name: Pink | | Caller Number: 8098116377
It never occurred to me that most of the Paltaeinisn leadership had any other agenda. On the other hand I doubt they really give a poop for their people either when there is violent rhetoric to spout.
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809-811-6377 was reported by Pink on May 7th 2016 - 12:42:14am Report Spam
Caller Name: Conyers | | Caller Number: 8093966332
Well done to think of sohinmetg like that
809-396-6332 was reported by Conyers on May 6th 2016 - 9:09:18pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Buck | | Caller Number: 8093965231
This is way better than a brick mortar esiamltshbent.
809-396-5231 was reported by Buck on May 6th 2016 - 8:44:49pm Report Spam
Caller Name: CODETEL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICAT | | Caller Number: 8094906305
I have received three calls from this number but the phone only rang twice and they hung up. Received a call at: 11:33pm on Dec 16th 6:04am on Dec 17th 6:17am on Dec 18th. I called this number on the afternoon of Dec 17th and a woman answered. She spoke spanish and I could not understand her so I hung up. There were children in the background so I assumed this was a private home. I set my phone to block the calls on Dec 17th so the call that came in on the morning of Dec 18th only rang once. On my phone screen, it shows: Shared Exch DR.
809-490-6305 was reported by Russell Conrad on Dec 18th 2015 - 5:37:29am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 8099152623
i want to know where is my cell phone
809-915-2623 was reported by Elizabeth on May 29th 2015 - 8:26:00am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 8095660850
me llaman de este numero a mi celular y se quedan callado, no hablan
809-566-0850 was reported by Adalgiza Pimentel on Mar 26th 2015 - 1:43:37pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Ajay From Tcs | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 8095244479
This is very sad to see people doing such frauds. I met with this guy tall, black on Pulsar (I think) claiming to be Ajay from TCS near HSR Layout, Bangalore. He said his license was confiscated by police and needs money to get it back. He gave me miss call from his number 8095244479 and said he will transfer it back online. I offered him 200 Rs. He then changed the story saying his car was also towed and need about 2k to get it back. He mentioned that he is from Kolkata. I gave him the money and sent him SMS with my account number. The message was never delivered and his phone is now switched off as well. He was very sweet talking and kept saying repeatedly that he is very much thankful for the help and kept asking me that we should meet again and not just for money. It feels bad to just meet in needs etc. If you come across such people, I would suggest you ask them for some kind of ID proof, and take a note of alternative number from their phone or from ID. Also, instead of handing over money, if it is possiblenearby go to place where he has to pay money and pay it directly to other person (not sure how safe that is either).
809-524-4479 was reported by Rohan on Jan 7th 2015 - 4:49:01am Report Spam
Caller Name: Ajay From Infosys | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 8095244479
Beware of fraudster name Ajay on bangalore roads... A black fat guy saying his name Ajay, on Bajaj pulsar stopped near me EGL and asked "do you know any near by mechanic shop?" I asked him to show his ID card. He said it was raining and cannot open. He told that he works for Infosys and will return it by online transfer, and gave a missed call from his number on my phone (8095244479).. I offered him 200 Rs but he insisted me to give more. He asked me if I have money in ATM. By mistake I told 4000. Thenm he took 3000 and said he would return and pleaded me like hell. I did not know what went into my mind. I just wanted to go away and gave him 3000. Now his cell is switched off. Please be safe. Lets find this Fraudster out and handover him to police
809-524-4479 was reported by Shanthi on Oct 7th 2014 - 8:01:13am Report Spam

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