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Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9395791269
El undividuo indic que mi hijo tuvo un accidente... Pero no lo dej terminar pq yo no tengo hijos jajaja... Fall! :P
939-579-1269 was reported by Yo on Mar 7th 2014 - 2:51:57pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9395791269
El individuo llamo para decirme q mi hermano habia tenido un accidente y q tenia q darle un dinero para arreglar un asunto del accidente
939-579-1269 was reported by Juan L Ocasio on Mar 3rd 2014 - 11:34:40am Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9396399399
Prank call and scammers. Its a fraud they keep calling asking for personal information, please be aware and dont answer.
939-639-9399 was reported by Michael on Feb 3rd 2014 - 4:12:08pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 9392598771
939-259-8771 was reported by Vanessa Colon on Nov 30th 2013 - 3:47:19am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9392430019
envian mensaje de texto amenazantes
939-243-0019 was reported by Minerva on Oct 24th 2013 - 9:37:22am Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9392430019
fraudulent, scam receiving messages all week, using claro Puerto rico. This number is sending spam message about telemarking and sexual messages
939-243-0019 was reported by 9392430019 on Sep 10th 2013 - 5:18:56pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9395791460
Caller said my son had rear ended callers brothers brand new BMW. He said brother was holding my son hostage in his apartment till I wire $800 via Western Union to fix the dents on the car and that because brother is violent drug dealer, he did not want to involve law enforcement. He also said if I call the police, my son "is as good as dead". I panicked because I was expecting my son to come and pick me from the hotel room where I was take me for his brothers high school graduation ceremony
939-579-1460 was reported by Ereda on Jun 10th 2013 - 7:24:44am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9393344389
939-334-4389 was reported by Juan on Jan 18th 2013 - 10:31:14pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Rober El Negro | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9392025877
Asking Personal Questions
939-202-5877 was reported by MDiroche on Aug 19th 2012 - 3:09:43pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 9394370204
Same thing happened to me. This guy, clearly had a puerto rican accent, call me and said that he wanted $500 to return my little brother. He also said that he was badly injured and couldnt talk on the phone. He said his name was Jason. He told me that my brother and his friend were involved in a drug deal gone bad and that his friend left my brother with them and he ran off, which got me scared because my brother was at his friends house, so I called my brother and made sure he was ok. Is there something we can do? It might be a prank call but sometimes coincidence might fall into place, just like it happened to me, and we might fall victim to this callers demands
939-437-0204 was reported by Alberto on Jun 7th 2012 - 2:21:51pm Report Spam

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