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Our system allows you, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, debt collectors and other annoying callers in an effort to build a global database of calls which you don't want to pick up. Additionally, when a number collects enough complaints, we submit them to the appropriate authorities. Help report telemarketers and spread the word to help humiliate these annoying callers and make the calls STOP.

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Recent complaints

  1. 2392344377 Ron Potts reported 239-234-4377 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2392344377 Details: 4558 Calls Logged | 55 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: NAPLES, FL (234) | Caller Reported as: Microsoft

    OA 6 N0v 2015 I got a call wanting to clean up my computer. He identified himself as "Victor Williams (Indian accent)I had used a company 3-4 years prior that did an OK job. We agreed to a three year contract. Noticed I still had the same problem so I called his number 206-687-9866 (near Seattle Wa.and got a not in service. They are pros. They wanted me to ship my bill to "moneygram" The places turned out to be in Calcutta India Bangkok Thailad and Nicaragua. They tried to wipe out my checking account He called again yesterday with the 206 nr. and when I tried to get more information I got the 239 Nr BEWARE

  2. 3237121175 Kangen Water Elite reported 323-712-1175 as an Unknown Caller
    3237121175 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (712) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called three times no voicemail suspiciously after another number maybe linked.

  3. 3109180688 Kangen Water Elite reported KWE from 310-918-0688 as an Unknown Caller
    3109180688 Details: 18 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GARDENA, CA (918) | Caller Reported as: KWE

    Called three times no voicemail suspiciously after another number maybe linked.

  4. 6035799942 Bob reported Staff Management from 603-579-9942 as a Telemarketer
    6035799942 Details: 62 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: NASHUA, NH (579) | Caller Reported as: Staff Management

    Robocall for staffing event with prizes. No call back number, no option to remove from calling list.

  5. 3305318574 David Rech reported 330-531-8574 as an Unknown Caller
    3305318574 Details: 1 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: YOUNGSTOWN, OH (531) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Richs Bathroom Remodeling Akron, OH, 44312 (330) 531-8574 We are remodeling company which specialized in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We are service with a lot of skills and many years of experience! If you need for professional remodeling contractor - call us today! Bathroom Remodeler, Kitchen Remodeler, Remodeling Service, Remodeling Company, Remodeling Contractor

  6. 7153835348 Joe reported 715-383-5348 as a Telemarketer
    7153835348 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MARSHFIELD, WI (383) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    JH Repair N6740 County Road G, Neillsville, WI, 54456 (715) 383-5348

  7. 4323524411 Maria Dowson reported Fobbs Lawn Service from 432-352-4411 as a Telemarketer
    4323524411 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MIDLAND, TX (352) | Caller Reported as: Fobbs Lawn Service

    Fobbs Lawn Service Odessa, TX, 79761 (432) 352-4411 Fobbs Lawn Service specializes in lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming stump grinding. We are family owned and operated. Fobbs Lawn Service have more than 30 years of experience and are Licensed and Insured. We serve Odessa, TX and all areas within 40 miles. We offer Free Estimates! Senior and Military Discounts Available! Lawn Care, Landscaping Service, Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Service, Tree Service

  8. 3218635296 Joe reported 321-863-5296 as a Telemarketer
    3218635296 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ROCKLEDGE, FL (863) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Pro Lawn Turf Landscape Management INC 3815 N US1 #48, Cocoa, Fl, 32926 (321) 863-5296

  9. 2566603815 Rey Splitter reported Hernandez Services LLC from 256-660-3815 as a Telemarketer
    2566603815 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ALBERTVILLE, AL (660) | Caller Reported as: Hernandez Services LLC

    Hernandez Services LLC 367 Massey Rd, Albertville, AL, 35950 (256) 660-3815 Hernandez Services LLC is a Welder with more than 10 years of experience.Fully Licensed with Competitive prices Welder, Welding Service , Welding Company, Welding Shop, Metal Fabrication

  10. 2812042116 Mimi reported 281-204-2116 as a Telemarketer
    2812042116 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HOUSTON, TX (204) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Spring HBO Limo Party Bus Spring, TX, 77386 (281) 204-2116

  11. 9095904119 Josh Dillon reported Act Of Music from 909-590-4119 as a Telemarketer
    9095904119 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CHINO, CA (590) | Caller Reported as: Act Of Music

    Act of Music 3833 schaefer ave unit E, Chino, CA, 91710 (909) 590-4119 Music store in business for 52 years. We offer music renatl and intruments repair. Musical Instrument Store, Music Store, Musical Instruments Rental, Musical Instruments, Musical Instruments Teachers

  12. 2602396947 Kate Hilton reported Price Right Services Home Improv from 260-239-6947 as a Telemarketer
    2602396947 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ALBION, IN (239) | Caller Reported as: Price Right Services Home Improv

    Price Right Services Home Improvement Fort Wayne, IN, 46816 (260) 239-6947 Price Right Services Home Improvement is a Painter with more than 20 years of experience.Fully Licensed,Insured and Bonded offers 65 an hour and Up prices, warranty on labor and will return until satisfactory. Painting Contractor, Residential Painting Contractor, Commercial Painting Contractor, Local Painting Contractor , House Painting Service

  13. 7703754379 Mimi reported 770-375-4379 as an Unknown Caller
    7703754379 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LILBURN, GA (375) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    SR Delivery Service, LLC Mableton, GA, 30126 (770) 375-4379

  14. 2086903011 Deepak reported Deepak from 208-690-3011 as an Unknown Caller
    2086903011 Details: 597 Calls Logged | 18 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BLACKFOOT, ID (690) | Caller Reported as: Deepak

    my PLTSGT in the Marine Corps. the mofo was HARDCORE old salty dog eats bullets piesss napalm kinda guy. i truly believe gunny highway from Heart break ridge was created from him lol. he always had a cigar in his mouth it was almost never lit but he always chewed the hell out of it .in the Corps for 100 yrs a true lifer. cant wait to go pay a visit to my old unit soon Semper FI and thanks for letting me share good luck everyone urlhttp:faxiytl.comfaxiytlurl linkhttp:motxftpc.commotxftpclink

  15. 9739393733 Kaushal reported Kaushal from 973-939-3733 as an Unknown Caller
    9739393733 Details: 44 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BOONTON, NJ (939) | Caller Reported as: Kaushal

    thank you for responding i did find the thmeorstat location and replaced it althought the one i removed was still working i,m still having the same problem the engine heats up but when i switch on the fan the tempiture drops or if i,m travaling on the motor way the same thing happens i,m at a loss as to what might be causing this any advise??? urlhttp:rpnqwwvp.comrpnqwwvpurl linkhttp:swpuyffacge.comswpuyffacgelink

  16. 4185252555 Najah reported Najah from 418-525-2555 as an Unknown Caller
    4185252555 Details: 107 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , QC (525) | Caller Reported as: Najah

    Sancho (#14): Apenas um adendo, a tua deiarscco esta correta, mas por exemplo ne3o serve quando falamos da cultura te1tica da inglaterra aonde o FourFourTwo e9 diferente Temos a linha de zagueiros identica ao que tu relatou, mas a linha de meio ne3o existe volantes, se3o meias que marcam e atacam, a frequencia dessa alternancia quem determina e9 o tecnico, mas no futebol ingles n existe nem o nosso 10 resolvedor, nem o 5 chave de cadeia, sao os referidos wingers (depende da tatica) e os meios centrais, meio centro direito e meio centro esquerdo. urlhttp:lbdsacn.comlbdsacnurl linkhttp:hgobhwhlz.comhgobhwhlzlink

  17. 2676637688 Eugenio reported Eugenio from 267-663-7688 as an Unknown Caller
    2676637688 Details: 60 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LANSDALE, PA (663) | Caller Reported as: Eugenio

    I cant say I know you by talking to you onnlie so I wont. Ive never been into bragging about knowing celebrities children anyway. My brothers just all jealous. Not understanding that he could talk the same way I do if he gave you his email address. Hes also paranoid and refuses to give a single piece of info on himself. But thats his choice.Anyway, I wonder how you got that modest. I used to live with someone, who worked with a guy that went to Duke University and got a Ph.D. in chemistry.The guy wouldnt talk to me except when he was putting down my vast lack of education. He thought he was too good to have to deal with someone who only has a year of college education and that in Prehospital Care, which he scoffed at, from a no-name University. I felt like saying, What are you talking about? It has a name. Northern Kentucky University. Somehow, I thought he would miss the joke, and I didnt bother.The guy I lived with only talked to him, because he had to maintain a good working relationship with him. The guys lab was next door to my friends.The main point is its amazing how modest you are. Its awesome and wonderful. Im glad to see it, and I wish more really important people were like that. urlhttp:lnsconm.comlnsconmurl linkhttp:sjqmuwt.comsjqmuwtlink

  18. 6517554331 Saidy Janko reported 651-755-4331 as an Unknown Caller
    6517554331 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (755) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Brikk Mechanical LLC Hastings, MN, 55033 651-755-4331 Brikk Mechanical LLC is a Plumber with more than 30 years of experience in business.Licensed and Insured with Competitive prices and 1 year warranty. Plumbing Contractor, Commercial Plumber, Residential Plumber, Local Plumber, Plumbing Service Drain Cleaner , Plumbing Repair , Plumbing Company , Sewer Service , Emergency Plumber

  19. 3042079885 Carrie Carnipseed reported 304-207-9885 as an Unknown Caller
    3042079885 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BECKLEY, WV (207) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Mountaineer Paving and Sealing Princeton, WV, 24740 304-207-9885 Mountaineer Paving and Sealing has been in business for many years. We serve in Princeton, WV and the surrounding area. We serve in Green Valley. Asphalt Contractor, Paving Contractor, Paving Service, Paving Repair, Asphalt Paving Asphalt Patching, Asphalt Paving Company, Driveway Paving, Sealcoating Services, Residential Paving Service, Asphalt Pavement Repair, Asphalt Sealcoating, Driveway Replacement, Parking Lot Paving, Asphalt Crack Filling Service

  20. 6125981963 Anonymous reported JMT Towing Recovery LLC from 612-598-1963 as an Unknown Caller
    6125981963 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (598) | Caller Reported as: JMT Towing Recovery LLC

    JMT Towing Recovery LLC 5417 34th Pl N Minneapolis MN 6125981963

  21. 3014379656 Tom Norris reported 301-437-9656 as an Unknown Caller
    3014379656 Details: 31 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SILVER SPRING, MD (437) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    T Norris Construction Co. Inc 8054 Keeton Rd, Elkridge, MD, 21075 301-437-9656 T Norris Construction Co. Inc is a family owned and operated, with over 36 years experience of serving the Elkridge, MD metropolitan and surrounding areas including the Baltimore area region. We specialize in Roofing, Residential Roofer, Commercial Roofer, Home Remodeler, Home Repair, all new roofs, roof repairs and roof replacements, gutters, siding, windows, decks, driveways, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. We are fully licensed and insured. We provide free estimates. Roofing, Residential Roofer, Commercial Roofer, Home Remodeler, Home Repair Roofer, Roofing contractor, Roofing Service, Roof Repair, Home Repair service

  22. 9032800803 Kevin reported Minuteman Diesel Repair LLC from 903-280-0803 as an Unknown Caller
    9032800803 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: TEXARKANA, TX (280) | Caller Reported as: Minuteman Diesel Repair LLC

    Minuteman Diesel Repair LLC 518 County Road 3102 New Boston TX 9032800803

  23. 4049140051 Dorothy reported Affordable Painting from 404-914-0051 as an Unknown Caller
    4049140051 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ATLANTA, GA (914) | Caller Reported as: Affordable Painting

    Affordable Painting Woodstock GA 4049140051

  24. 8172196672 Emilly Silvester reported Global Mechanical Services from 817-219-6672 as a Telemarketer
    8172196672 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GRANBURY, TX (219) | Caller Reported as: Global Mechanical Services

    Global Mechanical Services Granbury, TX, 76048 (817) 219-6672 GLOBAL MECHANICAL SERVICES in Granbury is a company that specializes in Plumbing, Heating And Air Conditioning. Our records show it was established in Texas. Heating Contractor, AC Installation Service, Residential Hvac Repair, Commercial Hvac Repair, Commercial Heating Contractor,Heating Air Conditioning, AC Contractor, AC Installation, AC Maintenance Service, HVAC Installer, Heating Repair Service, Commercial Heating, Residential Heating, Commercial AC Repair Service, Air Duct Repair

  25. 5703300810 Martin reported Commonwealth Financial from 570-330-0810 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    5703300810 Details: 297 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SCRANTON, PA (330) | Caller Reported as: Commonwealth Financial

    This number keep calling even after I was able to talk to whoever is the manager there. He mentioned to me it was an error but someone still called me with that number. Getting seriously tired these guys.

  26. 5199636666 DA reported Akdiv Kapital from 519-963-6666 as a Collection Agency
    5199636666 Details: 62 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , ON (963) | Caller Reported as: Akdiv Kapital

    Akdiv or Allsteam Corp. Same company. Many harassing phone calls. Told them stop numerous times. I have filed a complaint with Ministry of Consumer Services.

  27. 7814203349 Pete Coolman reported ROSE SERVICES LLC from 781-420-3349 as a Telemarketer
    7814203349 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MALDEN, MA (420) | Caller Reported as: ROSE SERVICES LLC

    ROSE SERVICES LLC Everett, MA, 02149 (781) 420-3349 Janitorial Service Company proudly served Everett MA. Janitorial Service, Commercial Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning Service, Commercial Ceaning Company, Office Cleaning

  28. 6145296263 8923010141 reported Talenor from 614-529-6263 as a Prison/Jail Collect Call
    6145296263 Details: 3126 Calls Logged | 33 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: HILLIARD, OH (529) | Caller Reported as: Jainath


  29. 8017871827 Mary Sanders reported RGD Janitorial Services from 801-787-1827 as a Telemarketer
    8017871827 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PROVO, UT (787) | Caller Reported as: RGD Janitorial Services

    RGD Janitorial Services Lindon, UT, 84042 (801) 787-1827 Our janitorial company was created on 2000 to service any of your cleaning needs. We, take an active role in managing the day to day activities of our employees, we make sure that our honest, and qualified staff will get the job done in a high quality manner as you would expect. RGD JANITORIAL SERVICES happily serve in all Utah areas. Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Service, Janitorial Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning

  30. 7703754365 Michael Dempsey reported Dillard Home Improvements Remod from 770-375-4365 as a Telemarketer
    7703754365 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LILBURN, GA (375) | Caller Reported as: Dillard Home Improvements Remod

    Dillard Home Improvements Remodeling Monroe, GA, 30656 (770) 375-4365 Dillard Home Improvements Remodeling is a Remodeler with 25 years of experience.Fully Licensed and Insured with Competitive prices,Bonded.Operates up to 60 miles radius. Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, Remodeling Contractor, Residential Remodeler,Kitchen Remodeling , Bathroom Remodeling , Remodeling Service , Home Remodeling , House Remodeling

  31. 7342246418 James Picker reported D T Janitorial Landscaping from 734-224-6418 as a Telemarketer
    7342246418 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: TEMPERANCE, MI (224) | Caller Reported as: D T Janitorial Landscaping

    D T Janitorial Landscaping Ypsilanti, MI, 48197 (734) 224-6418 "Ready for all four seasons." Our company provides janitorial services since 2011. We also do snow removal, leaves removal, grass cutting, small tree cutting, planting performing these services regularly scheduled. Both residential and commercial. Licensed, Insured and Certified contractor. We can implement a customers own design. Emergency service is available. Call us today! Janitorial Service, Janitorial Cleaner, Janitorial Contractor, Janitorial Company, Janitorial Work

  32. 7709631253 Phillip Tylor reported Michael J Bain Photography from 770-963-1253 as a Telemarketer
    7709631253 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LILBURN, GA (963) | Caller Reported as: Michael J Bain Photography

    Michael J. Bain Photography Lawrenceville, GA, 30043 (770) 963-1253 Hire a professional Lawrenceville, GA, photographer from Michael J. Bain Photography in Lawrenceville, GA, to capture all the important moments at your next special occasion. We have a team of trained photographers who work with high quality equipment and sophisticated photographic techniques. Let us use our experience and expertise to get you the shots that you most want. Wedding Photographer, Corporate Photography, Children Photography, Maternity Photography, Engagement Photography

  33. 7703343731 Tom Cooper reported Stanley Drywall Home Improvemen from 770-334-3731 as a Telemarketer
    7703343731 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CARTERSVILLE, GA (334) | Caller Reported as: Stanley Drywall Home Improvemen

    Stanley Drywall Home Improvements 66 Greatwood Dr, White, GA, 30184 (770) 334-3731 Full home improvement and remodeling services in Bristol and all surrounding areas. Drywall Contractor, Drywall repair, Drywall Repair Service, Home Improvement, Painter

  34. 8014106666 John Scott reported 801-410-6666 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8014106666 Details: 66 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SALT LAKE CITY, UT (410) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    These people keep calling harassing me accusing me of owing $$$ that I dont owe .I dont have the company or service they call multiple times a week

  35. 7076534487 Eric Dowson reported Chuys Auto Body Shop from 707-653-4487 as a Telemarketer
    7076534487 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: VALLEJO, CA (653) | Caller Reported as: Chuys Auto Body Shop

    Chuys Auto Body Shop 407 Lemon St, Vallejo, CA, 94590 (707) 653-4487 Chuys Auto Body Shop specializes in auto body repairs and service. We also do auto painting , collision repair, dent removals. Auto Body Shop, Auto Body Painting Service, Collision Service, Collision Repair Service, Auto Dent Removal Service

  36. 9542482736 Hank Stiffler reported No Limit Termite Pest Services from 954-248-2736 as a Telemarketer
    9542482736 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HOLLYWOOD, FL (248) | Caller Reported as: No Limit Termite Pest Services

    No Limit Termite Pest Services Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33311 (954) 248-2736 Do you have a persistent pest problem? No Limit Termite Pest Services LLC provides effective treatment for insect and vermin control in Miami and surrounding areas. Our experienced and licensed technician(s) provide free estimates without obligation, and dispense professional advice for the safe and speedy removal of unwanted pests in your environment. Pest Control, Termite Treatment, Residential Pest Control, Green Pest Control, Bed Bug Control

  37. 8287366830 Jino Mino reported 828-736-6830 as an Unknown Caller
    8287366830 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CHEROKEE, NC (736) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Taylor Family Construction Bryson City, NC, 28713 828-736-6830 Taylor Family Construction is family owned and operated We have been serving western half of North Carolina since 1989. We are proud to have many products to choose between, including brick, stone, residential interior exterior, steps, fireplaces, retaining walls, pathways, etc. Kitchen Remodeler, Deck Builder, Bathroom Remodeling, Retaining Walls Builder, Construction Remodeling Commercial Remodeling Service, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Construction Company, Remodeling Company, Home Construction Company, Home Improvements, Home Construction, Home Remodeling, Remodeling Construction

  38. 6513872218 James Hetfield reported 651-387-2218 as an Unknown Caller
    6513872218 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (387) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    MK Landscape Services, Inc Circle Pines, MN, 55014 651-387-2218 We offer landscaping and snow removal services since 2009. Our Prices are Affordable. All Payment Accepted. Landscaper, Snow Removal Service, Landscape Service, Landscape Maintenance, Landscaping Contarctor Snow Plowing, Landscaping Company, Snow Removal, Landscaing, Ice Removal

  39. 3012981808 Joe reported 301-298-1808 as a Telemarketer
    3012981808 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: UPPER MARLBORO, MD (298) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Heating Air by Jimmy Gusky Rockville, MD, 20852 (301) 298-1808

  40. 3237701933 Gary reported 323-770-1933 as an Unknown Caller
    3237701933 Details: 21 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (770) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    ID thief. Matt Sanderson Thinks he will make a movie. lol.

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