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Our system allows you, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, debt collectors and other annoying callers in an effort to build a global database of calls which you don't want to pick up. Additionally, when a number collects enough complaints, we submit them to the appropriate authorities. Help report telemarketers and spread the word to help humiliate these annoying callers and make the calls STOP.

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Recent complaints

  1. 9043278492 David Golding reported Verizon Voice Mail from 904-327-8492 as a Telemarketer
    9043278492 Details: 607 Calls Logged | 6 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: JACKSONVILLE, FL (327) | Caller Reported as: Verizon Voice Mail

    I keep getting calls from this number and it is no one I know, listed as Telemarketer. Their is no reason for these calls and I want them to stop..

  2. 3308963088 Joyce MacAndrew reported Harry Reighard from 330-896-3088 as an Unknown Caller
    3308963088 Details: 201 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: NORTH CANTON, OH (896) | Caller Reported as: Harry Reighard

    This phone number has called my house 5 times tonight already. The number calls every 5 minutes or so! The last call was at 10:02 pm!! When I answer the phone I hear beeps - is it a fax machine, I dont know. I am getting really annoyed now as I get up at 4:00 am to go to work!! This is not the only number that has called my house tonight either!! Please stop calling this number as this is a form of harassment!!

  3. 8579970571 Tuna Tin reported 857-997-0571 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8579970571 Details: 215 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SOMERVILLE, MA (997) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    SCAMMER Says his name is JOE and he is a homosexual looking for a date. Wants men to send him naked pictures of themselves Joe then replies back asking for your mailing address Creepy scammer

  4. 9402942422 Mrs Smith reported 9402942422 from 940-294-2422 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    9402942422 Details: 498 Calls Logged | 5 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ARGYLE, TX (294) | Caller Reported as: 9402942422

    Called, did not leave voice mail.

  5. 7173211215 Judy Watson reported 717-321-1215 as an Unknown Caller
    7173211215 Details: 362 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GETTYSBURG, PA (321) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Calls are made to my number several times per day

  6. 5622000577 Snobuny reported The Right Job from 562-200-0577 as a Telemarketer
    5622000577 Details: 390 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LONG BEACH, CA (200) | Caller Reported as: The Right Job

    This company calls my home 3-6 times per day. If you dont answer, they dont leave a message however, if you do answer to request being removed from their list, they get argumentative.

  7. 6134341503 H Devereux reported Unknown from 613-434-1503 as an Unknown Caller
    6134341503 Details: 360 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , ON (434) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Keeps calling, calls twice a day for the last week. I dont answer. From Ontario Canada us what called ID says. Think they would get the hint I dont want to talk to them but they keep calling.

  8. 5135737978 Jessie reported Macys from 513-573-7978 as a Collection Agency
    5135737978 Details: 740 Calls Logged | 10 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: MASON, OH (573) | Caller Reported as: Macys

    I dont even have a macys card and I have told them tht. They keep calling. Ive had up to 23 calls in one day. Sick of it!

  9. 2013399220 Anne T reported Refinance Co from 201-339-9220 as a Telemarketer
    2013399220 Details: 133 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BAYONNE, NJ (339) | Caller Reported as: Refinance Co

    He said he got our number from an experian credit attempt to refinance our mortgage. When I said that makes me concerned because we havent looked into that he yelled at me and stated "Oh and your the wife so you know everything" and then hung up! Oh and I asked him to take me off his calling list and yah not to sure he did, 201.399.9220 I called back but it states all circuits are busy, really this is a formal complaint in writing!

  10. 2282072972 Keisha Pannell reported 228-207-2972 as an Unknown Caller
    2282072972 Details: 108 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BILOXI, MS (207) | Caller Reported as: Unknown


  11. 2133370014 M reported MONOJIT from 213-337-0014 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2133370014 Details: 298 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (337) | Caller Reported as: MONOJIT

    He said it was calling about my pc and ask me if I was working at the pc right now...I just got a new one last week. My caller ID said Google. Coincidences??? or Microsoft has a "leak" . This guy has a very heavy Hindu accent and said "listen to me" a lot. I tell him I was going to give this number and his name to the FBI....he hang up. .

  12. 8053021521 Daisy Lemus reported 805-302-1521 as a Prank Caller
    8053021521 Details: 167 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: OXNARD, CA (302) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Female laugh in the backgroung, called hanging up multiple times back to back.

  13. 8662542993 Gary Cyrus reported 866-254-2993 as an Unknown Caller
    8662542993 Details: 160 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Constantly getting call from this number. no one is ever there.

  14. 6177893359 Bobby reported 16177893359 from 617-789-3359 as a Telemarketer
    6177893359 Details: 141 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BRIGHTON, MA (789) | Caller Reported as: 16177893359

    Lower credit card interest. Told to press 1 now, but on my message if I press 1 now it simply replays the message.

  15. 5158795830 Tiffany reported 515-879-5830 as an Unknown Caller
    5158795830 Details: 86 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HARCOURT, IA (879) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Someone from this number calls me everyday but does not leave a voicemail. Im guessing Spam

  16. 2023791931 M Merrick reported Medical Help Line from 202-379-1931 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2023791931 Details: 252 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: WASHINGTON, DC (379) | Caller Reported as: Medical Help Line

    "Daniel" called me for medical class action. I stated I had never had any of the surgeries he asked about and that it was offensive and to please remove me from their calling list. The next day I received 2 more calls. I called back requesting to be removed again and "Daniel" told me to "Shut the hell up!" I then proceeded to call HIM back throughout my day.please help

  17. 9124473030 Jo reported Performant from 912-447-3030 as an Unknown Caller
    9124473030 Details: 400 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SAVANNAH, GA (447) | Caller Reported as: Performance Tiffany

    Called my friend looking for me. Not sure why.

  18. 6077350885 Brian reported Omni Tech Support from 607-735-0885 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    6077350885 Details: 329 Calls Logged | 9 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ELMIRA, NY (735) | Caller Reported as: Omni Tech Support

    Guys tell me that they need to access my computer. They call me every two weeks for the last six months. Pretend to be from Omnitech and that I have an account with them. I got angry a couple of times. Now I have fun with them. They always lead by asking me if I can get to my computer and I always make up an unbelievable story as to why I cant (Tiger in my living room, invisble force field protecting the computer, forgot the combination to unlock an unbreakable vault, I have a temporary memory loss I dont know where I put it, etc.)Still what miserable human beings.

  19. 4017225652 Michael C reported 401-722-5652 as an Unknown Caller
    4017225652 Details: 187 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PAWTUCKET, RI (722) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called my cell 9:45 am. Didnt recognize, didnt answer.

  20. 8045041912 LaMoses Songs reported Loan Center from 804-504-1912 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8045041912 Details: 154 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PETERSBURG, VA (504) | Caller Reported as: Loan Center

    Wants my info n i can get $1000

  21. 8004684475 Bonnie Perras reported 800-468-4475 as an Unknown Caller
    8004684475 Details: 117 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I had many collect calls showing on my bill that the calls were accepted at my home. I did not accept these calls I feel someone hacked my phone number. It is a sex line

  22. 8884353095 Faith reported 888-435-3095 as an Unknown Caller
    8884353095 Details: 200 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Receive a call from this number, indicating I have a BAD Check Debt for a Account from 2 years ago. PLEASE, PLEASE BE AWRAE. The Young Woman on the phone was extremely Rude!!!

  23. 2129122626 J Gonzalez reported 212-912-2626 as an Unknown Caller
    2129122626 Details: 94 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: NEW YORK, NY (912) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called 5 times within July, no message to identify purpose of call.

  24. 9072523601 Ron reported 907-252-3601 as an Unknown Caller
    9072523601 Details: 86 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SOLDOTNA, AK (252) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Alaska Moose and Spruce Cabins and Lodging 42781 Brenda Way, Soldotna, AK, 99669 (907) 252-3601 For the perfect Alaskan vacation, come visit us at our charming hand-crafted cabins located on the Kenai Peninsula, approximately 140 miles via a scenic paved highway from Anchorage. We are conveniently located just off the Sterling Highway and are nestled in 10 acres of secluded woods. We are just minutes from the town of Soldotna where you may find shopping and dining and from the Kenai River, which is world famous for its trophy size king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon and trout. Homer, the halibut capital of the world, and Seward, the silver-salmon hot spot, are both less than a breath-taking two-hour drive away. Besides fishing, the peninsula is well known for its beauty and wildlife, including moose, bears, caribou and birds. Our newly built cabins can accommodate up to six guests, are fully furnished, and offer everything you need to make your stay enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing. To top things off, each cabin has a private deck complete with a gas BBQ grill, offering our guests an unprecedented taste of their fresh caught fish right off the grill. Other activities in the area include clam digging, horseback riding, hiking, hunting, 4-wheeling, and flight seeing, just to name a few.

  25. 8768453042 These Guys Are Full Of reported Publishers Clearing House from 876-845-3042 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8768453042 Details: 151 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , JM (845) | Caller Reported as: Publishers Clearing House

    This clown called and Id his self as Michael Anderson working for Publishers Clearing House gave badge number of BI2808 and referenced a local Attorney as the delivery person ( I know the attorney and he does not work for or with Publishers Clearing house or Bank of America). They pay 99% of the taxes I have to pay 1% ($200 They cannot even do simple math) (yea right) of the $2.5 million. I played along and got my cost down to $80.00 before I called them down as a scam.

  26. 5143805700 Jos V Oliva B reported 514-380-5700 as an Unknown Caller
    5143805700 Details: 1161 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , QC (380) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Les questions poses mettent en danger ma scurit personnelle

  27. 3608310457 Bob reported Unknown from 360-831-0457 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3608310457 Details: 191 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: VANCOUVER, WA (831) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Annoying as female dog with no life. Calls twice a day every day of the week. Absolutely pathetic cunts
    The above comment was automatically cleaned up by our system with the following notices: do not use vile language.

  28. 3603422060 Martina reported Unknown from 360-342-2060 as an Unknown Caller
    3603422060 Details: 224 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BATTLE GROUND, WA (342) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Calls everyday, for months now! Getting tired of it.

  29. 2679709284 Homer reported 267-970-9284 as an Unknown Caller
    2679709284 Details: 81 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PHILADELPHIA, PA (970) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Alba Steamer Inc 8901 Turton Dr, Northeast Philadelphia, PA, 19115 (267) 970-9284 Professional carpet cleaning services in Philadelphia, PA.

  30. 4069746311 Jray reported Unknown from 406-974-6311 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    4069746311 Details: 106 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: CIRCLE, MT (974) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    this number called my cell phone. I rejected the call and they called back again.

  31. 2137845370 Javier reported Oro C from 213-784-5370 as an Unknown Caller
    2137845370 Details: 113 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (784) | Caller Reported as: Oro C

    Some body gave our phone number to this company and they keep on calling saying that they goin to send a package and we need to pay for it... when I told them that we never order anything...

  32. 7209431588 Mace reported 720-943-1588 as a Telemarketer
    7209431588 Details: 128 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DENVER, CO (943) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    720-943-1588 - This is Mary Jones from VA rate reduction - PRESS 2 TO REMOVE YOUR NUMBER.

  33. 9284840135 Ken reported 928-484-0135 as an Unknown Caller
    9284840135 Details: 143 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PAGE, AZ (484) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    keep getting calls from this number

  34. 2094962665 Jay B reported 209-496-2665 as a Telemarketer
    2094962665 Details: 88 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MODESTO, CA (496) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Interrupting business conversations, calling my cell phone

  35. 4069746311 Marcelo reported 406-974-6311 as an Unknown Caller
    4069746311 Details: 106 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: CIRCLE, MT (974) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    call many times my cell phone and MUTE.

  36. 2143673877 Brenda reported Mailing Package from 214-367-3877 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2143673877 Details: 965 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: DALLAS, TX (367) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Glad I looked this up what a joke

  37. 3022641090 Kim reported 302-264-1090 as an Unknown Caller
    3022641090 Details: 97 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DOVER, DE (264) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    continues to call and leaves no message!!!

  38. 4084546387 HD reported Michael from 408-454-6387 as a Telemarketer
    4084546387 Details: 525 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SAN JOSE, CA (454) | Caller Reported as: Michael

    Received a call from someone named Michael on my work cellphone - he asked if I worked for my employer and my title and hung up. Very abrupt!

  39. 2087033120 Marie reported 208-703-3120 as an Unknown Caller
    2087033120 Details: 101 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BOISE, ID (703) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    received obscene photo and text from this number. No affilation with the individual.

  40. 9736227420 Haflox reported State Of CT from 973-622-7420 as a Collection Agency
    9736227420 Details: 1798 Calls Logged | 15 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: NEWARK, NJ (622) | Caller Reported as: State Of CT

    Me llamaron a decir si conozco a alguien que trabaja en una empresa por que lo hacen que quieren

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