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Our system allows you, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, debt collectors and other annoying callers in an effort to build a global database of calls which you don't want to pick up. Additionally, when a number collects enough complaints, we submit them to the appropriate authorities. Help report telemarketers and spread the word to help humiliate these annoying callers and make the calls STOP.

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Recent complaints

  1. 3106694232 Aggravated reported 310-669-4232 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3106694232 Details: 102 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: COMPTON, CA (669) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Wont stop calling.

  2. 3257160326 Michael Hulett reported 325-716-0326 as an Unknown Caller
    3257160326 Details: 2 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SAN ANGELO, TX (716) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Dales Welding Service Inc San Angelo, TX, 76904 325-716-0326 Fully Licensed and Insured. Family owned and oprated company. We offer welding service on competitive prices. Welder, Welding Service, Welding Company, Welding, Welding Contractor

  3. 4503481734 Claude Martin reported 450-348-1734 as a Fax
    4503481734 Details: 140 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , QC (348) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Appel sur ma ligne de rsidence, je ne suis un commerce.

  4. 3105619850 Joe reported 310-561-9850 as a Telemarketer
    3105619850 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: TORRANCE, CA (561) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Grout Tile Miracles 1824 247th St, Lomita, CA, 90717 (310) 561-9850

  5. 7656093337 Jail reported Josh House from 765-609-3337 as a Prison/Jail Collect Call
    7656093337 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ANDERSON, IN (609) | Caller Reported as: Josh House

    convicted killer rapist

  6. 5405975235 Joe reported 540-597-5235 as a Telemarketer
    5405975235 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ROANOKE, VA (597) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    PhotoMo Photography 1468 Forest Park Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA, 24017 (540) 597-5235

  7. 2512393424 Rod Koch reported 251-239-3424 as an Unknown Caller
    2512393424 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BAY MINETTE, AL (239) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Southeastern Coastal Construction 4596 Spinnaker Way, Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Romar Beach 251-239-3424 Whenever you need a great siding service in the Orange Beach, AL make sure you choose the best. Southeastern Coastal Construction is the one that can make it all happen. Weve been doing this for some time now and we assure you we know our job. So dont wait give us a call right away! Siding Contractor, Local Siding Service, Siding Company, Siding, Siding Repair Service Siding Construction, Siding Repair, Vinyl Siding, Local Siding Repair, Siding Service

  8. 8184573109 Brok Lesner reported 818-457-3109 as an Unknown Caller
    8184573109 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: RESEDA, CA (457) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    B D Appliance Repair Service Los Angeles, CA 91344 Hickson 818-457-3109 B D Appliance Repair Service offers refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, heater repair, oven repair and appliance repair service in Granada Hills, CA Appliance Repair, Washer Repair Service , Oven Repair Service , Dryer Repair Service, Heater Repair Service Dishwasher Repair , Ice Machine Repair , Washing Machine Repair , Fridge Repair , Cooler Repair

  9. 7654362736 Anonymous reported T L Truck Service from 765-436-2736 as an Unknown Caller
    7654362736 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: THORNTOWN, IN (436) | Caller Reported as: T L Truck Service

    T L Truck Service 5886 Evans Rd Thorntown IN 7654362736

  10. 2033341076 Kerwin Shaw reported 203-334-1076 as an Unknown Caller
    2033341076 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BRIDGEPORT, CT (334) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    LM N ESSEX Tree Service Lewistown, MT, 59457 Lewistown Heights 203-334-1076 Licensed,bonded and insured with more than 5 years of experience with 10 % military and senior discounts. -Cutting -Trimming -Stump Grinding -Tree Removal Tree Service, Tree Contractor, Tree Cutter, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming Tree Care Company , Tree Cutting Company , Tree Trimming Company , Tree Pruning Company , Tree Removal Company

  11. 6107300544 Anonymous reported George K Avetian from 610-730-0544 as an Unknown Caller
    6107300544 Details: 255 Calls Logged | 6 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BETHLEHEM, PA (730) | Caller Reported as: George K Avetian

    Harrassing guy msgs nude photos of himself I did research found many ppl dating last 4 months same complaints msging asking to see belly I ran the number which belongs to george k avetian lives 6800 market st upper Darby pa has a Facebook and a medical practice.this guy is a real pervert sending nude photos to teen boys harrassing many ppl.please expose him.

  12. 4153584862 Roman M reported National Health Insurance from 415-358-4862 as a Telemarketer
    4153584862 Details: 282 Calls Logged | 9 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SAN FRANCISCO, CA (358) | Caller Reported as: National Health Insurance

    On November 30th, I received 10 calls from 415-358-4862 in less then 10 minutes. DO NOT CALL EVER AGAIN!!!! I will find a way to press charges if you keep calling. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED EVER, NEVER!!!!

  13. 2024369793 Gerry King reported Unknown from 202-436-9793 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2024369793 Details: 576 Calls Logged | 5 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: WASHINGTON, DC (436) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Same thing, said I was a good guy for paying my taxes and I was going to receive a $9,000 grant. Ok, what do I have to do? He said Id have to give him $200 and my bank info to receive it. I lied to him and said that I was unemployed and Dont have $200 so you better give to someone else and hung up. Now he is calling non-stop. Someone please throw them in the can for good.

  14. 3236487633 Nick reported 323-648-7633 as an Unknown Caller
    3236487633 Details: 35 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (648) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    leaves a msg just saying "This is Toni (girls voice) please call me at 323-648-7633.

  15. 7173211260 2C20 reported Logrhythm from 717-321-1260 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    7173211260 Details: 262 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: GETTYSBURG, PA (321) | Caller Reported as: Logrhythm

    The company also called me under 4246811627, they will not leave a message if verbally answered.

  16. 6082306245 Terri reported 608-230-6245 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    6082306245 Details: 283 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MADISON, WI (230) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    The person(s) that has this number has been making calls out thru my Charter account. Ive contacted Charter and they sent me a form to fill out and send to their Law Enforcement Dept. Whenif they find out who they are, I hope they get arrested and pay for what theyre doing.

  17. 2144427849 Melissa reported 214-442-7849 as a Collection Agency
    2144427849 Details: 183 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DALLAS, TX (442) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    This collection agency is constantly calling on behalf of money for apartments complex....7575 S Westmoreland and 7500 W Westmoreland, Dallas, Texas

  18. 2092306666 G G reported 209-230-6666 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2092306666 Details: 28 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MERCED, CA (230) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Claims I ow money to the IRS and wanted my info to process payment so I dont get arrested!

  19. 2144203299 Bj reported SCM from 214-420-3299 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2144203299 Details: 126 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DALLAS, TX (420) | Caller Reported as: SCM

    Took 14 rings for them to answer, no hold music like a normal busiNess and wouldnt disclose any other info before wanting my contact information which I didnt give

  20. 3125451353 TCollins reported Regina Kelly from 312-545-1353 as a Prank Caller
    3125451353 Details: 17 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CHICAGO, IL (545) | Caller Reported as: Regina Kelly

    Harassment through Facebook and was asked several times for Regina Kelly to stop contacting this account but caller fail to do so.

  21. 4167744049 Jess reported Unknown from 416-774-4049 as a Collection Agency
    4167744049 Details: 129 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , ON (774) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Rude asking lots of questions wont say the reason theyre calling

  22. 4106200000 Kevin P Williams reported 410-620-0000 as an Unknown Caller
    4106200000 Details: 5 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ELKTON, MD (620) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Mr. Comfort LLC Heating and Airconditioning Elkton, MD, 21921 (410) 620-0000 Welcome to Mr. Comfort of Elkton, Maryland, Your Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Contractor. We are the Elkton, Maryland and surrounding area most dependable and professional HVAC Contractor and know you will be impressed by the expert services provided by our courteous and highly skilled HVAC Technicians. We provide full installation, maintenance and repair services of heating and cooling systems. Mr. Comfort provides unparalleled service, quality and reliability in Heating and Air Conditioning , offering up both Commercial and Residential Solutions for your Maryland home or business. We make it easy to receive the best service possible at the most reasonable prices available. We believe in creating lifetime relationships and know that youll be impressed with our work ethics, promptness and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Heating Contractor, Heating Installation, Heating and AC, AC Repair, AC Installation

  23. 3522334258 Dough Clarke reported 352-233-4258 as an Unknown Caller
    3522334258 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BELLEVIEW, FL (233) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Smittys Lawn Tree Care Mt Dora, FL, 32757 (352) 233-4258 Smittys Lawn Tree Care is a Landscaper with more than 25 years of exprerience.Licensed and Insured with Competitive prices.Offers emergency services. "When it really matters" Lawn Care, Lawn Care Service, Lawn Care Contractor , Lawn Care Company , Lawn Care Maintenance

  24. 2294253951 Frank Martin reported 229-425-3951 as an Unknown Caller
    2294253951 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: FITZGERALD, GA (425) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Company Name Urban Environmental Services LLC Cordele, GA, 31015 (229) 425-3951 Urban Environmental Services, LLC, is here for all of your storm water maintenance and compliance needs. Being our specialty, we know how to prepare you, or your business for any storm water irrigation needs. We have over 5 years experience. We can install your fountain, pond or waterfall, or maintain your garden and lawn. Call us if you need a yard clean up. We would love to take care of you. Trip charge may be applied for project more than 10 miles from Rochelle. Landscaper, Landscape Service, Lawn Care Service, Landscape Design, Landscaping

  25. 3038477013 Frank Martin reported 303-847-7013 as an Unknown Caller
    3038477013 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DENVER, CO (847) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Shady Limo LLC Denver, CO, 80219 (303) 847-7013 Shady Limo LLC i s the affordable limo service provider in the area of Denver, CO. Give us a call for more information. We will do everything to make you happy! Limousine Rental, prom limo rental, wedding limo rental, affordable limo rental, affordable airport limo rental

  26. 8034639452 Melissa Saunders reported Gambles Landscape And Supplies L from 803-463-9452 as a Telemarketer
    8034639452 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: COLUMBIA, SC (463) | Caller Reported as: Gambles Landscape And Supplies L

    Gambles Landscape and Supplies LLC Horrell Hill, SC, 29209 (803) 463-9452 Gambles Landscape and Supplies LLC are licensed in Landscape Services. As landscape contractor we offer affordable and professional landscape Installation in Horrell Hill, SC and surrounding areas. If you are looking for Landscaper dont doubt and give us a call. Landscaper, Landscape Service, Landscape Contractor, Landscape Company, Landscape Installation,Landscape Designer, Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance, Lawn Care, Landscaping Supplies, Landscaping Service

  27. 3172109217 Rebeca Barow reported Center Grove Towing from 317-210-9217 as a Telemarketer
    3172109217 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MOORESVILLE, IN (210) | Caller Reported as: Center Grove Towing

    Center Grove Towing Mooresville, IN, 46158 (317) 210-9217 professional towing and road service Towing, Towing Truck, Towing Service, Towing Company, Roadside Assistance

  28. 8149797868 Boby reported 814-979-7868 as an Unknown Caller
    8149797868 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BEDFORD, PA (979) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Sever HVAC Mechanical Northern Cambria, PA, 15714 (814) 979-7868 Sever HVAC Mechanical is a HVAC Contractor with 20 years of experience in business.Licensed and Insured with Affordable prices and manufacturers warranty offered.Operates up to 50 miles radius and has 247 emergency service.Also 10% furnace discount. MAIN: HVAC Contractor 2DARY: Plumbing,Electrical, Drain Cleaning, Furnace , Hot Water Tanks, Water Heater, AC Installations, Heating Repair ( both Commercial and Residential ) "ONE Call Does It ALL" HVAC Contractor, HVAC Repair, Furnace Replacement, Heating Cooling , Air Conditioning Repair

  29. 6057596547 Fred reported 605-759-6547 as an Unknown Caller
    6057596547 Details: 158 Calls Logged | 8 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SIOUX FALLS, SD (759) | Caller Reported as: Jmbjjsnuzl

    fornicate you, you piece of poop unblock my number
    The above comment was automatically cleaned up by our system with the following notices: do not use vile language.

  30. 2392879105 Melissa reported Unknown from 239-287-9105 as an Unknown Caller
    2392879105 Details: 127 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BONITA SPRINGS, FL (287) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    This is my husbands phone number. If there are issues please comment

  31. 2892754410 Wilson reported 289-275-4410 as an Unknown Caller
    2892754410 Details: 20 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , ON (275) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    12:21 pm on Nov. 28, 2015 called. The lady asked to talk to the home owner. When she was asked who was calling, she insisted on taking to the owner. She didnt tell what she want to do. Wilson hung up.

  32. 2025408157 Lisa reported Derrick Dortch from 202-540-8157 as an Unknown Caller
    2025408157 Details: 110 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: WASHINGTON, DC (540) | Caller Reported as: Derrick Dortch

    Dates multiple women

  33. 9733582007 Jane Swell reported Unknown from 973-358-2007 as an Unknown Caller
    9733582007 Details: 365 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: RINGWOOD, NJ (358) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Keeps calling (3 or more times a day) and doesnt leave a message.

  34. 6478318485 Pete reported Perfects Home Cleaning Services from 647-831-8485 as a Telemarketer
    6478318485 Details: 228 Calls Logged | 5 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , ON (831) | Caller Reported as: Perfects Home Cleaning Services

    Perfects purported to be a sub contractor for the local firm we normally use. They did the work (with extras of course) and I paid with credit card. Work may have been done ok but I discovered after they left that 2 ceiling tiles had been pulled down,a hole had been drilled in a duct,and a hole had been punched in an air return (looks as if hit by tool by accident). Plus they forgot to switch furnace back on. Repairs $115.00

  35. 3152156666 Nikita Ty Lee reported Na from 315-215-6666 as a Collection Agency
    3152156666 Details: 87 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ALEXANDRIA BAY, NY (215) | Caller Reported as: Na

    caller said the irs has a law suit agenst me and to call this numer 509-588-7306

  36. 2127773498 Stephen Tracy reported Valley National Bank from 212-777-3498 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2127773498 Details: 358 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: NEW YORK, NY (777) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    claims to work for microscoft. Will not stop calling. Tired of the harassment.

  37. 7738314875 Angel reported Carol from 773-831-4875 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    7738314875 Details: 73 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DES PLAINES, IL (831) | Caller Reported as: Carol

    Who ever this is called like they were cashnetusa in scam me out of 200.00

  38. 2525574594 R S Gonzalez reported 252-557-4594 as an Unknown Caller
    2525574594 Details: 102 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ROCKY MOUNT, NC (557) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Phone answer several times a day.

  39. 7758879700 Nate reported 775-887-9700 as an Unknown Caller
    7758879700 Details: 103 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CARSON CITY, NV (887) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called at 12:30 and left no message, no information about the caller

  40. 4146712233 John reported 414-671-2233 as an Unknown Caller
    4146712233 Details: 309 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: MILWAUKEE, WI (671) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Received call on Friday night...I said nothing, which prompted someone on the other line to say "hello?" I asked how I could help her (female voice), and she went quiet. I hung up.

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