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Our system allows you, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, debt collectors and other annoying callers in an effort to build a global database of calls which you don't want to pick up. Additionally, when a number collects enough complaints, we submit them to the appropriate authorities. Help report telemarketers and spread the word to help humiliate these annoying callers and make the calls STOP.

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Recent complaints

  1. 3108193079 C reported 310-819-3079 as an Unknown Caller
    3108193079 Details: 3 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GARDENA, CA (819) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    calls and just hangs up

  2. 3157899404 C reported NY from 315-789-9404 as an Unknown Caller
    3157899404 Details: 36 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GENEVA, NY (789) | Caller Reported as: NY

    Calls and hangs up.

  3. 8436950000 Roxan reported 843-695-0000 as an Unknown Caller
    8436950000 Details: 4 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SUMMERVILLE, SC (695) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Welcom Cabinets Ladson, SC, 29456 (843) 695-0000 Stay Home for Dinner! Family owned and operated. You have the OK to get additional info about the business from website: Cabinet Refinishing, Cabinet Maker, Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinets Service, Kitchen Remodeling

  4. 8476752783 D Eaton reported Ben Shaffer from 847-675-2783 as a Telemarketer
    8476752783 Details: 510 Calls Logged | 14 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SKOKIE, IL (675) | Caller Reported as: Ben Shaffer

    Received an email from requesting more info about my MLM Company - he reached me through one of my FB ads. Thinking a customerpotential distributor was contacting me, I provided my number. Per our call, he wanted me to place an ad in a Chicago newspaper for recruiting purposes. Suspicious, I set up a time for callback, did some research, and located this information. Based on this information, I notified that I will not be pursuing this opportunity.

  5. 5176760481 MM reported Unknown from 517-676-0481 as a Telemarketer
    5176760481 Details: 39 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MASON, MI (676) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Caller refused to put me on no call list. Caller has heavy foreign accent....middle eastern or indian....called my wife a B_ _ CH....caller very belligerent and foul.

  6. 8184854922 Socal reported Unknown from 818-485-4922 as a Telemarketer
    8184854922 Details: 24 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: PACOIMA, CA (485) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I want this person to stop calling my house. I have reported these bastards to the FCC.

  7. 4159464094 Kathleen reported 415-946-4094 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    4159464094 Details: 205 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SAN FRANCISCO, CA (946) | Caller Reported as: Moneera

    Do not answer the phone. I answered once (big mistake) and he called back two more times, so I had to shut off the phone. He said, "You called me from this number" which is a lie. He most likely wants credit card information. Do not talk to these people!

  8. 8138884944 Passewitz reported GE Security Systems from 813-888-4944 as a Telemarketer
    8138884944 Details: 57 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: TAMPA, FL (888) | Caller Reported as: GE Security Systems

    Calls even after we have requested the number to taken off call list or returned the call and requested deleted

  9. 3234882200 JAMES E SLACK reported American Council from 323-488-2200 as an Unknown Caller
    3234882200 Details: 55 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (488) | Caller Reported as: American Council

    Caller claimed to represent The "American Council" as an advocate for Santa Clarita. When asked who he represented, he said he was an employee of the State of California. He then proceeded to make an obscene suggestion Involving a broom handle. I responded "OK" and hung up.

  10. 2068665054 Dennis Petrie reported IRS from 206-866-5054 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2068665054 Details: 110 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA (866) | Caller Reported as: IRS

    The caller says they are the IRS and u must pay them with debit card immediately or they say police are going to arrest you .. they actually stay on phone with you while you go to store to buy Rush debit card and they want the number off it.. to delay the Police from coming to arrest you me for 100.00 dollars.. its a joke and would like to kill these people...

  11. 8014386564 Wilbur Harkness reported Unknown from 801-438-6564 as an Unknown Caller
    8014386564 Details: 143 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SALT LAKE CITY, UT (438) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    call made twice on 3-26-15 and two other calls previously when answered there is no one on the line or informed that my phone call is not answerable. How did they get my cell phone number?

  12. 4045266666 Norman Crouch reported AJC from 404-526-6666 as a Telemarketer
    4045266666 Details: 21 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ATLANTA, GA (526) | Caller Reported as: AJC

    I am sick tired of the Atlanta Journal Constitution calling my house and then hanging up and you cant call them back.I wish I could get paid $200.00 in cash every time they call here without my permission as I dont want their darn lying paper.Pleas have them stop calling here please. Mr Crouch
    The above comment was automatically cleaned up by our system with the following notices: do not use vile language.

  13. 8095660850 Adalgiza Pimentel reported 809-566-0850 as an Unknown Caller
    8095660850 Details: 92 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , DR (566) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    me llaman de este numero a mi celular y se quedan callado, no hablan

  14. 9095818461 Socal reported Solar from 909-581-8461 as a Telemarketer
    9095818461 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: UPLAND, CA (581) | Caller Reported as: Solar

    Another call from the Solar Energy again. This is phone harassment and they have never stopped these calls. I am getting very angry and I want an investigation right away. I am ready to call the cops because I cannot take this anymore.

  15. 6153312071 Kitty M reported 615-331-2071 as an Unknown Caller
    6153312071 Details: 271 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: NASHVILLE, TN (331) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I received robo-calls from this number for months saying to contact them for a business opportunity. I stopped answering the phone. Now, theyre leaving messages on my voice mail saying I owe a debt even though I dont. Law states, debt collectors must send a letter in the mail within 5 days of contacting you and I never received anything in the mail from any debt collector. When I try to call them, it trys to make me leave a message.

  16. 6262886284 MaryB reported The Home Center from 626-288-6284 as a Telemarketer
    6262886284 Details: 446 Calls Logged | 10 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ALHAMBRA, CA (288) | Caller Reported as: Did Not Hear

    Caller ID is Unknown. I have asked them to stop calling and that I am on the NO CALL list. They do not stop. I do not need remodeling!!! They just called two times in a row because I did not answer.

  17. 8032302073 Cant Run reported REV Richard Martin from 803-230-2073 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8032302073 Details: 120 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ROCK HILL, SC (230) | Caller Reported as: REV Richard Martin

    This man has called and harassed me and my business for over 2 years! Ive dedicated the last 11 months to finding out who this demented pervert is. Now I know. Let me go back to fill in some empty spots for you. He has called me beyond several times over he past 25 months! He always wants to talk to me about finding small boys to dress in his MOTHERS PANTIES! And wants them to wear dresses. Ive asked him to leave me a line and he continues to call. Its like he likes the reaction he gets from me. After doing some digging, I find out that this creep is actually a PREACHER!!! He is actively leading a group of people whom have no idea what a monster this man is. He also owns a wedding chapel in myrtle beach, sc: While researching this individual, I find that he has not only done this to me, but to an ungodly amount of other people, FOR YEARS!! I cant but believe in my soul that this man is an active pedophile and has probably got a dark past. This man needs to be stopped!!! Again, REVEREND RICHARD MARTIN AT MYRTLE BEACH WEDDING CHAPEL, LLC.

  18. 7173158914 Brian reported 717-315-8914 as an Unknown Caller
    7173158914 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HARRISBURG, PA (315) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    DWH Masonry llc Harrisburg, PA, 17109 (717) 315-8914 Free Estimates Masonry Contractor, Masonry Hardscaping, Masonry Company, Masonry Repair, Masonry Work

  19. 6076259911 Jess reported Claim To Be IRS from 607-625-9911 as a Prank Caller
    6076259911 Details: 418 Calls Logged | 11 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: APALACHIN, NY (625) | Caller Reported as: Claim To Be Windows

    Received a phone call and they left a message that sounds like Siri saying that the IRS is doing some kind of investigation!

  20. 2567815443 JoAnn Green reported HRRG from 256-781-5443 as an Unknown Caller
    2567815443 Details: 718 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: FRUITHURST, AL (781) | Caller Reported as: HRRG

    Calls constantly, but when I answer no one says anything

  21. 9782493935 Lucas reported Unknown from 978-249-3935 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    9782493935 Details: 311 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ATHOL, MA (249) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    call about reducing my interest rate and they start guessing about what type of credit card I may have.

  22. 6315550000 Joe Alotta reported Online Pharmacy from 631-555-0000 as a Telemarketer
    6315550000 Details: 31 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , NY (555) | Caller Reported as: Online Pharmacy

    I cant get away from these guys. I have blocked them and and their number keeps changing. Ive asked many times to stop calling and they say they will not stop till I buy something. Today the guy gave me a phone middle finger. Please help

  23. 9729085910 Brahma Vishnu Mad reported US Online from 972-908-5910 as an Unknown Caller
    9729085910 Details: 256 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ALLEN, TX (908) | Caller Reported as: US Online

    Got a call from this number and said that my computer has a virus and swing on their server. The caller has a thick accent, Asian Indian accent, and said he was calling from NYC. He wanted to send me a link and click so that he can show me the problem. I heard on the line several scammers talking to other people. These indians must be caught and punished!!! If they are from Texas, they they can be traced and caught to be punished. Can you show us the name and address of the caller id?

  24. 8009189294 Anonymous reported American Litigation from 800-918-9294 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8009189294 Details: 207 Calls Logged | 5 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: American Litigation

    "Mr. Davis" left a message on my phone yesterday saying that if I dont respond in 24 hours they would "proceed as scheduled"? Did not have any names and said to leave my information with the girls in the office. Then I received the same message today, so I guess my 24 hour notice was extended by a day. Im expecting the same call again tomorrow, cant wait.

  25. 2147172642 Jacki reported 214-717-2642 as an Unknown Caller
    2147172642 Details: 35 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: GRAND PRAIRIE, TX (717) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    leaves message to call but never leaves name or why he is calling, call multiple time in a few hour time frame leaving many messages

  26. 7043768772 Con Bugden reported 704-376-8772 as a Telemarketer
    7043768772 Details: 235 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CHARLOTTE, NC (376) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    hangs up when answered

  27. 8009189294 Linda Zuch reported American Litigation from 800-918-9294 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8009189294 Details: 207 Calls Logged | 5 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: American Litigation

    States that a fraud matter is upon me and that I need to clear it up or go to jail. What a scammer

  28. 8003096500 Roman Sakas reported Sundance Vacation Sundance Smart from 800-309-6500 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8003096500 Details: 150 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: Sundance Vacation Sundance Smart

    Called to say I won something after filling out a sweepstakes entry at the circus. Shut them down. Phone number: 1-800-309-6500.

  29. 3309167030 Brianna Becker reported Mr Weaver from 330-916-7030 as a Collection Agency
    3309167030 Details: 101 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: AKRON, OH (916) | Caller Reported as: Mr Weaver

    Mr. Weaver was very rude and disrespectful towards my mother and me as well. I do not appreciate that especially when someone is trying to collect money from a person like he was. Being rude is completely unnecessary in this type of situation. I dont need to be told I am a grown up now by a collection agency.

  30. 3304335831 Annoyed reported 3304335831 from 330-433-5831 as an Unknown Caller
    3304335831 Details: 176 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: NORTH CANTON, OH (433) | Caller Reported as: 3304335831

    This number calls my cell phone at least twice a day. This has been happening for almost a week. I never answer, but called ID says Canton, Ohio. They never leave a message.

  31. 3203518013 Eileen reported Unknown from 320-351-8013 as an Unknown Caller
    3203518013 Details: 254 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SAUK CENTRE, MN (351) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I got a call but couldnt answer it. Not knowing who called, I dialed the number and receive a message that the number is no longer in service. How can that be, if they just called me from that number. obviously someone who doesnt want to be able to be identifiedlocated.

  32. 5083479970 Ted reported 508-347-9970 as an Unknown Caller
    5083479970 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: STURBRIDGE, MA (347) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Sturbridge Automotive Collision Center, Inc. 99-109 Main St, Sturbridge, MA, 01566 (508) 347-9970 Your One Stop Shop! When you want expert collision repair and undetectable color matching, come to Sturbridge Automotive Collision Center. We have over 20 years of experience and repair all foreign and domestic makes and models to pre-accident condition. Auto Repair Shop, Auto Body Repair, Collision Repair, Car Repair Service, Auto Body Repair Shop

  33. 6094896400 Ted reported 609-489-6400 as an Unknown Caller
    6094896400 Details: 11 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: BARNEGAT, NJ (489) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Cottage Fence 18 Dock Ave, Waretown, NJ, 08758 609-489-6400 We provide linnel fencing,vinyl fencing and fence contractor in Waretown, NJ. Fence, Fence Contractor, Fence Service, Fence Installation, Fence Repair

  34. 9284453085 Ted reported 928-445-3085 as an Unknown Caller
    9284453085 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: PRESCOTT, AZ (445) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Transnet Investigative Group, Inc. 143 N McCormick St #204, Prescott, AZ, 86301 (928) 445-3085 TransNet offers accurate, legal, and confidential, corporate investigative services for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and individuals throughout the United States. Private Investigator, Private Investigative Group, Background Search, Private Process Server , Investigative Group

  35. 7854932214 Ted reported 785-493-2214 as an Unknown Caller
    7854932214 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SALINA, KS (493) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Calvin Customs Salina, KS, 67401 785-493-2214 Painters, customs auto painting Auto Body Shop, Hot Rod Maintenance, Hot Rod Shop, Hot Rod Repair, Custom Hot Rod

  36. 3372053581 Micke reported 337-205-3581 as an Unknown Caller
    3372053581 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LAFAYETTE, LA (205) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Thomas Clophus Tractor Demolition Westlake, LA, 70669 (337) 205-3581 Do not hesitate to call Thomas Clophus Tractor Demolition for any kind of demolition service. We have more than 35 years experience and we are dedicated to customers satisfaction. Demolition Contractor, Demolition Service, Demolition, Demolition Company, Heavy Demolition Service

  37. 5593869781 Guyrene Johnson reported Pacific Bell Telephone from 559-386-9781 as a Telemarketer
    5593869781 Details: 11 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: AVENAL, CA (386) | Caller Reported as: Pacific Bell Telephone

    These people seem to think it is okay to call at 10:30 or 11pm ....and it is not! this is really annoying and upsetting. you pick up the phone and say hello and no one answers brother just under went major heart surgery 2 days ago and when the phone rings this late i am scared its bad news...turns out to be these people. please, please, please make them stop!

  38. 4076888712 Unknown reported 407-688-8712 as an Unknown Caller
    4076888712 Details: 88 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SANFORD, FL (688) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Repeat calls after 11:00 PM EST

  39. 3234882200 HAL reported 323-488-2200 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3234882200 Details: 55 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (488) | Caller Reported as: American Council

    Phone Number: 3234882200 Owner Name: On File - Click Here Most Current Address: On File - Click Here Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (California) Phone Company: POINTE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION - CA Switch: ELMNCAEIDS0 Due to number portability, some numbers may have been transferred to a new service provider and nearby city. Premium Information is up to date and includes owner name, most recent address, and much more. About LOS ANGELES, CA Location Type: City Population: 3694820 Housing Units: 1337706 Land Area: 469.07 sq miles Complaints Complaints about 323-488-2200 Caller Type: Telemarketer (1 Reports) Reported Name: Unknown (2 Reports) Number of Complaints: 2

  40. 3154845172 DrAllrees reported 315-484-5172 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3154845172 Details: 388 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: SYRACUSE, NY (484) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Scam, scam, scam!!

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