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Phone Number: 2012975823
Owner Name:
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Area: CLOSTER, NJ (New Jersey)

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Location Type: Borough
Population: 8383
Housing Units: 2865
Land Area: 3.17 sq miles

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Caller Type: Collection Agency (1 Reports)
Reported Name: LLC (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 3

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  1. 2012975823 Spy21 reported 201-297-5823 as an Unknown Caller

    Got a call from this number and no one answered, WTF over.

  2. 2012975823 Marta Sabtch Lola777 reported 201-297-5823 as a Prison/Jail Collect Call


  3. 2012975823 Trine reported LLC from 201-297-5823 as a Collection Agency

    I got a call claiming I took out a loan in 2003 with a company, they could not give me the name of the company. He than proceeds to tell me I owe 700.00 and how will I be making this payment today, I explained I did not take out any loans except for school. He goes on to say maam it shows you made a 500.00 dollar payment towards this loan in 2008, and than I say ok so if its 700.00 I made a 500.00 payment how do I owe 700.00. Your telling me I took out a 1200.00 dollar loan in 2003.