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Phone Number: 3033300000
Owner Name:
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Area: DENVER, CO (Colorado)
Phone Company: 360NETWORKS (USA) INC - CO
Switch: HNSNCO02PS0

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Location Type: City
Population: 554636
Housing Units: 251435
Land Area: 153.35 sq miles

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Caller Type: Unknown (6 Reports)
Reported Name: Unknown (5 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 12

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  1. 3033300000 RDG reported Unknown from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls several times a day, no one on line.

  2. 3033300000 ME reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    Did not answer and no message was left. Caller ID said SSI.

  3. 3033300000 Johnny reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as a Telemarketer

    Kedisha was very upset and scared when I told her it was against the law to be soliciting anything over a cell # and she abruptly hung up after I demanded she tell me the name of the company. She at first said she wasnt allowed to disclose that information which then I told her was nuts as she was calling to ask me for mine and well of course she got it, why would I tell her anything if she wouldnt tell me. So, it is SSI, this ones name is Kadisha. I will be following through. I have records to show dozens of tries. I m on the DNC list an have done my due diligence but they are breaking the law by not announcing who hey are, calling past times allowed for people, general phone harassment and calling cell phones for this type of thing. Not o and all illegal. Small claims here we come! I wish more people would take these people to court. Its basically a free check for yourself without much work and it sends a very, very strong message to these companies. When strongly worded letters fail, sue them and let the money do the talking.

  4. 3033300000 Jay reported Unknown from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    Receiving multiple unsolicited calls from this number daily to my cell phone. They dont leave a message. VERY FRUSTRATING!

  5. 3033300000 Scott reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    Every day we receive unsolicited calls from this number.Even on Sundays. There is never any message.

  6. 3033300000 Eric reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls repeatedly but no one is there

  7. 3033300000 Michael reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as an Unknown Caller

    They call continually well past my kids bed time (10pm) and will not speak when I answer and will not stop calling. PLEASE stop this company from calling anyone. Their behavior is hostile, unwanted, and harassing.

  8. 3033300000 Marge reported SSI from 303-330-0000 as a Telemarketer

    Calls everyday several times a day! Finally answered one call, and an India sounding woman asked to speak to adults. I told her we were all children, and then hung up. They STILL called back two hours later!!!

  9. 3033300000 MPC reported Unknown from 303-330-0000 as a Telemarketer

    Called very late at night and was rude to me when I said I had small children and it was too late to call. So much for the "do not call" list.

  10. 3033300000 Jeremy reported Unknown from 303-330-0000 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Received Several calls from this number. Comes up SSI as a name and 330 0000 as number. Says nothing, but then the sounds of clicks. VERY annoying.

  11. 3033300000 Annoymous reported Unknown from 303-330-0000 as a Telemarketer

    Called me 4-5 times tonight and really annoying

  12. 3033300000 Bob reported 303-330-0000 as a Telemarketer

    Called twice so far. Will not identify themeselves. Just say it for survey.