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Phone Number: 3125787015
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Area: CHICAGO, IL (Illinois)

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Location Type: City
Population: 2896016
Housing Units: 1152868
Land Area: 227.13 sq miles

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Caller Type: Unknown (9 Reports)
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  1. 3125787015 1Mad Cow reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Got a call on my cell phone from 312-578-7015. As usual, I dont answer unfamiliar numbers, and since they didnt leave a message, I researched the number. Simple fix on a cell phone, just blocked the number and no more CDC. With the past and recent CDC blunders its ironic that they want us to mindlessly divulge our personal information when they cant even tell us the truth about the origins and contents of weaponized pathogens and immunizations that can harm and kill us, or give us sound and truthful advice on how to protect ourselves. A potential pandemic is a great way to disrupt mid-term elections and to further institute a medical tyranny where they can make better use of those FEMA camps "Relocation Centers." I guess they were waiting for the right time. Im sure not everyone who works at the CDC is a mad scientist, genetically combining Ebola and Rabies for an effective biological weapon akin to the zombies portrayed in popular TV shows, movies, and major city-wide Zombie outbreak exercises (Dallas anyone), or influenza with Ebola for vaccinations in Africans before the outbreak. All it takes is a little research, CDC sponsored syphilis experiments (Tuskegee), sterilization efforts via immunizations and other eugenics-based agenda driven experiments on our civilian population, military men and women, and international victims which in turn makes $Trillions for Big Pharma and any other medical-based corporate entity has been going on since before a CDC was created. The perfect Problem-Reaction-Solution in play, and a CDC survey from helpless blind sheep just helps them along. So go ahead and do the survey so you can give them an inside on how they can soft-kill you more effectively. Alarmist? Maybe a little because when the CDC and the government in general bold-face lies to you, its kind of hard to keep your cool. No one has to believe me (I hope no one does), just go out and do your own research and stop relying on (and mindlessly believing in) corporately controlled media outlets for your information. I know its easy for someone to tell you what to believe, but the hope is that you will not utilize what your God has given you, a mind to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Everyone, if you are still sleeping, then wake up and please be safe. For those of you who are already awake, keep up the good fight, Im with you. This is the part when we do what we can to help each other.

  2. 3125787015 Steve reported Unknown from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    calls my cell phone

  3. 3125787015 Ana reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This young woman kept calling me eventhough I told her Im not interested. It doesnt matter what time it is of the day. She just kept calling. She was very rude. I didnt like her attitude on the phone. Of course this is a scam. I feel sorry for you lady! Thats the only kind of job you can find to make for living. Good luck to your petty life. Totally disregard this phone number!

  4. 3125787015 Linda Walsh reported 312-578-7015 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This person is preying on senior citizens. We deserve better. Please make them stop.

  5. 3125787015 Tom Pistoff reported Unknown from 312-578-7015 as a Telemarketer

    Caller claims to be from National Immunization Survey which is a branch of CDC. Their website lists Washington DC, Maryland and Georgia numbers for various things but no Chicago numbers. They have called a number of times and get nothing from me. Give it up!!!

  6. 3125787015 Otter reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    This number has called me several times. I do not answer, because I do not know the number. And from the looks of things its some sort of scammer anyways.

  7. 3125787015 Tom HaversStrong reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    She claimed that she was with the Center of Disease Control and prevention and she was asking for personal information.

  8. 3125787015 Plese Stop reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    I keep hanging up before the lady has time to talk much. I gave no one my cell phone number. Please quit calling every day. I have no kids.

  9. 3125787015 R reported 312-578-7015 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    312-578-7015 called in the middle of the night. The man said he worked for "Centers for Disease Control" but did not know what "CDC" meant when I asked him to stop calling me. He wouldnt stop talking and was very rude, trying to get personal information. Seems like a scam. Dont want to be called again, survey is entirely irrelevant to me anyways.

  10. 3125787015 Mr Stop Callingme reported CDC from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    Not sure where these people got my number - looking for kid immunization info- their records are not even accurate - I dont have kids...

  11. 3125787015 Lauren reported 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    This number has been calling me several times a day and just called at 11pm. I live in Oregon and I am not sure why they are calling me constantly. It is extremely frustrating

  12. 3125787015 Bruce Houston reported Unknown from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    Caller identifies themselves as working for the government - and that they must talk with me - Have called my work Cell # several times - very annoying - and my work cell# has been registered on the do not call registry...

  13. 3125787015 Michael Meeks reported Unknown from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls my cell phone at least once per day. Auto Reject this call.

  14. 3125787015 John reported Unknown from 312-578-7015 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls my cell phone at least once per day. I have them blocked now.

  15. 3125787015 Mitch reported 312-578-7015 as a Political Call

    Some kind of survey being done about healthcare. Already told them Im not interested. They still called a second time today.