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Phone Number: 5618608923
Owner Name:
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Area: DELRAY BEACH, FL (Florida)

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Location Type: City
Population: 60020
Housing Units: 31702
Land Area: 15.37 sq miles

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Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster (4 Reports)
Reported Name: Unknown (2 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 8

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  1. 5618608923 Mai Vue reported 561-860-8923 as a Prison/Jail Collect Call

    My parents received 50 collect calls at all odd hours of the evening from this phone number which is based in Delray, FL from an unregistered cell phone. Called American Roaming Network, and they said it was based off in Cedarburg, WI and that my parents had accepted these calls. This is in correct, because no they did no accept these calls. They are now stuck with a $1500.00 bill. I am trying to resolve this issue but ARN has been very unhelpful with poor customer service. This is a SCAM, and all ARN can tell me is that my parents accepted these odd calls at 2-4am in the morning. Please help, if you have answers. Thanks, Mai.

  2. 5618608923 N reported Kerry Frantz from 561-860-8923 as a Prison/Jail Collect Call


  3. 5618608923 Larry Blackburn reported Unknown from 561-860-8923 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Cellular Collect call at 4AM

  4. 5618608923 Layne Julander reported Kerry Frantz from 561-860-8923 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    phone says you have an important cooect call from cell---it gous fuzzy and then says press 1 to accept or hang up to deny. i hung up 3 times.

  5. 5618608923 D Williams reported 561-860-8923 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Collect call scam.

  6. 5618608923 Paul Hallbauer reported Kerry Frantz from 561-860-8923 as an Unknown Caller

    Called 2 times in 10 minutes. Has called several others in the past month..

  7. 5618608923 Tamara reported 561-860-8923 as a Political Call


  8. 5618608923 Glenn reported Unknown from 561-860-8923 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    There are multiple sites like and state attorney general offices that list this phone number repeatedly, as a collect call scam. These guys called us at 11:15 PM, other complaints got called at 3 AM! The number is owned by and you should go there to block it.