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Phone Number: 5855425770
Owner Name:
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Area: AKRON, NY (New York)

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Location Type: Village
Population: 3085
Housing Units: 1373
Land Area: 1.96 sq miles

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Caller Type: Unknown (3 Reports)
Reported Name: Unknown (5 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 6

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  1. 5855425770 Much Annoyed reported Unknown from 585-542-5770 as an Unknown Caller

    Engage them. Keep them on the line. Tell them you are very interested in what they are offering Make up false information to give them: NameAddress.Telephone NumberAnything else they ask. This approach drives them crazy as they cannot go on to someone else. If enough people do this, they might get the message and go way

  2. 5855425770 Mandell Safer reported Unknown from 585-542-5770 as an Unknown Caller

    No message was on caller ID

  3. 5855425770 GCL reported Unknown from 585-542-5770 as a Telemarketer

    They are trying to sell those medical alert gizmos that are advertised on the Telly. Bad enough that the advertisers deliberately use extreme situations and show people who really should not be on their own but to call someone who definitely wont need one?

  4. 5855425770 In Las Vegas reported Unknown from 585-542-5770 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Shows up on caller ID as Akron NY and will let phone ring but wont leave message

  5. 5855425770 Jvd reported Unknown from 585-542-5770 as an Unknown Caller

    Calls several times per message....never answered by me

  6. 5855425770 Mary Wilde reported 585-542-5770 as a Telemarketer

    I believe this is a telemarketer. When we answer the phone there is no response. How can I make them stop calling? Is there any way to block their no.?