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Phone Number: 6124243217
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Area: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Minnesota)

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Location Type: City
Population: 382618
Housing Units: 168606
Land Area: 54.89 sq miles

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Caller Type: Unknown (4 Reports)
Reported Name: Pinnacle Financial Group Debt (3 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 8

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  1. 6124243217 Jo reported Unknown from 612-424-3217 as an Unknown Caller

    Repeatedly calls my business line. When I answer, there is no one there. I have been receiving calls on my business line, one per day, for the past week or so. I do not know whowhat the call is about. I can hear a faint beeping noise - at first I thought it was a fax dialing but transfered it to a fax machine and it never came through. I now just place the call on hold and they hang up win a minute or so.

  2. 6124243217 Dawn Dimartino reported Pinnacle Financial Group Debt from 612-424-3217 as a Unknown annoying caller


  3. 6124243217 Jl reported 612-424-3217 as an Unknown Caller

    Recived a call from this number. No answer I asked them 6 times. If they are asking for past debts they are way wrong. First call we recived from this number. Waste of time when someone calls and lets the phone ring once and hangsup.

  4. 6124243217 Ck Off reported Unknown from 612-424-3217 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Stop calling.... If you do call say something. Dont just sit there and sit on the phone jerking off to my voice. You sick illegitimate child
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  5. 6124243217 Ed reported Pinnacle Financial Group Debt from 612-424-3217 as a Collection Agency

    They call constantly. Sometimes up to 3 times a day.

  6. 6124243217 Crystal reported Pinnacle Financial Group Debt from 612-424-3217 as a Collection Agency

    612-424-3217 Pinnacle Financial Group Debt Collector. If you receive calls the caller will be on your line for several minutes before speaking. Call today indicates from Aspen Dental. BE ADVISED GOOGLE SEARCH OF COMPANY INDICATES THEY ARE A FRAUD. Not registerd as accedited business by BBB. Below is company inforamtion by the Better Business. Please research this company before you EVER PAY THEM ANY MONEY! They buy accounts for pennies on the dollar. Representative was very hateful to me. BE CAUTIOUS!!! INFORMATION ON THIS COMPANY VIA WWW.BBB.ORG Name: Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc. Phone: (952) 996-0559 Fax: (952) 996-0559 Address: 7825 Washington Ave S Ste 310 Minneapolis, MN 55439-2424 Website: Original Business Start Date: July 1994 Local Start Date: September 1994 Principal: Mr. Tony Michel, President Customer Contact: Mr. Tony Michel, President Entity: Corporation Incorporated: July 1994, MN Type of Business: Collection Agencies BBB Accreditation: Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc. is not a BBB Accredited business. Additional DBA Names: PFG Of Minnesota

  7. 6124243217 Anon2 reported Unknown from 612-424-3217 as an Unknown Caller

    Yes, calls, leaves no messages. When answered complete silence for over a minute. No response.

  8. 6124243217 Anonymous reported 612-424-3217 as an Unknown Caller

    They call several times a day never leave a message and when you answer they are silent or they hang up on you and call back and do the same thing. When you call the number back there is no answer.