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Phone Number: 6146358116
Owner Name:
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Area: COLUMBUS, OH (Ohio)
Phone Company: CORECOMM INC - OH

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Location Type: City
Population: 711470
Housing Units: 327175
Land Area: 210.27 sq miles

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Caller Type: Collection Agency (6 Reports)
Reported Name: Meade Associates (7 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 8

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  1. 6146358116 Guy reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    Ive explain Im not the person they are asking for but they dont believe me and they keep calling I have demanded to be removed from there call list with no avail. Ive only had this number for three months now and the collection agency calls are get worse.

  2. 6146358116 Arthur Sharp reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    Block numbers

  3. 6146358116 Tomorrow Banks reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as an Unknown Caller

    They call my phone starting at 7 oclock in the morning all day they just keep calling back to back to back to back cell phone house phone but when I call back is just dead air on the line .I wanted to stop harassing me.

  4. 6146358116 Erin reported 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    They call...I answer....they immediately hang up. Dont call if you are not going to speak.

  5. 6146358116 Sarah reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    Still fighting them through the BBB because they keep saying they are not at fault and following the laws. Not true. I paid their debt and they are still calling me and I dont owe them a dime! How rude and lawful is this in Ohio!!! They do not follow FDCA Laws.

  6. 6146358116 Lisa reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    Same dumb collection company calling again. Filed a complaint in august of 2011 for annoying phone calls. They know they are violating FDCA by repeatedly calling yet deny any allegations when you do file a complaint. Auto-dialers need to be banned anyways, its rude getting them at odd hours. If a human cant do their job right why hire a darn robot to do it for them? I would never ever get a job as a bill collector
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  7. 6146358116 Sarah Rebman reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Collection Agency

    I keep getting automated voicemails to press 5 to speak to a representative. There is no phone number or who they are...nothing. I had to do a search on web to find out who they are and I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office about the phone call and nothing but automated message before I knew who they were.

  8. 6146358116 Lisa reported Meade Associates from 614-635-8116 as a Unknown annoying caller

    This company will get a complaint from the BBB for improper billing collection issues. They called my house looking for my son whose not even employed, hes still in highschool. The lady was rude she asked for another person which is my OTHER son then asked if he was his dad. These people dont know what they are doing and have information misfiled against consumers.