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Phone Number: 6198634646
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Area: CHULA VISTA, CA (California)

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Location Type: City
Population: 173556
Housing Units: 59495
Land Area: 48.88 sq miles

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Caller Type: Unknown (4 Reports)
Reported Name: US SAFETY CARE (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 10

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  1. 6198634646 Armageddon Arms reported 619-863-4646 as an Unknown Caller

    This number has been calling our business line between 2-5 times PER HOUR for the past week between the hours of 8am -7pm. Never a message left, they listen to the recording and then hang up.

  2. 6198634646 Phillip Cardwell reported VOIP from 619-863-4646 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Please stop calling my home and cell phone.

  3. 6198634646 C R reported Diabetes Association from 619-863-4646 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I get calls from this "organization" at least twice a week claiming to need additional information from me about my medical condition. I try to get more info from them sometimes. Other times I just tell them they are theives or just hang up. Better yet, when I see their number, I just doing answer. This is getting extremely annoying and they are criminally phishing, ready to steal the identity of anyone who is not alert.

  4. 6198634646 John reported Diabetes Association from 619-863-4646 as a Telemarketer

    Caller identified himself as working for DBA "Diabetes Association". Caller ID identified number from Chula Vista, CA. Asked questions about date of birth (I replied with "Why do you need to know this?"), health insurance (e.g. Medicare or private insurance), and whether we had co-pays for diabetic supplies, and how many times we tested blood glucose levels. I was very vague and non-committal in responses. I eventually hung up

  5. 6198634646 Charlene reported VOIP from 619-863-4646 as an Unknown Caller

    Calling every half hour about diabetes supplies. keep asking them not to call. they dont stop.

  6. 6198634646 Amanda reported IWMW USA Health Network from 619-863-4646 as an Unknown Caller

    They have been calling me non-stop at least 4 times a day for a few days now. No one says anything, they dont leave messages and when I try to call back, I always get a busy signal. I might have to look into having this number block and it is now bordering on harassment.

  7. 6198634646 LaDonna Miller reported IWMW USA Health Network from 619-863-4646 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    My mom was called by these people who said they got her info from the Scooter Store who went out of business. Wanted to know id her wheelchair needed to be serviced and at that tie her wheelchair did need to be serviced. She did not give them information about her the first time they called but the man claiming to be "Danny Smith" called her back and preceded to get my moms MedicareSocial Security #. Now she is worried because she has always had excellent credit. She tried to call them back to set up an appointment and never could get anyone to answer the phone. Said the mailbox was full. Reported to consumer protection agency, FBI, etc.

  8. 6198634646 FIT2BETIED reported US SAFETY CARE from 619-863-4646 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Im on Do Not Call registry. They claim to be calling from Medicare consistently about servicing my wheelchair. I dont have a wheelchair BUT I did inquire about one several years ago. THE SCOOTER STORE was the company I contacted and the ONLY company that had my name and number to associate with a wheelchair. THE SCOOTER STORE was shut down by the Government for FRAUD at the end of Oct. 2013. It was just a few weeks after this that the calls started. The former Scooter Store is most likely involved or sold their customer contact to these parasites.

  9. 6198634646 Cynthia Schmid reported Unknown from 619-863-4646 as an Unknown Caller

    unknown caller keeps calling. I do not answer calls unless I know the person. Quit calling me !!!

  10. 6198634646 Michael P Mahon reported 619-863-4646 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Please stop making any telemarketing services NOW!!!