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Phone Number: 6789094560
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Area: MARIETTA, GA (Georgia)

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Location Type: City
Population: 58748
Housing Units: 25227
Land Area: 21.89 sq miles

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Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster (11 Reports)
Reported Name: Ms Austin (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 17

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  1. 6789094560 CJR reported Ms Austin from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Called on I line I got in December with a bundle package and that we never use!!! Amazing how people really will do anything for money and your personal information!!! I did try to return the call and there is like 10 different people that work there and I called back and tried all extensions including the operator and NO ONE answered their phone!!!

  2. 6789094560 Trw reported Gooderman Bosh Associates from 678-909-4560 as an Unknown Caller

    This number keeps calling me at least 3 times every hour.

  3. 6789094560 Mrs TCR reported ZittermanBosh from 678-909-4560 as a Collection Agency

    I just received an automated message by a very threatening male voice from the Law Firm of Zitterman, Bosh Associates, Marietta, GA 678-909-4560. Since this was an automated message, I could not respond. I called the number but got only VM. I left a message on the VM of a Miss Alston for the Firm saying emphatically not to ever call my phone number again. A woman identified as Miss Alston returned my call and rudely implied that I was a deadbeat or being sued! She made no attempt to figure out who or why my phone number was being called. We have no debt so I am sure the call was not for us. Our children are all working adults who are responsible for their own debt. Since no one could tell me what or who this is in reference to, it could even be a prank. This company should be investigated and sighted for their unprofessional, threatening and possibly illegal procedures. I told her to relay the message to the rest of the Firm to never call my number again. Hopefully they will get my message!

  4. 6789094560 Michelle reported ZittermanBosh from 678-909-4560 as a Collection Agency

    Peter Zitterman calling from 678-909-4560 Ext. 105 Stating that i owe a payday loan from 2008. 1st red flag was the lack of professionalism. 2nd was the fact that i asked for documentation to be sent to me and they never sent it. They keep calling me saying that they will go ahead with legal proceedings and put judgement on me. Im not sure what to do but I know im not giving any info until i see something in writing.

  5. 6789094560 Amy reported Gooderman Bosh Associates from 678-909-4560 as an Unknown Caller

    Been getting so many phone calls and voice mails from this number regarding my friend that I no longer want to be associated with who most likely gave them my number which puts her in the same low life category as these people. Ive been ignoring them for awhile since I dont normally pick up numbers I dont know. One day I was fed up with it and answered it just to tell them straight up that this is NOT who they are looking for and that they got the wrong number. It was some man at the time. When I told him that he was like OH an didnt even apologize for bothering me. I just hung up on him. That stop the calls for a little while but unfortunately it started up again yesterday. I didnt pick up since I was at work at the time but of course they left the same voice mails. This time its a women claiming to be Ms. Aulstin or Austin from of the law offices of Gooderman Bosh Associates (Spelling???). Couldnt hear the first part too well and its a legal case against my friend that needs immediate attention. She provides a case number and for her to call them back at this number. Im glad I decided to look up this number and found out that this is a fraud number. Feels better Im not alone in this situation even though Im not even the intended person who is suppose to be dealing this crap. RIDICULOUS!!! Hope these people burn in HELL!!! Its already 2012 so pushing them first in line if the world ends!!!

  6. 6789094560 Lauren reported Mark Stevenson from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Called me saying that if I do not pay them for a payday loan that I took out in 2007 that they were going to send an officer to my house to arrest me. Every time they call they tell me that I had to call back within 24 to 48 hours or they will call the police. A process server called me today from a blocked number that sounded exactly like the mark guy that calls me every single day.

  7. 6789094560 COREY reported Peter Zittermann from 678-909-4560 as a Unknown annoying caller

    THE SAME PEOPLE CALLED ME AND i DISREGARDED THEIR CALLS BECAUSE i READ THIS SITE. I was detained by a local process server in regards to this. I told him I thought they were lying. I had to pay 5 times the amount because of paperwork filed. Word of Advice, try to handle it before it costs so much more.

  8. 6789094560 Dwayne reported Michael Bosh from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    He did the same thing to me said he would send me an email because it was faster also I could start making payments quicker, to avoid jail. I fell for it because the jail tactic they used because I did owe cash advance but northern resolution said they sold my case to Michael Bosh, So I felt it was legit I went and got a Walmart money card and put 180 on it that was the first of my 3 payment . It was suppose to be $166 for 3 months, he said he would take $166 out the 1st of every month. He took the $166 then I called today its only been about a week and he took the other $11 in my account. So I knew something was up he wasnt suppose to take anything out until the 1st. He is a SCAM!!!! Also Ms Latasha or whatever her name is!!!! She tried to get me first.

  9. 6789094560 Kris reported Michael Bosh from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    we got a call today from sheriffs office said they were dispatching a sheriff to arrest my husband if we didnt call Mike Bosh back. to find out even tho the sheriffs number came across our caller ID they said THEY never called. we had made a few payments on an outstanding pay day loan to him being he threatened jail time or even prison time but lost my job and had not paid in a little over a month then got this call today about arrest, after investigating further found it all to be BS....and Im mad as all get out that we got scammed and even were scared due to being threatened with prison time.

  10. 6789094560 Anonymous reported Peter Zittermann from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    BEWARE...Zitterman Bosh Assoc (678-909-4560) IS A SCAM. Dont give them a dime. They use the threat of jail to get peoples CC info. Im not sure how they got my personal info, but I knew this was BS! The adress on the phoney letter Michael Bosh sent belongs to a UPS store at a mall in Atlanta. Its a darn shame.
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  11. 6789094560 Kristy reported Peter Zittermann from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    called my moms house that i havent lived at for 8 yrs saying he had a legal matter to discuss and if i didnt get back to him in 48 hrs then summit county sheriff was going to file paper work against me!!!

  12. 6789094560 Anonymous reported Michael Bosh from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Michael has called threatening bench warrants and jail time. I am so happy to have discovered this website before handing over credit care info. Mr. Bosh will not accept cashiers checks and that is the safest way for any payment. He will also not send me any info. about his company. This man is insane and someone should investigate whats really going on in his office!

  13. 6789094560 MEB reported Michael Bosh Ms Austin from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    He would call me at work 15-20 times a day threatning me with bench warrants and jail time. He even continued to call after I told him to never call my workplace again. He even called my wife who suffers from severe anxiety and said if she didnt pay $630 by credit card that day that it would be her fault that he sends the sheriff and has me arrested for non payment of an outstanding debt. She suffered a panic attack and tried to hang up, but he kept calling and harrassing her.

  14. 6789094560 Maypop reported Michael Bosh Ms Austin from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Making threating calls about bench warrents and going to jail. Crazy talk - told him to send it in the mail. Kept talking treating talk - I hung up.

  15. 6789094560 RCM reported Michael Bosh Ms Austin from 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I had the same thing, My son has a loan that needs to pay now or they will come and put him in jail when he calls them, and if I dont give CCard to pay it off he will call them. No money orders and no cashiers check. CCard now. I dont think so!!!!!

  16. 6789094560 Judy Matney reported Michael Bosh Ms Austin from 678-909-4560 as a Collection Agency

    They keep calling saying my son-in-law has an outstanding loan made on line. If we settle today can settle for $880 if they go to trial it will be $4400. If not they will have him arrested. When I said I might want to help him, they said maybe they could come down to $500. I told them I would have to check into this further. My son-in-law said he has never made an on line loan.

  17. 6789094560 Benjamin Lerma reported 678-909-4560 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    keeps calling threating to send sheriffs to my house raquarding some legal matter that they will not disclose