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Phone Number: 7143322664
Owner Name:
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Area: SANTA ANA, CA (California)

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Location Type: City
Population: 337977
Housing Units: 74588
Land Area: 27.14 sq miles

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Caller Type: (3 Reports)
Reported Name: CCI (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 5

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  1. 7143322664 Fisher Residence reported CCI from 714-332-2664 as a Telemarketer

    They have called again today at 2:25 PM PDT. I am going to call the police if you do not stop harassing.

  2. 7143322664 Ellie reported Ellie from 714-332-2664 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Esther. Have you spoken to George? Are you behind or connected to the coercion and possible black mail? Tell me who you are. We might need to have you prosecuted as well.If you are doing anything illegal and aiding and abetting crimes against humanity, we will make sure you are held a href""acnboctaulea in a court of law.

  3. 7143322664 Kathy reported Kathy from 714-332-2664 as a Unknown annoying caller

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  4. 7143322664 Jeana reported Jeana from 714-332-2664 as a Unknown annoying caller

    I read your posntig and was jealous

  5. 7143322664 Chris reported AEDHS from 714-332-2664 as a Telemarketer

    They called again today this afternoon at 3:08 PM PDT. Another robotic moron selling Home Improvement. Stop calling.