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Phone Number: 8572511163
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Area: BOSTON, MA (Massachusetts)
Phone Company: METRO PCS INC

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Location Type: City
Population: 589141
Housing Units: 251935
Land Area: 48.43 sq miles

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Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster (18 Reports)
Reported Name: Hynes Convention Center (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 22

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  1. 8572511163 Jacks Revenge reported Hynes Convention Center from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    If I see this Elliott Davis, I swear to Baby Jesus that he be joining his son in the hospital.

  2. 8572511163 Dave reported 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I was approached on a park bench near Boston Childrens Hospital. I got the sick son story, gave him $60, and then remembered the Metro article on him and asked for the money back. I told him Id give it to him if we could walk back to his car and son first. He made a million excuses, tried to emotionally blackmail me, and finished his soliloquy with "And you call yourself a good Samaritan? How could you!" Well, screw you Elliot. Anyway, I immediately called the Boston PD and was informed by the officer working the phones that they knew about him and couldnt care less. "He isnt breaking the law if people give him their money of their own free will. Lying isnt illegal unless its under oath." Last I checked fraud is a crime, but whatever. Have no illusions, the police know all about this guy and will do nothing to stop him. This man is obviously a sociopath based on the available information. Even though I got my money back I still want this guy out of commission as bad as the rest of you. The only question is, what can we do if the police wont cooperate?

  3. 8572511163 Blogger reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This guys cons seem to be rampant around Boston, Ive created this blog:

  4. 8572511163 Tenacious reported Outside Government Center TStop from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Got scammed by this scumbag about a month ago. If anyone wants to collaborate with me in exposing him to the world and building a case against him, contact me at In the meantime, Ill keep letting him know he owes me money.

  5. 8572511163 David CT reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I was accosted by Elliot Davis at MIT, on Vassar Street by Massachusetts Ave. Elliot gave me the same story (the flat tire, the wife, the sick son, the auto repair place) and I lent him $15 on the promise that he would mail me the borrowed money back. Trying hard not to lose my trust in people as a result of this incident. Is anybody aware of legitimate way to get our money back? This guy has certainly been arrested by the police a number of times, but that clearly wont help us get our money back.

  6. 8572511163 Conned reported Elliot NeroDavis from 857-251-1163 as a Unknown annoying caller

    I just found out that most of his victims are asian.

  7. 8572511163 COnned reported Elliot NeroDavis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    got conned a year ago. same story (flat tire) but i thought i was smart. I asked for his driver lisence and then i ask for some securty. somthing to hold on to if i wasnt going to get me money back. I got a watch off of him. So i took his watch. less then 15mins when he left with my 8n bucks. I knew something was wrong so i googled him. and found police reports. Got his nephew address from the police report. So i made a trip up there after the scam like about 2 hours. spoke to his nephew. Found that he was a bum, drug addict and a great con artist also. I have learn that he might be using other scammed people numbers and having us calling them or having him call us for fun at strange times. I took down his address on his lisence and dropped by over there after meeting with his nephew. It was a halfway house that takes people that has problems like drug addiction. He doesnt live there anymore. chances are that he bums places of his friends or even us are money to stay in hotels. I believe that where he is getting his suit from also. So I seen him again after a year. walked over to me and said the same story. I didnt give anything to him this time. and followed him from afar. He found his victim and said the same thing. (at copley) I basicly was behind him like a few feet waving at the person that is being conned to not give him anything. He was pissed when the guy just said no. And IDDIOT almost got the money off of that guys hands. He wrote his number and all. He turned around, saw me and walked towards me saying was is me. I said yes smiling at him. He was pissed. I knew in my mind if he was going to fight I was going to win. I told him that he didnt remember me and reminded him that I still have his watch a year ago. He started with his next story that he was going to give it back just needed my number and i just refused to give it to him. I was at lunch break from work. Had not enough time to do anything. Had to go back to work. So i left. Should have called the police but wasnt thinking about that. I was happy that i helped that person that was going to fall victim to that con. ohh well wished i did more. If i see him agian Ill report him to the police.

  8. 8572511163 Victim reported Elliot NeroDavis from 857-251-1163 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Spoke to him on the phone this morning. I got the same con last night (flat tire). When I called him out on the scam this morning, he said hed fallen on hard times and had to make payments. He is delusional and potentially dangerous. He got very irate when I called him a scam artist and told me I was stupid for falling for it (admission of guilt, which is all I wanted). Hell get his soon enough. Hopefully from the rugby guy. His new number is 857 417 7235.

  9. 8572511163 Reuven Gordon reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I was approached by this scum bag who goes by the Elliot right across the street from the Longwood Galleria near Childrens Hospital (where I had just left from volunteering). He claimed his son had just gotten out of the Hospital and he had a flat tire and needed money for a tow truck. He even had me call his cell number so I could seehear it was ringing so I would know it was a real cell phone that he had. I am now out $80 and feel very angry and violated. I searched the number he gave me on Elliot Nero Davis (age) 54 Locations: Roxbury, MA Jamaica Plain, MA Dorchestr Ctr, MA Dorchester Center, MA RelativesAssociates: Kim Annette Davis Anthony G Davis Ronald W Davis Lawrence Davis Lanisha T Davis

  10. 8572511163 Jay reported Unknown from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    He just scemmed me, too, on Massachusetts Ave in Central Square, near Pearl Street. Elliot Davis was the name he gave, Afro-American guy in his 50s-60s, clean-shaven, well-dressed, articulate and apparently sober, claimed to have had a flat tire emergency, needed $30 more to pay the tow truck. He changed his # to 857-249-1163 and is not returning my calls. I have reported him to the Cambride, MA Police and wodul happily collaborate with any of you to catch him.

  11. 8572511163 Ricardo P. reported Scammer/fraudster from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Same deal, I did gave the guy $40. Luckily he in two different surveillance cameras, we might be able to make them stop from doing this. I will recommend to report this to the Boston Police as well.

  12. 8572511163 Anon reported Elliot from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I encountered this guy on the 29th as well, same flat tire story as already described. I didnt give him any money, but only because I couldnt, he had me going like the rest of these people. Im not from the city so I dont know the exact location, but it was just off of Huntington Ave.

  13. 8572511163 Bates reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This guy asked for money near the Christian Science Monitor office building. He cited an emergency, promising that hed return it. Obviously he never did and never will. Hes a scammer and I reported him to the security officers in my office building. Hopefully they can catch him.

  14. 8572511163 Gerritt reported Scammer/fraudster from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    It seems that I am a victim of this guy as well! He borrowed 40$ from me because of some emergency. that was near Mass. Ave on a Friday night. Maybe 11pm or even later!?

  15. 8572511163 Andy reported Elliot from 857-251-1163 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Elliot scammed me 80 dollars in early May on Mass Ave across street from 711 by Washington at 1:30 AM. After calling Elliot back a zillion times he told me he would meet me to pay me back at Boston Medical Center on 0629 at 3:00 at Citizens ATM. Of course I dont expect him to show but I will go just for fun since I live across the street. Ill post back to let you all know what happened. Hes a serial con artist who thrives on ripping people off. He needs to get caught.

  16. 8572511163 Paul reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Looks like I was also a victim here. Im curious to know where each of your incidents happened - He approached me on Mass Ave near the Boston Symphony Hall. It happened on 0627 at approx 11:40am. If others could post further information (i.e. location of where it happened) to this complaint box it would be appreciated to help find this guy.

  17. 8572511163 Kyle reported Elliot Davis from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This guy named Elliot borrowed $40 from me to fix his car one night(62409) "had a flat tire" He SEEMED to be a stand up guy but is a total loser...I hope the police can find this guy and take him down. The bad part is I already flew out of the area so I have no chance to get my money back.

  18. 8572511163 Jason reported Elliot from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I tried buying the reverse cell lookup from Intelius and People Finders. Both had nothing except the first name but US Search says it has an address. Thats all I need from someone. Im a 6 foot 3, 275-lb ex-rugby player and will gladly accompany anyone to this fools house to collect.

  19. 8572511163 Andy Dougrey reported Scammer/fraudster from 857-251-1163 as a Unknown annoying caller

    This guy named Elliot makes a creative story of how he desperately needs money for something and gives his cell phone out for us to contact him to get our money back. He wears a nice suit a looks clean cut and appears sober and coherent. He promised to pay me back my 80 dollars but is avoiding me. a woman answers, obviously his wife or girlfriend, and pretends to have never heard of Elliot. I hope the police can track his address down from this cell # and make him pay.

  20. 8572511163 Al reported Unknown from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    HE JUST SCAMMED ME. I knew it was iffy but I kept his watch and the second i looked online it was fake. Can we go to the police with this guy? Help me get my money back. My mom has cancer and money is tight.

  21. 8572511163 Jimmy reported Unknown from 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I loaned this man money, and he told me he would pay me later in the week. He no longer answers his phone and refuses to call me back. I will make this mans life miserable and will hunt him down until I get my money back. If you have any information on this man please post here with a way for me to contact you.

  22. 8572511163 Jason reported 857-251-1163 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This guy named Elliot borrowed $40 from me to fix his car one night and has been avoiding my calls by giving his cell phone to his wife who is very rude and hangs up when I ask to speak to Elliot. If anyone can help me find this guy to get what is owed to me, please email me at