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Phone Number: 8664192780
Owner Name:
Not Available (Toll-Free)
Most Current Address: Not Available (Toll-Free)
Phone Company: Toll Free
Switch: Toll Free

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Caller Type: Unknown (10 Reports)
Reported Name: Fuat (1 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 25

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  1. 8664192780 Jan Jenkins reported Woods from 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    keeps calling cell phone repeatedly.

  2. 8664192780 Karen Balas reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    they r calling once an hour and leave no message!

  3. 8664192780 Scott reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    They dont answer when I pick up

  4. 8664192780 Dee reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    They keep calling me like 247. No messages. I call back but they hang up. Stop them bravura se Im getting tried of this.

  5. 8664192780 Susan Grove reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    8664192780 called 6 times today alone, I dont answer, no message left, I used to answer - from same number they hang up. Please STOP THIS PERSON -soon.

  6. 8664192780 Miss Barron reported Gte Capitol from 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    This number does not stop calling me. I dont recognize that number, it calls at all hours, do not leave any messages, but a recorded message to call back, I called back and its not a business. What the hell??

  7. 8664192780 Erin reported Gte Capitol from 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This number has been calling my BROTHERS in-laws looking for me . Its supposedly in relation to a PayPal acct from 2006. I didnt even have PayPal in 2006, and Im not related to the people they are Calling looking for me. Harassment!

  8. 8664192780 Whit reported 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    calls multiple times.

  9. 8664192780 Woods reported Woods from 866-419-2780 as a Unknown annoying caller

    I want to send you an award for most helpful a href""inrtneeta writer.

  10. 8664192780 Fuat reported Fuat from 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

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  11. 8664192780 Altagaracia reported Altagaracia from 866-419-2780 as a Telemarketer

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  12. 8664192780 Richard reported Richard from 866-419-2780 as a Unknown annoying caller

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  13. 8664192780 Manon reported Manon from 866-419-2780 as a Prank Caller

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  14. 8664192780 Deepthi reported Deepthi from 866-419-2780 as a Collection Agency

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  15. 8664192780 Erica reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    They call my home phone 5 to 6 times a day, and then they call my cell phone! They do not leave a message. I cannot have my cell phone ringing while I am at work, and I feel like I am being bullied or harassed by this unknown number. Please stop calling!!

  16. 8664192780 Dave reported 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    Keep getting calls all day every day.

  17. 8664192780 Robert reported Credit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as a Collection Agency

    I received 3 calls today. I have had 27 calls since Feb. 7, 2013. When I answer a recording comes on and Asks me to hold on for a very important call. Never an ID. My time is valuable to. I would like this stopped. Its harassment.

  18. 8664192780 Robert Lawrence reported Credit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    I have received 25 calls from this unidentified caller since 2513. Simetimes three a day. I refuse to answer any coward WHO will not ID themselves. I want this harrassment dropped.

  19. 8664192780 Marie reported Credit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Identified as GE Capital collecting for Brooks Brothers, need payment ASAP to settle a balance, would take a credit card no. for payment now. Sounded like the conversation was being recorded to make the call sound legit. This is a SCAM!

  20. 8664192780 Connie reported Credit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Who are these people calling me 10 times a day,

  21. 8664192780 Tiffany reported Cerdit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as a Collection Agency

    these people call at all hours. 10pm just to get you to talk to them and get credit card info. I dont know these people or have credit cards. They dont care they just keep calling.

  22. 8664192780 Monica W reported Cerdit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as an Unknown Caller

    Unknown leaves no message . Calls back to nack

  23. 8664192780 Sab reported 866-419-2780 as a Telemarketer

    please let me know what needs to be done to make these calls stop. who should I contact?

  24. 8664192780 Charles Canipe reported Cerdit Card Services from 866-419-2780 as a Collection Agency

    phone rings-I anser recording said this is a very important call,please hold on all operators then it starts ringing and a person ansers and phone goes dead. I call back and a recording wants my credit card #,I hit 0 two times and I get a live person and I ask for a supperviser,a person comes on line said he was th supperviser. I told him I was tired of calls from this company calling me about a credit card bill that I did not owe because I do not have a credit card,and not to call me again.He told me that they had on information in the system that had called.Well how did I get thir #-I got it from my caller I.D. he said he would take care of it.That was 07092012. Today 07102012 I get a call same thing got the runaround. I have had 13 calls from them from the last of May to now,9 in july so far. A lot of them I did not anser

  25. 8664192780 Jon Swift reported 866-419-2780 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    repeated calls, then put on hold, then I called back and was asked for my credit card info. I have been called as frequently as 4 times in 1 day