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Phone Number: 8883219438
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Not Available (Toll-Free)
Most Current Address: Not Available (Toll-Free)
Phone Company: Toll Free
Switch: Toll Free

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Caller Type: Collection Agency (2 Reports)
Reported Name: National Recovery Associates (3 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 4

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  1. 8883219438 Barjbar reported National Recovery Associates from 888-321-9438 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This a spoofed, phoney caller id, number. Its computer generated and calls thousands of numbers and when it gets a response, they sell the phone number to a host of scammers. Never call them back. You cannot block them from your phone using your phone because their computer just generates a new phoney number. If youre being hacked on a land line, buy a call blocker. I have the Sentry call blocker, $39 on Amazon, and it put an end to this farce. Blocks 100% of the computer generated calls. If they got your cell phone, the only thing you can do is get a new phone number but if you put the phone number on line, such as buying something, you risk it being hacked again.

  2. 8883219438 Ronaldo reported National Recovery Associates from 888-321-9438 as a Collection Agency

    A collection agency that keeps calling me about someone with my last name who used to live in my area. On different occasions they have identified themselves as National Recovery Agency, NRA, and sometimes as the National Rifle Association. Guess some of the callers are trying to shift blame for these harassing calls to the National rifle Association. So, not only are they an annoying collection agency, but also an anti 2nd amendment organization.

  3. 8883219438 Dnc reported National Recovery Associates from 888-321-9438 as a Collection Agency

    Caller ID is Toll Free Calle. A Landline. National Recovery Associates, 2429 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL 117 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 200, River Edge, NJ 07661 , Paul Foti, Hopewell Junction, NY Vincent Colletti, North Salem, NY Raymond A. Conta, Chappaqua, NY James Stead, Yorktown Heights, NY David Hirsch Calls from 201-880-7680, 215-244-4200, 336-217-0877, 407-347-4021, 415-358-4735, 703-291-9005, 703-436-1288, 703-656-9948, 713-777-2501, 716-362-4891, 716-478-0806, 720-325-1321, 724-250-9457, 800-360-2998, 800-521-5165, 800-620-0371, 800-773-4503, 800-814-6546, 800-814-6580, 855-232-9534, 855-547-6382, 855-701-6943, 855-825-6859, 855-856-4583, 855-864-3453, 866-231-8218, 866-240-5037, 866-240-7530, 866-240-7531, 866-275-3315, 866-426-4288, 866-431-5117, 866-725-2769, 866-761-7602, 877-200-4113, 877-671-1851, 877-728-3486, 877-743-1358, 877-837-4130, 877-858-4319, 877-859-3653, 888-224-6462, 888-426-7576, 888-321-9438, 888-438-8328, 888-483-8328, 888-484-7954 PROBABLE ID THEFT MEDICARE FRAUD

  4. 8883219438 Kate reported 888-321-9438 as an Unknown Caller

    Talk to them when they call. if they are doing a survey - unfortunately it is legal. Never give your name, phone# CC info, address or anything. Advise them you intend to report them to the FCC if they have a prerecorded message (which is totally illegal, even if they are doing a survey). Hanging up on you is an annoyance call and is also illegal. The FCC will listen to you and will act upon your complaint. Hang up calls is all the more reason to report them to FCC. Tell them to stop calling you when you answer the phone If they continue to call - REPORT TO THE FCC BY FILING A COMPLAINT, WHICH YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FORM ONLINE, by going to:: fcc.govcomplaints. Believe me it works, Ive done it many times. I dont have the time to do it, as its time consuming Im busy too,yet Im so willing to help the system work - Im on a crusade to nail these fools. Thus I do take time to complete the complaint forms when I get these calls.. Again, its unfortunate, but surveys, church groups, political calls legitimate charity organizations are legal. Find out whose calling you, get their name and company name, then contact the FCC fill out complaint form online. You can also talk wFCC (a live person) by calling 888-225-5322 - be patient youll eventually get a live person to talk with who will help answer your questions. Take the time to do it so we can get these annoyance calls stopped. Again, remember to never give info to anyone--nine times out of 10 these calls are predators looking to rob you. If the public would get SAVVY, perhaps these low-life individualsscammers would give up and get a real job. Protect your rights and report it. Caller: TOLL FREE 888-321-9438