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Phone Number: 8884701284
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Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster (3 Reports)
Reported Name: Steven Hall (2 Reports)
Number of Complaints: 8

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  1. 8884701284 Gorjus reported Steven Hall from 888-470-1284 as a Unknown annoying caller

    called by ms carter, got pretty much the same spiel, said my daughter owed 3900 but would get that dropped if we sent 795 right away. I was browsing the list of scams as she spoke, told her we knew it was a scam, and wed already called the police. she hung up

  2. 8884701284 Jasmine B reported Jennifer Carter from 888-470-1284 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    This person named Jennifer left voicemail on my cell phone claiming I owed a debt from 2011. That I received checks from a company that were deposited into my bank account that I never paid back. Informed me they had surveillance cameras showing I took the money out of the bank account. Which I find very funny because one I never had bank account where they were saying I supposedly withdrew this money, and two I never withdraw money from my banks I pay all my bills online, and only time I got to bank is to deposit money. I always use my debit card for everything. When I proceed to ask her what this company was a few times she got defensive and refused to explain to me what this company was as I was just trying to understand who this company was that was trying to collect debit. I then let her know this was not my debit, information she was giving was not mine. She explained she was trying to help and wanted a statement before I was served with papers to appear in court. I then informed I would wait for paper work so I could see what information they had that would prove this was my debt. I have not received anything yet will keep you informed. Do not give them any information or statement they will try to use that against you know your rights. Any debt you owe you would receive collection notices which I did not receive any.

  3. 8884701284 The Truth reported Jennifer Carter from 888-470-1284 as a Unknown annoying caller

    DO NOT PAY These people!!!!!!!!!! I was called today saying I was to have a warrant issued for me if I didnt pay 1100$ by tomorrow. I asked if I could receive some type of paperwork, to verify these claims. I was transferred to a man that was very rude and threating to me. He stated that the Legal Offices had stopped at my house numerous time to serve me paperwork, which I have none of! They threatened me with huge fines and warrants for my arrest. Funny thing is I live in a town of 300 people so Its funny that the legal office couldnt find my house LOL which is two blocks away, and I live on a Indian Reservation which no outside Law Enforcement can come and enforce there laws onto me on a Reservation! These jokers are scam artist REPORT THEM and TELL them to get had intercourse !!! Read more at http:www.callercenter.com888-470-1284.html#8kZG5jhI2Uttb5VL.99
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  4. 8884701284 Celeste reported Steven Hall from 888-470-1284 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Received a call from an unavailable number that left a voice mail stating they were from the county liaison office and i needed to call legal services at this number. A man named steven hall answered and started to tell me that i was caught on video tape back in 2005 writing a fraudulent check and that I was going to be served papers in person within the next 24 hrs to go to court and said if i didnt cooperate that there would be a warrant out for my arrest. He then started spouting off all of my personal info, DOB, SSN, Parents names, past employers, previous addresses, exc... I then told him that I felt very threatened by this call and with all of my personal info being thrown out over the phone like that. He stated that he was an attorney and that they were trying to help me. I said that I thought this was a scam and that I call BS on the whole situation... immediately after i said that he got very unprofessional and rude and started yelling at me, told me that They would make sure that I was going to be arrested and thrown in jail for fraud for not cooperating with them. I asked what their company name was and for more info about them and he started yelling again and talking over me telling me to never contact their firm again. He then hung up on me. These are bad ppl who are only trying to pull a scam. They had me feeling very scared and threatened. They also get very mean when you call their bluff. Just be careful and do not let these ppl get away with whatever they are trying to do. I would also suggest pulling your credit reports and sign up for an identity theft alert of some sort for a few months at least. It scares me to know they have all of my info including my whole SSN.

  5. 8884701284 Private Name reported Jennifer Carter from 888-470-1284 as a Collection Agency

    Jennifer called my parents house twice the first time she rudely told my brother if I was living in Tacoma she would find me. saying I was being evicted and papers needed to be served, There is no reason to evict I am in great standing with my landlord. The Second time she called my parents she left a message on their voicemail saying there was a class action lawsuit being filed against me and that I needed to call so she can set up a time to meet and serve me papers. My gut tells me this is a scam. No collection agency wants to set up a time to meet to serve you papers. Just pisses me off because my parents are on my back about paying bills. She had no right calling them.

  6. 8884701284 Jessica reported Jennifer Carter from 888-470-1284 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Would tell me who it was that pursueing me. Jennifer Hung up on me twice. Wouldnt let me talk at all. This is a scam! I called back after looking at this site and Jennifer said that all of to complaints were disgruntled employees. Well Jennifer, Im not an employee. And you Jennifer are a worthless human being. WORTHLESS! contact your phone company and have this 1888 number blocked.

  7. 8884701284 Ano reported Stephanie Taylor from 888-470-1284 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Called phone stating that I owed a bill from 2005. Said that they were filing charges on me and someone would be at my door today to serve me papers. Wanted me to give her a credit card to pay over phone

  8. 8884701284 Leslie reported Stephanie Taylor from 888-470-1284 as a Collection Agency

    Called cell phone threatened I pay an old debt payday loan, threatened w a felony charge, also wanted my credit or debit card to pay then over phone I asked for this bill if true to be mailed to me-refused to mail it- refused to give me information their address etc. said i had 1 hour to get a card and to pay and they will take 5 payments out of my personal account. called back refused to repeat name of company refused any address or info-its a scam- harrassed all day while at work refuses to mail me anything pertaining to bill -be careful they had alot of information about me.It was threatning!!!!