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Our system allows you, the user, to report telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, debt collectors and other annoying callers in an effort to build a global database of calls which you don't want to pick up. Additionally, when a number collects enough complaints, we submit them to the appropriate authorities. Help report telemarketers and spread the word to help humiliate these annoying callers and make the calls STOP.

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Recent complaints

  1. 8002231104 Rob reported Pharmaceutical from 800-223-1104 as an Unknown Caller
    8002231104 Details: 1336 Calls Logged | 21 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: US Pharmacy

    asks for pin number if you call back

  2. 6123075881 Mary reported Qwest Corp from 612-307-5881 as a Telemarketer
    6123075881 Details: 16 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MINNEAPOLIS, MN (307) | Caller Reported as: Qwest Corp

    In the past few months, I have recieved many calls from this number. They are soliciting for services, most likely. My suggestions: Dont answer, file an online complaint save number for future verification.

  3. 6309148915 J Thomas reported Loan from 630-914-8915 as a Telemarketer
    6309148915 Details: 457 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LEMONT, IL (914) | Caller Reported as: Loan

    ScammerFraudster wanting to give you a no collateral loan.

  4. 2086903011 Tim Thornton reported Personal from 208-690-3011 as an Unknown Caller
    2086903011 Details: 424 Calls Logged | 11 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BLACKFOOT, ID (690) | Caller Reported as: Personal

    This phone number called me and said something to the effect of "back off" or "stay away" but it also sounded like they misdialed me, as there was a bunch of background noise and I dont know if they were speaking to me or to a group with them. Either way, I tried calling back and you cannot get through to the number. it will not ring or connect. I have tried to text them but no response. Assuming it is a fraudulent phone number of some sort.

  5. 8044778007 J Thomas reported Back Knee Brace from 804-477-8007 as a Telemarketer
    8044778007 Details: 92 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: RICHMOND, VA (477) | Caller Reported as: Back Knee Brace

    Another clown telemarketer

  6. 9723705610 J Thomas reported 972-370-5610 as a Telemarketer
    9723705610 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: FRISCO, TX (370) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called two days in a row. No one there

  7. 9258520003 Mary reported Target from 925-852-0003 as a Collection Agency
    9258520003 Details: 30 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CONCORD, CA (852) | Caller Reported as: Target

    I have recieved a few calls from this number. After doing a google search, I found this is Targets Collection agency. Others have filed online complaints express the harassing nature of the calls. I didnt answer just for this reason.

  8. 2067339519 Mary reported QwestAtt from 206-733-9519 as an Unknown Caller
    2067339519 Details: 179 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SEATTLE, WA (733) | Caller Reported as: QwestAtt

    This month,(July), I have recieved solicitor phone calls from Qwest Att. They have called me numerous times w different numbers. They are: (206)367-4114 (206)733-9519. I am NOT a customer of this company therefore make me believe it is to solicit services from me.

  9. 8009510062 Mary reported 800-951-0062 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    8009510062 Details: 9 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: US Toll-Free | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Since the begGining of this month (July) I have revieved 21 calls from this number at all hours of the day evening. Since its an 800 #, I will not answer. This personagency is really annoying upsetting me I want them to STOP calling!! THE NUMBER IS LOCATED IN OKLAHOMA.

  10. 3307522092 Ariel Fortune reported 330-752-2092 as a Collection Agency
    3307522092 Details: 35 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: AKRON, OH (752) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Saying that they are going to arrest for fraud.

  11. 6145296263 Ainul reported Talenor from 614-529-6263 as an Unknown Caller
    6145296263 Details: 2628 Calls Logged | 24 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: HILLIARD, OH (529) | Caller Reported as: Talenor

    this is very best technec

  12. 2026843402 Eve reported IRS from 202-684-3402 as an Unknown Caller
    2026843402 Details: 99 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: WASHINGTON, DC (684) | Caller Reported as: IRS

    received 2 calls stating IRS has a law suit against me

  13. 3156655113 JL reported 315-665-5113 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3156655113 Details: 8 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: LYONS, NY (665) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    This is a lady who told me that she want me tell her something about my computer to config. I ask her employer address and her employer ID, she cut off phone immediately. I called right away, the phone message say the number is wrong number or no longer in service. The number also show on my phone from New York USA. Any one receive this call better ask their employer address or report here or online internet to let everyone share your experience.

  14. 6309148915 These Mofos reported Waste Of Time from 630-914-8915 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    6309148915 Details: 457 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LEMONT, IL (914) | Caller Reported as: Loan

    Call dont say anything and hang up. Call back and dont leave a message. On the DNC list.

  15. 3232846120 Stephanie reported Career School Advisors from 323-284-6120 as a Telemarketer
    3232846120 Details: 269 Calls Logged | 3 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LOS ANGELES, CA (284) | Caller Reported as: Security 1

    Didnt apply to this and some how got my number and info and are asking for a lot. Definitely not something helpful for anyone.

  16. 8768907717 Kan reported 876-890-7717 as an Unknown Caller
    8768907717 Details: 74 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , JM (890) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I received a call on my cell from this number which no one other than my family and provider has. This number was not in my address book so I ignored it. Thankfully I have the default voicemail so there was no message left. I would think this is just a telemarketer or a scammer. Just to help others out you can set your phone to not even ring if the number is not in your address book. You just need to set a ring tone to everyone in your address book then set your default ring to a customer silent ring.

  17. 6309148915 Rita reported Unknown from 630-914-8915 as an Unknown Caller
    6309148915 Details: 457 Calls Logged | 7 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: LEMONT, IL (914) | Caller Reported as: Loan

    Did not leave a message, I was on the other line. No caller ID

  18. 5163189128 Linda reported 516-318-9128 as an Unknown Caller
    5163189128 Details: 231 Calls Logged | 8 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: GARDEN CITY, NY (318) | Caller Reported as: New York

    This number has called 4 times 910am 955am 1055am and 1129am leaves no message say it is a wireless caller

  19. 3108316666 John C reported Hearst INC from 310-831-6666 as an Unknown Caller
    3108316666 Details: 59 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SAN PEDRO, CA (831) | Caller Reported as: Hearst INC

    getting many UNWELCOMED calls from this company. No message left on answering machine. Will not answer their calls.

  20. 2152345678 SCR reported 215-234-5678 as an Unknown Caller
    2152345678 Details: 160 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: GREEN LANE, PA (234) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    The number calls my work phone almost every night around or a little after midnight at least 4 times. They do not leave a message and I do not have anyone that should or would be calling me from this number.

  21. 7166169476 Samantha reported Unknown from 716-616-9476 as a Prank Caller
    7166169476 Details: 208 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BUFFALO, NY (616) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Called 12 times between 5-5:30AM, first claiming they were the hamburg police that needed to come to my house due to car theft then calling me "sexy" and asking to have my children

  22. 8327687613 Patricia D Lawson reported 832-768-7613 as an Unknown Caller
    8327687613 Details: 8 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HOUSTON, TX (768) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Miss Her Insulation Huffman, TX, 77336 832-768-7613 Miss Her Insulation offers high-quality insulation for homes and business establishments. We specialize in Blown-In Fiberglass insulation,Radiant Barrier, Removal of old or mildewed Insulation, solar vents, soffit vent additions, baffles and air sealing. Our installers have years of experience working with home builders and general contractors. If youre tired of paying expensive electric bills, our energy-efficient solutions can help your Air Heating system perform better and reduce electricity usage. Our insulation systems are from top brands. We only install the best product available to our customers! We love seeing our customers happy! Insulation Contractor, Insulation Service, Home Insulation Company, Insulation Company, Insulation Insulation Installation, Insulation Installation Company, Insulation Installation Service, Residential Insulation, Commercial Insulation

  23. 9856473153 Jerome F Medina reported 985-647-3153 as an Unknown Caller
    9856473153 Details: 8 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: HOUMA, LA (647) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Salone and Salone Fencing Houma, LA, 70363 985-647-3153 we aim to please to meet your needs - slogan Our preferred brands include commercial and residential. We can assist you with chain link, ornamental wrought iron fences , specializing in:, vinyl and wood. We aim to please to meet your needs, over 20 years experience, specializing in:, residential, commercial, industrial, no job too big - no job too small. Weve served industrial, residential and commercial customers. Fence Contractor, Fencing, Fence Services, Fencing Company, Fence Installation Services Fencing Service, Fence Repair, Fence Repair Contractor, Fence Builder, Fence Installation and Repair, Fence Installation, Fence Repair Service, Fencing Company, Fence Repair Company, Fence Installation Company

  24. 7142890094 Anonymous reported Unknown from 714-289-0094 as a Telemarketer
    7142890094 Details: 6 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: ORANGE, CA (289) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    I do not know who called me today at 4:03 PM PDT. They did not leave any messages on my machine. Total scam callers. They need to make some changes around here because it is getting rather annoying . If you are a telemarketer reading this please stop what youre doing and think twice. I know your number and I know where you live.

  25. 3055567470 Cole reported 305-556-7470 as an Unknown Caller
    3055567470 Details: 176 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: MIAMI, FL (556) | Caller Reported as: STUDENT LOAN

    They just hang up immediately. Tried calling number back and it says the number is disconnected

  26. 2166306666 Do Not Call Lister reported 216-630-6666 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2166306666 Details: 395 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CLEVELAND, OH (630) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    calls daily..uses minutes. I am on do not call list.

  27. 2149749635 Eric T reported Consumer ASST from 214-974-9635 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2149749635 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: , TX (974) | Caller Reported as: Consumer ASST

    Call starts out as: This is you final notification... goes into how they will save money you on credit cards as per the stimulus program. The only option is to press 1 to save money now. Somebody please make this stop ! I get 3 calls a day from the same service via different numbers. This is the number they used today.

  28. 2392344377 Nick reported Microsoft from 239-234-4377 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2392344377 Details: 4327 Calls Logged | 53 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: NAPLES, FL (234) | Caller Reported as: Microsoft

    Called. Said his name was Bob for the windows company, I said Microsoft?, he said, yes Microsoft. After that, he hung up and called back with a restricted number.

  29. 3055567470 FRANK reported STUDENT LOAN from 305-556-7470 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    3055567470 Details: 176 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: MIAMI, FL (556) | Caller Reported as: STUDENT LOAN


  30. 2703923780 Lauren reported Unknown from 270-392-3780 as an Unknown Caller
    2703923780 Details: 162 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: BOWLING GREEN, KY (392) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Calls and hang ups and never says anything. I call back and it beeps.

  31. 4842233753 JV reported Steve Martin With US Treasury from 484-223-3753 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    4842233753 Details: 119 Calls Logged | 6 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: ALLENTOWN, PA (223) | Caller Reported as: Steve Martin With US Treasury

    Left message that played three times. Pretending to be the U.S. Treasury saying ignoring them will be a second offense and you will have to go before a magistrate judge. He says he is Steve Martin and wants you to call back so you can "help us help you." Of course its all BS and theyll milk you for all they can if you fall for it.

  32. 5147314911 Debbie reported M Blackett from 514-731-4911 as a Collection Agency
    5147314911 Details: 132 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: , QC (731) | Caller Reported as: M Blackett

    I have been getting calls from this company claiming I gave them authority to advertise online for us, which I never did andor would. This time the man on the phone told me he was from some yellow page online advertising and I said we dont owe you stop calling. He said oh yes you do and I will call you 3 times a which point I hung up. This is absolutely ridiculous that they can continually harass people like this!

  33. 2176701597 Teresa reported Pat from 217-670-1597 as an Unknown Caller
    2176701597 Details: 126 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SPRINGFIELD, IL (670) | Caller Reported as: Pat

    Calls me saying I have a car loan.....never applied for one. They never answer the phone when you call back - have always left a message saying to stop calling me and remove my number. Still h

  34. 2026574373 Laura reported Ray Parker from 202-657-4373 as a Scammer/Fraudster
    2026574373 Details: 111 Calls Logged | 4 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: WASHINGTON, DC (657) | Caller Reported as: Ray Parker

    Same scenario....IRS calling, saying there were errors made and I owed taxes. The name was Ray Parker....but it was a female....a Sorry I dont know too many females named Ray!

  35. 3057482004 Anonymous reported 305-748-2004 as an Unknown Caller
    3057482004 Details: 100 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: MARATHON, FL (748) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    This number keeps calling me

  36. 3134830887 Eric reported 313-483-0887 as an Unknown Caller
    3134830887 Details: 110 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: DETROIT, MI (483) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    313-483-0887 called today and ask if I could hear adequately and disconnected once I responded.

  37. 8126709409 Darcy C Bostick reported 812-670-9409 as an Unknown Caller
    8126709409 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: SELLERSBURG, IN (670) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    A-Structural Engineer 445 N 3rd Street, Scottsburg, IN, 47170 812-670-9409 Structural engineering is a field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering is usually considered a specialty within civil engineering, but it can also be studied in its own right. Structural Engineer, Construction Engineer, Engineer, Structural Design, Engineering Company Building Permits Construction Service Construction Company Building Service Engineering Service Construction Builder, Home Building Inspection, Building Structural Engineer, Building Permits Service, Engineer Inspection

  38. 2703509207 John W McCall reported 270-350-9207 as an Unknown Caller
    2703509207 Details: 7 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: CADIZ, KY (350) | Caller Reported as: Unknown

    Curtiss Roof Repair Construction 277 E Mclaughlin St, Madisonville, KY 42431 270-350-9207 Highly experienced roof contractor - more than 14 years in the business. Leak repair, new construction, siding, metal roofs and more. Any questions? Give us a call! Roofs, Roof Construction, Roofing Contractor, Roof Repair, Local Roofing Siding, Metal Roofs, Roofing Contractor, Emergency Roofing, Roofs

  39. 9543362628 James Thompson reported Pompano Beach Mattys Marine Repa from 954-336-2628 as a Telemarketer
    9543362628 Details: 66 Calls Logged | 2 Complaints Filed | Caller Area: FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (336) | Caller Reported as: Pompano Beach Mattys Marine Repa

    Pompano Beach Mattys Marine Repairs Pompano Beach, FL, 33064 (954) 336-2628 Kendall Green, FL Were a full service boat and marine insurance provider. Bringing together the tradition of quality and service on which our reputation is built, and a new energy and capacity for competitive development, we are poised to help our customers. Boat Repair Shop, Marine Repair Service, Marine Engine Repair, Marine Services, Boat Repair Service,Marine Insurance, Boat Insurance, Marine Repair Company, Marine Repair Shop, Marine Insurance Work

  40. 4143220234 George Ughlin reported WillSeal Asphalt Maintenance from 414-322-0234 as a Telemarketer
    4143220234 Details: 8 Calls Logged | 1 Complaint Filed | Caller Area: MILWAUKEE, WI (322) | Caller Reported as: WillSeal Asphalt Maintenance

    Will-Seal Asphalt Maintenance Milwaukee, WI, 53218 (414) 322-0234 Glendale, WI Will-Seal Asphalt Maintenance an asphalt maintenance company that has been in business for years in Milwaukee. The services we offer includes seal coating, hot rubber crack filling, parking lot stripping, asphalt repair, asphalt maintenance, parking curbs, sign work, snow removal, asphalt patching, lawn mowing, landscaping, and grass cutting. We offer quality work and use professional grade materials. Our business is dedicated to providing quality materials and service to all of our customers. We believe our customers are the most important part of our business now and in the future. Our mission is to help enhance and beautify your property, and to save you money by prolonging the life of your driveway and to do it in the most convenient, competent, and cost effective manner. Our vast experience with asphalt over many years has given us great insight into what works and what doesnt work, so were very confident youll be happy with our workmanship as well as our value. We guarantee that 1 year from our application (on previously unsealed asphalt no more than 3 years old) our sealer will not have disappeared and will show 1 year of wear along the 2 - 3 year wearing process. Asphalt Contractor, Asphalt Removal, Asphalt Removal Service, Asphalt Maintenance, Asphalt Maintenance Company,Road Construction Company , Parking Area Paving , Concrete Paving , Paving Contractor , Paving Maintenance

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