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City, State Nyc Manhattan, NY
County New York
Provider Verizon New York Inc
Line Type Land Line
Time Zone EST
Latitude/Longitude 40.739362210672/-73.99104304237399
Estimated County Population


  1. 2127867849 Lory Goldstein reported Unknown from 212-786-7849 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Left information for me to call back.They were publishers of list of For Sale by owner

  2. 2127867849 Jennifer Coleman reported 212-786-7849 as an Unknown Caller

    I answered the call, stated my name 3 times and NOTHING. I hung up.

  3. 2127867849 Chesica reported Unknown from 212-786-7849 as an Unknown Caller

    They called me to ask about my property for sale, the voice like Indian people.

  4. 2127867849 Niky reported 212-786-7849 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Left a VERY garbled message. Calling back I got something about the next available agent. For What???

  5. 2127867849 Chris reported 212-786-7849 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I received back to back calls from this number, two different women, both left voicemails less than 3 seconds apart. So clearly it came up on both of their call screens and both called me before it cleared on their system. Ive worked in a phone bank, so this can happen. Both ladies literally read a script so poorly youd think there were marbles in their mouths. But I do believe it is being intentionally spoken poorly so you only catch part of the message and call back inquiring. They were talking about property listing and needing verification before the publish. Both calls with the exact same script. Both calls mumbled for about 50% of the call. Both calls read very rapidly. Both calls with lots of call center background noise. Definitely two different voices, and definitely two people called because they left simultaneousoverlapping voice mails with the phone ringing 3 seconds after I didnt answer the first time. Scammers and Spammers. Block them in your phone.

  6. 2127867289 Sharon reported Foreigner from 212-786-7289 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    The caller was very difficult to understand, but asked if I was the owner of a house on North Farm Road (which I am, it was a rental that burned wed advertised to sell the lot on Craigs List). He began saying he represented a group I just told him not interested and hung up. Foreign voice lots of noise in the background - difficult to understand!

  7. 2127867849 Alan reported 212-786-7849 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    calls told me i had been aproved for up to 10000 dollars even had my bank records where to send the money would have to wire his company money on a green dot card then they would release the loan money in my account dont know how they got the bank info i HAVE NOT APPLIED FOR LOAN OVER THE COMPUTER OR ANY WHERE BUT MY BANK WILL BE REPORTING TO THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT THANKS

  8. 2127869465 J reported 212-786-9465 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Received a call from this number about a Wells Fargo credit card. Careful. Its a scam

  9. 2127868954 Clyde reported Madeleine Di Franco from 212-786-8954 as an Unknown Caller

    Threatened to tumble landmarks in U.S..Threatened to assasinate american political officials.Threatened to blow up airports.

  10. 2127867289 Karen reported Foreigner from 212-786-7289 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    The person on the other end was very hard to understand and claimed that I had a virus on my computer. He became irate as I told him I dont have a computer. I have been getting hang up calls froms this number for months all the automated voice says when I pick up is "good-bye"

  11. 2127868954 2127868954 reported Madeleine Di Franco from 212-786-8954 as an Unknown Caller

    she threatened to kill political officials of us government.threatened to detonate landmarks.she lives in 178 avenue d,apt.#11A,Manhattan,N.Y.10009.

  12. 2127866830 Registered National And Colorado State NoCall reported Prospect America from 212-786-6830 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Transparently an Insurance scam-er. Suspect them of prospecting for information to exploitsell.

  13. 2127866830 Mike reported Prospect America from 212-786-6830 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Caller phoned company and asked for business owner, by name. Standard, "he doesnt come to the phone, can I help you?" got a nasty degrading reply from the caller who then hung-up. Not the first time this caller has called. If they cant stand the nature of the business, they need to get out of it and quick giving harassing UNSOLICITED calls to others. Small amt of research led to phone # being attached to couple of shysters. This type of disrespectful ( immature) type of conduct should be stopped andor punished.

  14. 2127866830 HRA reported Prospect America from 212-786-6830 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    daily calls

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