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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Abbey SK 306 CST
Aberdeen SK 306 CST
Abernethy SK 306 CST
Admiral SK 306 CST
Air Ronge SK 306 CST
Alameda SK 306 CST
Albertville SK 306 CST
Alida SK 306 CST
Allan SK 306 CST
Alsask SK 306 CST
Alticane SK 306 CST
Alvena SK 306 CST
Aneroid SK 306 CST
Annaheim SK 306 CST
Antler SK 306 CST
Arborfield SK 306 CST
Archerwill SK 306 CST
Arcola SK 306 CST
Ardath SK 306 CST
Ardill SK 306 CST
Arelee SK 306 CST
Arran SK 306 CST
Asquith SK 306 CST
Assiniboia SK 306 CST
Atwater SK 306 CST
Avonhurst SK 306 CST
Avonlea SK 306 CST
Aylesbury SK 306 CST
Aylsham SK 306 CST
Balcarres SK 306 CST
Baldwinton SK 306 MST
Balgonie SK 306 CST
Bangor SK 306 CST
Bankend SK 306 CST
Barthel SK 306 CST
Bateman SK 306 CST
Battleford SK 306 CST
Beatty SK 306 CST
Beaubier SK 306 CST
Beauval SK 306 CST
Beaver Creek SK 306 CST
Beechy SK 306 CST
Belle Plaine SK 306 CST
Bellegarde SK 306 CST
Bengough SK 306 CST
Benson SK 306 CST
Bethune SK 306 CST
Bienfait SK 306 CST
Big Beaver SK 306 CST
Big River SK 306 CST
Biggar SK 306 CST
Birch Hills SK 306 CST
Birsay SK 306 CST
Bjorkdale SK 306 CST
Black Lake SK 306 CST
Bladworth SK 306 CST
Blaine Lake SK 306 CST
Blumenhof SK 306 CST
Borden SK 306 CST
Bracken SK 306 CST
Bradwell SK 306 CST
Bredenbury SK 306 CST
Briercrest SK 306 CST
Bright Sand SK 306 CST
Broadview SK 306 CST
Brock SK 306 CST
Brockington SK 306 CST
Broderick SK 306 CST
Bromhead SK 306 CST
Brooksby SK 306 CST
Brownlee SK 306 CST
Bruno SK 306 CST
Buchanan SK 306 CST
Buena Vista SK 306 CST
Buffalo Narrows SK 306 CST
Bulyea SK 306 CST
Burr SK 306 CST
Burstall SK 306 CST
Bushell Park SK 306 CST
Cabri SK 306 CST
Cactus Lake SK 306 CST
Cadillac SK 306 CST
Calder SK 306 CST
Candiac SK 306 CST
Candle Lake SK 306 CST
Cando SK 306 CST
Canoe Narrows SK 306 CST
Canora SK 306 CST
Canwood SK 306 CST
Cardross SK 306 CST
Carievale SK 306 CST
Carlton SK 306 CST
Carlyle SK 306 CST
Carmel SK 306 CST
Carnduff SK 306 CST
Caron SK 306 CST
Caronport SK 306 CST
Carragana SK 306 CST
Carrot River SK 306 CST
Casa Rio SK 306 CST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 3065250944
called stating that she was in a car accident and that she wishes that i was in one too. very unsettling. this person should be reported and fined or even go to jail for this behavior.
306-525-0944 was reported by Just Rep Working on Apr 9th 2017 - 6:48:36am Report Spam
Caller Name: Collection Agency | Caller Type: Collection Agency | Caller Number: 3063433227
Refuses to explain until a name is given
306-343-3227 was reported by Na on Dec 14th 2016 - 2:09:08pm Report Spam
| Caller Number: 3063700314
Daily Living Personal Care Saskatoon, SK, S7L1V (306) 370-0314 Daily Living Personal Care will take care of your home health care needs. We will provide to you a top quality service thanks to our long term professional experience. Call us today! Home Health Care, Elder Home Care, Health Care Service, Senior Home Care, Health Consultant Home Care, Home Health Care Service, Nursing Agency, Nursing Service, Professional Home Care, Senior Care,
306-370-0314 was reported by Michelle Rampling on Mar 7th 2016 - 3:59:18am Report Spam
Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 3065250944
Calls often, talks about being in the hospital, very much the same as the complaints below. Wanted me to ask what the person did to a baby. Very unsettling
306-525-0944 was reported by Business on Feb 19th 2016 - 12:47:59pm Report Spam
Caller Name: A Computer Co | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3062448118
Called at 630 am.Woke me up. When I answered the phone the caller said they were from such and such ( cant remember the name ) computer co and were calling about my computer. Groggy and incredulous I said " My computer ?!!?" They hung up.
306-244-8118 was reported by GK on Feb 8th 2016 - 11:00:44am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3062604894
This girl right here will lead you on and dosent stop bitching at you
306-260-4894 was reported by T on Dec 11th 2015 - 5:02:52pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3063412530
Constant harassment. Wont stop even after being told multiple times.
306-341-2530 was reported by C on Dec 11th 2015 - 4:58:53pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 3065250944
Caller has called 10x over last 5mo saying she was in an accident, was in the hosital then continues discussing her dollies and blankies. Caller asks claims rep to say things to the dolls and asks claims rep to repeat what caller is saying.
306-525-0944 was reported by Auto Insurance Claims Dept on Nov 19th 2015 - 3:35:48pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 3067513848
This number keeps calling my 14 year old daughter at all hours of the day and night.
306-751-3848 was reported by Theresa Boston on Nov 2nd 2015 - 12:06:24pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Eric McCarty | Caller Type: Prank Caller | Caller Number: 3065250944
Caller with the name of Eric McCarty called in this morning at the business I work for. At first I thought it was an elderly woman, by the sound of his voice. Talking very slowly and shaky. States he wasnt doing very good and was in a car accident recently. He then goes on to say he is doing okay and had to go in an ambulance with his baby doll. He continued to say his baby doll was wrapped in a ducky blanket and laughing. He stated he just wanted to talk. He has only phoned in once so far.
306-525-0944 was reported by Anynomous on Aug 19th 2015 - 10:58:47am Report Spam

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