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City, State Indianapolis, IN
County Marion
Provider Global Crossing Local Services Inc
Line Type Land Line
Time Zone EST
Latitude/Longitude 39.65560129999999/-85.9669266
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  1. 3172451136 Nichole reported Global from 317-245-1136 as an Unknown Caller

    This number calls me several times a day and wont stop

  2. 3172451136 Denise reported Global from 317-245-1136 as a Unknown annoying caller

    This number calls me constantly, and will not quit.

  3. 3172451136 Joanna reported Global from 317-245-1136 as a Telemarketer

    this number is automated and has called me over 12 times in 7 hours and will not stop

  4. 3172451136 Kristy reported Unknown from 317-245-1136 as an Unknown Caller

    This number has called me 14 times in the last 6 hours. This needs to stop.

  5. 3172451136 Abby reported Unknown from 317-245-1136 as an Unknown Caller

    This number WILL NOT QUIT CALLING ME - they dont leave a voicemail but call back to back at least 3 times every hour. The calls started on Monday and have not stopped.

  6. 3172451136 Amber reported 317-245-1136 as a Collection Agency

    will not stop calling me

  7. 3172458238 Lloyd reported Glass Mountain Capital from 317-245-8238 as a Collection Agency

    I receive call just about daily from this Indianapolis area code Telephone number (Indpls. Acton Suburb) . I do not recognize the number or name. -- (Caller ID says: "Name Unknown".) If I dont recognize your data display -- I dont answer-PERIOD. The call then goes to my voice mail to which "They" either hang up on immediately -or- there is 30 to 90 seconds of "office sounding" background chatter-- no messages are ever left. Playing "Phone Detective" I uncover the following data: A) PER- http:www.whitepages.comphone1-317-245-8238 -- It is a VoIP phone from Indianapolis (Acton) , IN. This number has been associated with spam activity Area Code: 317 Carrier: VoIP phone Full Number: 3172458238 CityState: Indianapolis, IN Zip: 46218 Time Zone: Eastern B) PER-- http:www.numberinvestigator.comphone317-245-8238.html -- Phone Number Details: Phone Number: 3172458238, Area: INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Indiana) Phone Company: LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS LLC - IN Switch: IPLUIN19DS1 I Returned a call to Referenced number and find that most often it goes to a voice mailbox system. When I did get my returned call answered it is in fact an Indianapolis field office of a Schaumburg Illinois company--- WEB SITE: http:www.glassmountaincapital.comindex.html GLASS MOUNTAIN CAPITAL Toll Free: 877-214-0276 Fax: 847-925-1585 Chicago-land: 1930 Thoreau Drive, Ste. 100 Schaumburg, IL 60173 Email: Why in the world they are calling me -- I dont have a clue -- I have no debts other then monthly rent. I get a whole lot of similar calls from various companies people looking for someone that I have never heard of. I assume who (apparently) had my number for 10 or more years before I got the number assigned to my cell about a year ago. telling such calling parties of their error is to no avail. It is frustrating.

  8. 3172450328 Admin Asst reported Did Not Give from 317-245-0328 as a Telemarketer

    They asked for someone who does not work here. When I asked could I help, they hung up on me. Very unprofessional. I wonder if acting like that brings in much new business!

  9. 3172458108 Janice Garey reported Unknown from 317-245-8108 as an Unknown Caller

    This number 317-245-8108, has called several times with a recording asking for my husband. After several recorded calls I spoke with a man who asked for my husband by his first name. I asked who was calling, he told me it was personal and to put my husband on the phone now. We went through this several times, it couldnt be personal, no one calls my husband but his proper name, and he died earlier this year. After he continued to say it was a personal call and demand my husband get on the phone, I hung up. Obviously he wasnt going to say who it was, but I was really angry with that nonsense about it being personal.

  10. 3172458113 Holly reported Unknown from 317-245-8113 as an Unknown Caller

    this number keeps call me asking about if i want to resolve my credit card debit . and i do not have a credit card it is starting to get bad they call me 3 or 4 times days . and as soon as i start questioning them about their business the hang up on me.

  11. 3172458476 Yeritza reported 317-245-8476 as an Unknown Caller

    they keep calling,and they dont say anithing

  12. 3172458108 Danok reported Unknown from 317-245-8108 as an Unknown Caller

    This phone number keeps calling my home but when I answer, the caller hangs up. When you try to call the # back, it just rings! I wish the FCC could do something to stop this. Its very annoying...

  13. 3172458108 Barbie reported Unknown from 317-245-8108 as an Unknown Caller

    This number calls my 10 year old daughters cell phone over and over, asking for someone names Cathy. Most of the time I cant talk to an actaul person because I just get hung up on. Any suggestions on how to get through?

  14. 3172458108 Teresa Perry reported 317-245-8108 as an Unknown Caller

    This is a recording that calls me everyday. WHen I call the 800 number they ask me to call they dont answer. How do I make it stop??

  15. 3172458333 Gayle Evans reported 317-245-8333 as a Unknown annoying caller

    Stop calling my house everyday and then do not respond when the phone is answered.

  16. 3172458113 Mrs Greene reported 317-245-8113 as an Unknown Caller

    Automated and tells you to hold for an important phone call. Then a man answers and says can I help you and then he hung up

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