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City, State Akron, OH
County Portage
Provider Verizon Wireless
Line Type Cellular
Time Zone EST
Latitude/Longitude 41.15239335466963/-81.35647538091774
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  1. 3309314000 Rachel reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Collection Agency

    Called claiming I owe money to an address I lived at over 6 years ago and if I didnt pay I would be taken to court

  2. 3309314000 Angie reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    A person called my daughter from this number and told her 10 years ago she breached a magazine contract and will be sued for $800, but she could settle the account and pay as little as $150. They had the last 4 of her social security number and previous addresses she has lived. I called the number and told her the statute of limitations in Indiana is 7 years and we dont work with BOTTOM FEEDER and she hung up on me. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. THEY ARE TIRED OF STANDING ON THE STREETS AND ASKING FOR MONEY, SO THIS IS WHAT THE DO.

  3. 3309314000 Guest reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    I received a call from 1-330-931-4000, Kent OH. I dont answer unfamiliar numbers, listened to the voicemail message and she was calling from PDS mediation the reason for the call was there is a suit being filed against me please respond ASAP. I called and she proceeded to tell me this magazine company was filing a lawsuit against me for breach of contract. She told me that she had a voice recording from 2011 with my voice agreeing to pay $69 per month for 18 months for 4 magazines and that the Post Master has confirmed that the magazines have been delivered and she named an address I lived at in 2011 and the last 4 of my SS#. I told her I never order, read or buy magazines because I think theyre a waste of money. She said the settlement is $1600 but she could give me a discount of 50% off if I pay the settlement today. I told her NO so she asked for my email address to send the "legal documentation" to me. I said NO WAY am I giving you my email address. She said, okay then if you wont give me your email address, we can try to settle one more time for $365 and that it will be a lot less money than if we have to go to litigation. I DID NOT give her any money!

  4. 3309314000 Jay reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    A women called claiming that I owe 1900 for some magazines that I never took out. She also stated that is a mediator in this dispute, she also said that if it wasnt me then the magazine company has a recording of my voice and they will play it to see if its me, and if it is found not to be me then the charges could be dropped

  5. 3309314000 Apsara reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    First of all theres been lots of call trying to collect money from texas,new York and now Ohio. These people give you non sense information including the fact they dont give you options. By law they have to state evidence of of what payment you purchase or medical records. I have medical and the dumb thing that Ive experienced many times is that they dont consult you knowing what insurance you have and you at think they take the insurance until you find out that doctor dont accept your health be careful and make sure you asked all questions and do not pay until you get all your answers. If anything ask them to send evidence of documents of places you may think you may owe and call them to get more information. So do your research before they take your money

  6. 3309314000 Nicole reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Scammer/Fraudster

    Woman calls asking for $1200 or further action through court will be taken. She will accept $179 and will not attach her fees for being a mediator. They have government access to my info. Supposedly in 2004 I received publisher magazines for which I never finish paying for.

  7. 3309314000 Ben reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Collection Agency

    I am reporting this person anywhere I can. She threatens "further action" without any explanation of what the so called charges are. Evidently Im in breach of contract of some sort. I havent spoken directly to her, but Ive attempted to contact. I pray someone lands in jail.

  8. 3309314000 John reported Pds Mediation Services from 330-931-4000 as a Collection Agency

    This woman claims to be a mediator. She calls me saying suits will be charged if I do not return her phone calls. She sent me a document saying the company is in New York but the phone number she gives is a Ohio number. I am blocking this number because I am 100% sure it is a scam to get my money. She wanted 1,200 dollars from me but when I said I didnt have that she went down to $300. These people arent getting a dime from me.

  9. 3309313023 Sean Lang reported 330-931-3023 as a Collection Agency

    this number calls my phone all the time and asks for someone other than me. I told them they have the wrong number, but they still call.

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