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| Caller Number: 4303426087
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430-342-6087 was reported by Da on Jan 17th 2014 - 12:43:10pm Report Spam
Caller Name: UTEX COMMUNICATIOS CORPORATINTX | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 4305584934
This number is also used by someone in a scam usig facebook as an idendity in getting money from facebook users.
430-558-4934 was reported by Number Used In Scam on Nov 15th 2013 - 10:04:50am Report Spam
| Caller Number: 4303425764
this is my husband so anyone searching for him that is a female back off
430-342-5764 was reported by Sidney Madewell on Dec 14th 2011 - 1:29:57pm Report Spam

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