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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Akron Erie NY 716 EST
Alden Erie NY 716 EST
Allegany Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Angola Erie NY 716 EST
Appleton Niagara NY 716 EST
Ashville Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Athol Springs Erie NY 716 EST
Barker Niagara NY 716 EST
Bemus Point Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Boston Erie NY 716 EST
Bowmansville Erie NY 716 EST
Brant Erie NY 716 EST
Brocton Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Buffalo Erie NY 716 EST
Burt Niagara NY 716 EST
Cassadaga Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Cattaraugus Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Celoron Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Chaffee Erie NY 716 EST
Chautauqua Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Cherry Creek Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Clarence Erie NY 716 EST
Clarence Center Erie NY 716 EST
Clymer Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Colden Erie NY 716 EST
Collins Erie NY 716 EST
Collins Center Erie NY 716 EST
Conewango Valley Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Crittenden Erie NY 716 EST
Dayton Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Delevan Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Depew Erie NY 716 EST
Derby Erie NY 716 EST
Dewittville Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Dunkirk Chautauqua NY 716 EST
East Amherst Erie NY 716 EST
East Aurora Erie NY 716 EST
East Concord Erie NY 716 EST
East Otto Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
East Randolph Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Eden Erie NY 716 EST
Ellicottville Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Ellington Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Elma Erie NY 716 EST
Falconer Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Farmersville Station Allegany NY 716 EST
Farnham Erie NY 716 EST
Findley Lake Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Forestville Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Franklinville Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Fredonia Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Freedom Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Frewsburg Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Gasport Niagara NY 716 EST
Gerry Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Getzville Erie NY 716 EST
Glenwood Erie NY 716 EST
Gowanda Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Grand Island Erie NY 716 EST
Great Valley Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Greenhurst Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Hamburg Erie NY 716 EST
Hinsdale Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Holland Erie NY 716 EST
Irving Erie NY 716 EST
Jamestown Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Kennedy Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Kill Buck Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Lake View Erie NY 716 EST
Lakewood Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Lancaster Erie NY 716 EST
Lawtons Erie NY 716 EST
Leon Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Lewiston Niagara NY 716 EST
Lily Dale Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Limestone Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Little Valley Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Lockport Niagara NY 716 EST
Machias Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Maple Springs Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Marilla Erie NY 716 EST
Mayville Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Middleport Niagara NY 716 EST
Model City Niagara NY 716 EST
Newfane Niagara NY 716 EST
Niagara Falls Niagara NY 716 EST
Niagara University Niagara NY 716 EST
Niobe Chautauqua NY 716 EST
North Boston Erie NY 716 EST
North Collins Erie NY 716 EST
North Evans Erie NY 716 EST
North Tonawanda Niagara NY 716 EST
Olcott Niagara NY 716 EST
Olean Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Orchard Park Erie NY 716 EST
Otto Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Panama Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Perrysburg Cattaraugus NY 716 EST
Portland Chautauqua NY 716 EST
Portville Cattaraugus NY 716 EST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 7168446908
Calls 1-3 times a day every weekday in the mornings, but rarely on weekends. Its been going on for many MONTHS. Sometimes theyll stop for week, then start up again for weeks or months in a row. I dont recognize the number so never answer. They never leave a message either. Some mention that its T-mobile collections. But that dont make sense. I dont owe T-mobile anything, they text billing reminders, not call. I suspect this is faked ID, spoofing their number. The number displayed may not be the real source.
716-844-6908 was reported by Vjjohn on Mar 20th 2017 - 7:50:16am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7163626394
Text msg on an old cell phone I rarely use as it has very few minutes left on it. Lookup says its Choice One Communications in Buffalo NY. They want me to call them.
716-362-6394 was reported by Jan H on Mar 7th 2017 - 12:50:50pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7165154966
this unwanted caller is calling my house everyday, every minute or two repeatedly until i have no choice but to unplug my phone and answerer. this is harassment and i want it to stop ... i dont pick up for any call that is not in my phone book so i let my answer machine pick it up but this caller just keeps ringing my phone every minute ...
716-515-4966 was reported by A Person on Jan 4th 2017 - 9:43:25am Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 7167532641
C P Collision Service Inc 6607 Plank Rd, Mayville, NY, 14757 (716) 753-2641
716-753-2641 was reported by Mimi on Mar 16th 2016 - 1:13:50am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7166619496
Says: "Hi Sue this is Kathy give me a call back at 716-661-9496". She acts like I know her?... She has called me twice in the last hour from two different numbers... Anyone know who she is working for?
716-661-9496 was reported by Sue on Feb 10th 2016 - 11:54:34am Report Spam
Caller Name: Fake Microsoft | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 7162226213
Just got a call from this number on one of our work phones here at my place of employment. Definitely Pakistani or Indian accent. He started off telling me that he is from Windows and that there is a virus on the computer. It was obvious to me that this was a scam, but I played along to try to see what kind of information I could get out of him. He had me select the manage option under Computer in that start menu. Then event viewer custom views administrative events. He said that this list of warnings and errors was signs of a virus. In fact, this is not necessarily true. These are most likely just common messages for most people that arent direct indicators of a virus. He is just leading you on with items that have the look of being harmful or dangerous. He then asks you to open the Run function through the start menu and to type in the address "". At this point I wasnt about to start running actual commands for this guy. I told him it didnt work, and he was persistent enough after three times of this to tell me to run "". I said this also didnt work. He told me to check with my internet service provider to see that my internet was connected, and that hed call back in one hour. I am currently waiting for him to call back. In the meantime, I checked out the two web addresses that he had asked me to visit: and The site is a fake windowsmac support website. They offer protection packages, and it also mentions remote support. The site appears to be legitimate software which offers remote peer-to-peer connections of two computers. You have to download the software and then enter the other persons information and code, at which point it would likely give him access andor control of your computer. He is either looking to sell you a bogus operating system protection package, trying to get remote connection to your computer (at which point, you can only assume the worst, i.e. data theft, malware, actual viruses), or maybe both of these things. Either way, steer clear. Im hoping he calls back and maybe gives me his alpemix connection information. At least that might be an avenue for the FBI of Alpemix to do a little something to try and stop this guyorganization. Ive tried calling back only to get busy signals and not available messages. I will update if anything else unfolds. Either way I plan to report this to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, as well as Alpemix directly.
716-222-6213 was reported by Skeptical In MA on Feb 5th 2016 - 11:31:34am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Fax | Caller Number: 7165154966
716-515-4966 was reported by Pohlepiaaolcom on Jan 29th 2016 - 11:55:07am Report Spam
Caller Type: Telemarketer | Caller Number: 7167486666
This number called me 3 times in one day! After I told them to remove the number they called 4 more times over a four day period.
716-748-6666 was reported by Sheryl on Jan 8th 2016 - 11:30:37am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Scammer/Fraudster | Caller Number: 7162063218
Claims to be IRS, leaving a message to call an 877 number before the end of the day.
716-206-3218 was reported by Jensen on Dec 3rd 2015 - 12:44:12pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 7165144341
Called my number asking for my son. When I told him I was his mother, he said he will report to the courts that my son listed my number fraudulently. I have no idea who or what this idiot wanted, but I do not want to be harassed by him ever again!
716-514-4341 was reported by Lydia Turk on Nov 13th 2015 - 7:46:44am Report Spam

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