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City County State Area Code Time Zone
Ajax ON 905 EST
Alberton ON 905 EST
Allanburg ON 905 EST
Alton ON 905 EST
Ancaster ON 905 EST
Ashburn ON 905 EST
Aurora ON 905 EST
Baldwin ON 905 EST
Baltimore ON 905 EST
Barrie ON 905 EST
Beamsville ON 905 EST
Beeton ON 905 EST
Belfountain ON 905 EST
Bewdley ON 905 EST
Binbrook ON 905 EST
Blackstock ON 905 EST
Bolton ON 905 EST
Bond Head ON 905 EST
Bowmanville ON 905 EST
Bradford ON 905 EST
Brampton ON 905 EST
Brougham ON 905 EST
Burlington ON 905 EST
Caesarea ON 905 EST
Caistor Centre ON 905 EST
Caledon ON 905 EST
Caledon East ON 905 EST
Caledon Village ON 905 EST
Caledonia ON 905 EST
Campbellcroft ON 905 EST
Campbellville ON 905 EST
Campden ON 905 EST
Canfield ON 905 EST
Carlisle ON 905 EST
Castleton ON 905 EST
Cayuga ON 905 EST
Cedar Valley ON 905 EST
Cheltenham ON 905 EST
Claremont ON 905 EST
Cobourg ON 905 EST
Colborne ON 905 EST
Concord ON 905 EST
Copetown ON 905 EST
Courtice ON 905 EST
Crystal Beach ON 905 EST
Dundas ON 905 EST
Dunnville ON 905 EST
East Gwillimbury ON 905 EST
Fenwick ON 905 EST
Fisherville ON 905 EST
Fonthill ON 905 EST
Fort Erie ON 905 EST
Freelton ON 905 EST
Georgetown ON 905 EST
Gilford ON 905 EST
Glen Williams ON 905 EST
Goodwood ON 905 EST
Gores Landing ON 905 EST
Gormley ON 905 EST
Grafton ON 905 EST
Grassie ON 905 EST
Greenbank ON 905 EST
Greenwood ON 905 EST
Grimsby ON 905 EST
Hagersville ON 905 EST
Halton Hills ON 905 EST
Hamilton ON 905 EST
Hampton ON 905 EST
Hannon ON 905 EST
Harwood ON 905 EST
Holland Landing ON 905 EST
Hornby ON 905 EST
Inglewood ON 905 EST
Innisfil ON 905 EST
Jacksons Point ON 905 EST
Jerseyville ON 905 EST
Jordan Station ON 905 EST
Kendal ON 905 EST
Keswick ON 905 EST
Kettleby ON 905 EST
King City ON 905 EST
Kleinburg ON 905 EST
Leaskdale ON 905 EST
Limehouse ON 905 EST
Locust Hill ON 905 EST
Loretto ON 905 EST
Lowbanks ON 905 EST
Lynden ON 905 EST
Maple ON 905 EST
Markham ON 905 EST
Millgrove ON 905 EST
Milton ON 905 EST
Mississauga ON 905 EST
Moffat ON 905 EST
Mount Albert ON 905 EST
Mount Hope ON 905 EST
Nestleton Station ON 905 EST
Newcastle ON 905 EST
Newmarket ON 905 EST
Newtonville ON 905 EST

Recent complaints in this area code

Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9059617696
march 31, you bill on my credit card, 111.78$ Can you please let me know about this payment than you took without my autorization. thanks to reply quickly please Sandrine Savard
905-961-7696 was reported by Sandrine Savard on Apr 22nd 2017 - 4:51:28am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Collection Agency | Caller Number: 9052066948
Collector money from private collector agency.
905-206-6948 was reported by Johnny on Jan 4th 2017 - 7:29:52am Report Spam
Caller Name: Andy | | Caller Number: 9055804341
Andy McDonald 905-580-4341 - since 2009 the 800notes "feces forum" has been publishing my name phone# for profit (revenue stream from google ads) without my permission, and including false, slanderous, defamatory posts by anonymous cowardly web trolls, mostly in their own employ. The initial 2009 post was a prank by one of my so called "friends", however when I posted a reply to that the maggots at 800notes (search: 800notes Julia Forte Extortion Scam ) then tried to extort $5,000 from me to remove the initial "prank post" and the multitudinous false ones they added thereafter. Not realizing the extent of their malice, I actually thought these false stories were by people who actually met me (they are not!). They also delete and block all my replies and notices to cease desist. The founder of the 800notes scam has been exposed by her own former employees (and her many other victims), just search "800notes scam". Julia Forte also has serious criminal convictions of a very disgusting nature, "it" is a real bottom feeder, true human waste. This site claims to expose telephone fraud artists, yet I never phone anyone that hasnt called me first! I have helped many people over the years save grief expense with good advice, from many years in the old car hobby. While Im currently retired and enjoying art writing, the malicious and criminal publishing of my name phone# is still quite annoying, and I hold Google Adsense, and any of the advertisers that appear on these posts, responsible for damages. I will be taking steps to stop these "web feces flingers" from continuing to hurt others, and myself. Google Adsense is, by failure to act on my repeated notifications of this malfeasance, engaging in egregious and criminal business conduct, and are clearly in breach of their fiduciary duty. They are fully exposed to criminal penalties, and a class action by the many victims of this fraud for extensive civil punitive damages. Anyone interested can contact me, Andy McDonald, at 905-580-4341 anytime for a long list of people who do know me and are willing to attest to my true character. Merry Christmas to all my good friends family! Yours Sincerely, A. McDonald
905-580-4341 was reported by 905 580 4341 on Dec 20th 2016 - 4:28:50am Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9052066948
Have got the wrong number !! No one here by that name. What a joke you guys are.
905-206-6948 was reported by Brenda Bourree on Jun 20th 2016 - 4:57:33pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9056142458
You answer, there is dead silence on the other end for about 5 seconds. Then an automated voice says "good bye" and the call disconnects.
905-614-2458 was reported by Ottawa Resident on Jun 18th 2016 - 1:10:46pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Collection Agency | Caller Number: 9058504360
this guy called me out of nowhere and says that i have a bill i have to pay or it will go on my credit report. I asked who is he and he kept telling me i owe this money and my name has been on the collections for years, and i was dodging him all the time for me to pay. who in the hell is this person, I owe no one as of this moment. tell him to leave me alone. i said i would report to the RCMP.
905-850-4360 was reported by Merle on Feb 10th 2016 - 11:59:45am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9052331597
Please stop these people from calling my private phone number all day any time and always for what reasons, none.
905-233-1597 was reported by Andree on Oct 6th 2015 - 1:17:52pm Report Spam
Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9055686875
They call me every few days and leave me a long massage to a Lady I have ever heard. I called them finally and asked why they called to me. They asked me to find this a person (Lady)I ever heard and they shut me out. Do I have any privacy at all against this kind of scam?
905-568-6875 was reported by A on Oct 5th 2015 - 8:45:34am Report Spam
Caller Name: Unknown | | Caller Number: 9052331597
these people call everyday at least twice a day! never leave a message!I have to turn my phone on vibrate all the time because they call and wake my daughter up!6
905-233-1597 was reported by B Stoesz on Sep 30th 2015 - 2:48:45pm Report Spam
Caller Name: Andy | Caller Type: Unknown | Caller Number: 9055804341
to this website: please remove this anonymous slander re my ph#. i do not operate any "loogood renovation", i do not know any "chucky", i do not have anyones deposit, anyone can call me 24hr at this phone# if they think they have any problem with my ph#, thx
905-580-4341 was reported by Andy on Jun 17th 2015 - 12:52:50pm Report Spam

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